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Jake Richardson is a Actor American born on 20 february 1985 at Van Nuys (USA)

Jake Richardson

Jake Richardson
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Birth name Jacob Matthew Richardson
Nationality USA
Birth 20 february 1985 (39 years) at Van Nuys (USA)

Jacob Matthew Richardson (born February 20, 1985) is an American actor, currently acting mostly in TV series. He is perhaps best known for his roles in the film Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves and the TV series Fudge.

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, 1h35
Directed by Kevin Smith
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Buddy films
Actors Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, Brian O'Halloran, Jason Lee
Roles Kush Boy #1
Rating56% 2.8010252.8010252.8010252.8010252.801025
Jay et Silent Bob retournent à Hollywood pour empêcher la production d'un reboot du film Bluntman and Chronic (adapté d'un comics inspiré de leurs vies).
Cinema Verite, 1h26
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, Films about television, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Diane Lane, Tim Robbins, James Gandolfini, Kathleen Denise Quinlan, Thomas Dekker, Kaitlyn Dever
Roles Tommy Goodwin
Rating64% 3.242593.242593.242593.242593.24259
Au début des années 1970, le récit de la création et de la diffusion de An American Family, première émission de télé-réalité, et de ses protagonistes, la famille Loud.
The Family Tree, 1h27
Directed by Vivi Friedman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Dermot Mulroney, Hope Davis, Chi McBride, Max Thieriot, Gabrielle Anwar, Rachael Leigh Cook
Roles Roy
Rating54% 2.701232.701232.701232.701232.70123
A mother and wife stricken with memory loss allows a dysfunctional family a second chance at harmony and happiness.
Garden Party, 1h28
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Vinessa Shaw, Willa Holland, Jennifer Lawrence, Christopher Allport, Lisa Arturo, Fiona Dourif
Roles Kevin
Rating55% 2.755272.755272.755272.755272.75527
April a 15 ans, elle enchaîne les mauvaises passes, espérant trouver une solution qui ne se réduise pas à devoir se déshabiller. Alors qu'elle vogue dans Los Angeles, elle tombe sur un groupe de jeunes troublés luttant pour atteindre leurs rêves. April, la jeune ingénue, se retrouve donc en compagnie d'un charmant auteur-compositeur-interprète nommé Sammy, de Nathan, de Todd l'obsessionnel, et de l'intrigante agent immobilier, et dealeuse de marijuana, Sally St. Clair. Cette dernière est troublante et sexy, quiconque semble pouvoir tomber dans le toile de ses imbroglio pervers...
Clerks II
Clerks II (2006)
, 1h37
Directed by Kevin Smith
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Buddy films
Actors Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Rosario Dawson, Trevor Fehrman
Roles Teen #1
Rating72% 3.6481453.6481453.6481453.6481453.648145
Eleven years after the events of the first film, Dante (Brian O'Halloran) opens the Quick Stop convenience store to find that it is on fire; Randal (Jeff Anderson) had left the coffee pot on after closing the night before. As a result of the destruction of Quick Stop and the adjacent RST Video, Dante and Randal begin working at a Mooby's fast food restaurant along with Elias (Trevor Fehrman) and their manager Becky Scott (Rosario Dawson). A year later, Dante is planning to leave his minimum wage lifestyle in favor of a family life in Florida with his fiancée Emma Bunting (Jennifer Schwalbach), whose father will provide them with a home and a business to run. This leaves Randal bitterly disappointed, who fears that with Dante moving to Florida would leave him without his best friend. Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) have since followed Dante and Randal, and now loiter outside of Mooby's. Jay and Silent Bob no longer do drugs after they were arrested for the possession of drugs and were sent to rehab, and become devout Christians following their release. However, the duo continue selling drugs.
Hangman's Curse, 1h46
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about education, Films about religion, Films about spiders
Actors David Keith, Mel Harris, Leighton Meester, Douglas Smith, Jake Richardson, William R. Moses
Roles Ian Snyder
Rating48% 2.406412.406412.406412.406412.40641
The film is set at John R. Rogers High School in Spokane, Washington. Ten years prior, student Abel Frye, a victim of bullying, had committed suicide by hanging himself on the school property. Fast-forward to the current day, when several student football players (who are also school bullies) are mysteriously becoming gravely ill. Just before falling into a coma, each victim is heard screaming the spirit's name, Abel Frye. In an effort to get to the bottom of the haunting, the school turns for help to the Veritas Project, a team of highly trained investigators who work undercover to unravel the truth about paranormal activities. The Veritas Project consists of the members of the Springfield family, including father Nate (David Keith), mother Sarah (Mel Harris), daughter Elisha (Leighton Meester), and son Elijah (Douglas Smith).
Hangman's Curse
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors David Keith, Mel Harris, Douglas Smith, Leighton Meester, Jake Richardson, Edwin Hodge
Roles Ian Snyder
Rating48% 2.406412.406412.406412.406412.40641
Dans un lycée typique américain où les plus forts malmènent les plus faibles, ces derniers font appel à l'esprit d'un jeune homme suicidé 10 ans auparavant pour les venger. Le couple Springfield, spécialisé dans le paranormal et les canulars, ainsi que leurs deux jumeaux Elisha et Elijah est alors appelé pour enquêter sur les mystérieuses crises de catatonie qui touchent de plus en plus d'élèves en s'infiltrant dans l'établissement.
Now You Know
Directed by Jeff Anderson
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Jeff Anderson, Jeremy Sisto, Rashida Jones, Trevor Fehrman, Earl Boen, Paget Brewster
Roles Teddy
Rating63% 3.1940753.1940753.1940753.1940753.194075
On the eve of his bachelor party, Jeremy (Jeremy Sisto) learns that his fiancée, Kerri (Rashida Jones), wants to call off their wedding without providing a reason. He tries to determine what caused this sudden decision. The unmarried couple return to New Jersey to sort out their relationship. When Jeremy gets home, he hangs out with Gil and Biscuit, his old friends, who have made a hobby out of breaking into other people's homes and rearranging the objects to freak out the homeowners. Their activities have begun to unnerve one unfortunate homeowner in particular, Mr. Victim (Stuart Pankin). Jeremy, Gil and Biscuit go to their local bar for a few drinks and talk about women and Jeremy's aborted wedding. Meanwhile, Kerri and her best friend Marty go to a lesbian bar, when Marty tells her she is pregnant. The next morning Jeremy's friend from Vegas, Shane, comes to visit as Biscuit and Gil throw him another bachelor party. The bachelor party goes awry when the stripper Biscuit hired arrives, and is revealed to be a transvestite, who tells Jeremy that she saw Kerri at the lesbian bar the night before, and everyone thinks she is in a lesbian relationship with Marty. Gil and Biscuit take Jeremy and Shane to go mess with the house again, but Mr. Victim has become paranoid and shoots wildly at them, grazing Jeremy's ear. Faced with his own mortality, Jeremy, and the others drive to Kerri's so he can talk to her. She tells him that he took her for granted. Jeremy tells her that he would do anything to have her back, just as Gil walks in, telling them that Marty is beating up Biscuit on the front lawn. Biscuit, thinking Marty and Kerri were gay, asked Marty if he could be their manager. During the fight, the men learn that Marty is pregnant, and that Gil is the father. Kerri and Jeremy give Gil and Marty their plane tickets that were for their honeymoon in Florida so the new couple can have some alone time, while Kerri and Jeremy hold hands, hinting toward a possible reconciliation.
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, 1h44
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes La bande dessinée
Actors Emile Hirsch, Kieran Culkin, Jena Malone, Jodie Foster, Vincent D'Onofrio, Melissa McBride
Roles Wade Scalisi
Rating68% 3.447943.447943.447943.447943.44794
Set in the 1970s in the rural South, the film follows the lives of protagonist Francis Doyle (Emile Hirsch), and three of his friends, Tim Sullivan (Kieran Culkin), Wade Scalisi (Jake Richardson), and Joey Anderson (Tyler Long). The four boys all attend a private Catholic school named St. Agatha's, which they detest. The boys experiment with smoking and drinking, obsess over girls, and play pranks on their teachers, such as stealing their school's statue of St. Agatha and keeping it in their clubhouse. The four friends dedicate much of their time to a comic book of their own creation titled The Atomic Trinity in order to escape the monotony and avoid the difficulties in their own lives.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 1h45
Directed by Kevin Smith
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Road movies, Buddy films
Actors Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Shannon Elizabeth, Eliza Dushku
Roles Teen #1
Rating67% 3.398253.398253.398253.398253.39825
After getting a restraining order from Randal Graves (Clerks) for selling drugs outside the Quick Stop, Jay and Silent Bob find out from Brodie Bruce (Mallrats) that Bluntman and Chronic, the comic book based on their likenesses, has been adapted into a film in production by Miramax Films. In response, the two see Holden McNeil (Chasing Amy), the co-writer of Bluntman and Chronic for the royalties of the film. However, Holden tells Jay and Silent Bob that he sold his part of the creative and publishing rights of the comic over to his former friend Banky Edwards. Upon learning of the film, as well as the negative reaction it has received so far on the Internet, the two set out on a quest to Hollywood, to prevent the film from being made and tainting their image, or at the very least receive the money from the royalties owed to them.
Richie Rich's Christmas Wish, 1h24
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Christmas films
Actors David Gallagher, Martin Mull, Michelle Trachtenberg, Eugene Levy, Keene Curtis, Jake Richardson
Roles Reggie Van Dough
Rating41% 2.0722952.0722952.0722952.0722952.072295
It's Christmas Eve and Richie Rich, the world's richest kid, is all excited to spend the day with his friends. While racing wildly with his friends in the snow, Richie's butler, Cadbury, controls the cars using a remote and guides the children back to Richie's house. He then reminds him about his responsibilities that are due to be executed on Christmas Eve, and instructs him to change his clothes and get ready for tea. Before going to do so, he visits his home scientist, Professor Keanbean, who shows him his recent invention, a wishing machine which works only on Christmas Eve. The day being that, Richie wishes for a "big pie" from it, and is given a "pig sty" instead. Cadbury is disgusted seeing this, and sends him off to change his clothes. He meets his parents, Richard and Regina Rich, to ask what they would like to have for Christmas. While with them, he also tries out his father's new fishing rod invented by Keanbean, which hooks on to a tuna sandwich in the vicinity. He then goes on to change his clothes.
Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, 1h15
Directed by Dean Cundey
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comic science fiction
Themes Comedy science fiction films, Children's films
Actors Rick Moranis, Eve Gordon, Bug Hall, Robin Bartlett, Mila Kunis, Stuart Pankin
Roles Mitch Szalinski
Rating50% 2.507952.507952.507952.507952.50795
Around a decade after the events of the previous film, Adam Szalinski just wants to be a normal boy and go to baseball camp, but his interest in sports seem almost alien to his parents Wayne and Diane, as Nick and Amy, who are currently living away from home, were both a genius and a thespian respectively. Wayne has also started his own lab "Szalinski Labs" with his brother Gordon, and the two receive tickets to witness a shuttle landing, but Diane interrupts Wayne's message, reminding him that he needs to watch Adam and his cousins Jenny and Mitch while she and Gordon's wife Patti leave town for a Neil Diamond concert. She also reminds him to get rid of a tiki-man statue that she sees as an eyesore, though Wayne considers it his good luck charm not to mention something that could earn him a fortune one day.
Toothless (1997)
, 1h32
Directed by Melanie Mayron
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Themes Children's films
Actors Kirstie Alley, Dale Midkiff, Ross Malinger, Kaley Cuoco, Lynn Redgrave, Eileen Brennan
Roles Jeff
Rating59% 2.9955352.9955352.9955352.9955352.995535
The movie opens with Katherine Lewis sharing her memory flashes of going to see her dentist, Dr. Green, who took over her beloved father's office after he died. Her father was a dentist as were her paternal grandfather and paternal great-grandfather, who performed dental work on Abraham Lincoln, and she became strongly inspired to become one, too. She would always have perfectly white teeth.
Problem Child 3
Directed by Greg Beeman
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Actors William Katt, Sherman Howard, Eric Edwards, Gilbert Gottfried, Jack Warden, Keir O'Donnell
Roles Blade
Rating33% 1.6851651.6851651.6851651.6851651.685165
Le petit diable Junior est de retour, plus méchant que jamais ! Dans cette nouvelle aventure, le père de Junior convainc son enfant de se faire des amis en jouant normalement avec eux, et même si cela inclut la danse. Son souhait se réalise quand Junior tombe amoureux de la charmante et populaire Tiffany. Junior va alors se multiplier pour avoir les faveurs de Tiffany et justifier sa terrible réputation...