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José Bódalo is a Actor Argentin born on 24 march 1916 at Córdoba (Argentine)

José Bódalo

José Bódalo
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Birth name José Bódalo Zúffoli
Nationality Argentine
Birth 24 march 1916 at Córdoba (Argentine)
Death 24 july 1985 (at 69 years) at Madrid (Espagne)

José Bódalo Zúffoli (March 24, 1916 – July 24, 1985) was an Argentine born Spanish film actor.


Bódalo was born in Córdoba, Argentina, the son of actress Eugenia Zúffoli and actor and singer José Bódalo, Sr. He moved to Spain, and he made over 120 film and TV appearances between 1930 and his death in 1985.

From the mid to late 1960s he prolifically appeared in Spaghetti Western films which were often Spanish and Italian co produced. He played the role of General Hugo Rodriguez in the 1966 film Django opposite Franco Nero; and also performed in Begin the Beguine, the film that won the 1982 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

He appeared in many comedy or drama films in Spain but also appeared in many television series particularly after 1970 such as Novela from 1969–1977 and Estudio 1 in the early 1980s.

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Double Feature, 1h55
Directed by José Luis Garci
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama
Actors Adolfo Marsillach, Emma Suárez, Encarna Paso, Jesús Puente, José Bódalo, Rafael Hernández
Roles Dionisio Balboa
Rating59% 2.995232.995232.995232.995232.99523
The friendship between two writers, one is a novelist, the other is a screenwriter.
To Begin Again, 1h27
Directed by José Luis Garci
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Antonio Ferrandis, Agustín González, Encarna Paso, José Bódalo
Roles Roxiu
Rating68% 3.4411753.4411753.4411753.4411753.441175
It is the year 1981, the famous writer Antonio Albajara (Antonio Ferrandis) arrives at Gijón, his hometown, from Stockholm, where he has just received the Nobel Prize in Literature. For forty years, Albajara has been a professor of medieval literature at the University of Berkeley, California. He has alternated his teaching with the literary production that has given him worldwide fame. In Gijón, Antonio is reunited with Elena, his first and great love, before he was forced to his exile in 1937 Civil War. However, this visit is not definitive because a serious and deadly disease affects the writer.
The Beehive, 1h52
Directed by Mario Camus
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Political films
Actors Victoria Abril, Ana Belén, Charo López, Concha Velasco, Francisco Algora, Rafael Alonso
Roles Don Roque
Rating70% 3.532593.532593.532593.532593.53259
The film is set in Madrid during the postwar period, beginning in 1942. The population suffers the consequences of the civil war. A group of members of a social gathering meet every day in the café La Delicia.
El Crack
El Crack (1981)
, 2h10
Directed by José Luis Garci
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Alfredo Landa, Manuel Lozano, José Bódalo, Maite Blasco, José Luis Merino, Elmer Modlin
Roles El Abuelo
Rating72% 3.6419353.6419353.6419353.6419353.641935
The whole story takes place in Madrid, Spain and New York in December 1980. Germán Areta is a 43-year-old private detective in Madrid. He previously spent 12 years as a Police Detective and now has his own Private Eye agency solving mostly "routine" cases like marital infidelities, working absences, minor celebrity-related information and other matters. Along with him works his employee and "jack-of-all-trades" Cárdenas, (nicknamed El Moro), a chatty and funny man and former car thief, once arrested and after that freed by Germán while he was in the Police. Moro is German's main connection with the underworld and night life.
Captain Apache, 1h34
Directed by Alexander Singer
Genres Action, Western
Actors Lee Van Cleef, Carroll Baker, Stuart Whitman, Percy Herbert, Tony Vogel, Dan van Husen
Roles General
Rating47% 2.358922.358922.358922.358922.35892
Lee Van Cleef stars as Captain Apache, a Native American US army officer on the case of solving the last words of a dead Commissioner, “April morning”. Each time he nears discovering the meaning of the phrase, a character dies and throws him off the trail. The journey eventually takes the captain to a train, one which pulls a private rail road car named “April Morning”, transporting President Ulysses S. Grant. Putting the information together leads the Captain to the realizing an assassination is about to take place and he is the only one who can prevent it.
Compañeros, 1h58
Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Action, Western
Themes Political films, Buddy films
Actors Franco Nero, Tomás Milián, Fernando Rey, Jack Palance, José Bódalo, Iris Berben
Roles General Mongo Alvarez
Rating71% 3.592273.592273.592273.592273.59227
During the Mexican Revolution, a peasant named El Vasco (Milian) starts a revolt in his town by killing the army colonel in charge. Rebel leader and self-appointed General Mongo (Bódalo) soon arrives on the scene and hires El Vasco to his revolutionary gang. However, Mongo is more interested in gaining fortune for himself than for his country. Yodlaf Peterson (Nero), a Swedish mercenary arrives in Mexico to sell guns to General Mongo. The safe containing the money is locked and only Professor Xantos (Rey) knows the combination. Xantos is the leader of a student counter-revolution that opposes violence, and is held in a prison by the United States army, after he tried to find funding from the US and did not agree to give the monopoly of his country's entire oil wealth in return.
Dead Are Countless
Directed by Rafael Romero Marchent
Genres Western
Actors Anthony Steffen, Solvi Stübing, Raf Baldassarre, Frank Braña, José Bódalo, María Salerno
Roles Sheriff Klaus
Rating57% 2.851722.851722.851722.851722.85172
Devenu adulte, Johnny décide de venger la mort de son père, tué sous ses yeux lorsqu'il était enfant, par ses camarades pour cause de trahison. Johny s'acharne sur tous les hommes qu'il croise en uniforme. L'état-major décide alors d'envoyer Garringo, un brillant lieutenant, pour le stopper.
A Train for Durango, 1h32
Directed by Mario Caiano
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Western, Spaghetti Western
Actors Anthony Steffen, Mark Damon, Enrico Maria Salerno, Dominique Boschero, Roberto Camardiel, José Bódalo
Roles 'The Chief'
Rating58% 2.9467452.9467452.9467452.9467452.946745
Mexique, début du XXe siècle. Deux amis cavaliers voyagent en train jusqu'à Durango, pour se rendre ensuite aux États-Unis et tenter d’y faire fortune. Le premier, l'américain Gringo, rentre au pays pour mettre fin à sa précarité et le second, le mexicain Lucas, est son associé qui souhaite réussir dans l'exploitation pétrolière.
Sound of Horror, 1h31
Directed by José Antonio Nieves Conde
Genres Horror
Actors James Philbrook, Arturo Fernández, Soledad Miranda, José Bódalo, Antonio Casas, Ingrid Pitt
Roles Mr. Dorman
Rating49% 2.4713952.4713952.4713952.4713952.471395
In the Greek countryside, archaeologist Dr. Pete Asilov and Professor Andre attempt to detonate dynamite in an abandoned mountain cave, uncovering petrified eggs in the blasts. Taking one they fail to notice another had rolled off and hatched, releasing a reptilian creature that vanishes. Andre lives in a nearby villa with his orphaned niece Maria and their superstitious Greek housekeeper Calliope who warns Andre of the dangers of monsters and angry spirits in the mountain, which he ignores.
Professionals for a Massacre
Directed by Nando Cicero
Genres Western
Actors George Hilton, Edd Byrnes, George Martin, Mónica Randall, Gérard Herter, José Bódalo
Roles Pietro Primero
Rating56% 2.812892.812892.812892.812892.81289
The Confederate major Lloyd (and some accomplishes) deserts with a machine gun and a shipment of gold. General Sibley sends lt. Logan, together with three Confederate soldiers about to be executed for theft – the horse-thief Ramirez, the defrocked priest and dynamite expert Steel Downey, and Chattanooga Jim, bank robber. They set up an ambush for Lloyd, but the three others ditch Logan and go for the gold, only to find it snatched by the Mexican Camiseros gang. They ally with Lloyd against the Camiseros and then blow up Lloyd and his men, only to be intercepted by a Union troop led by Logan, who is a Union spy. The heroes manage to exterminate the Union men but are stopped by a Confederate troop led by Sibley, who had suspected Logan but needed proof. The three are given horses and warned not to show themselves in these parts. When Sibley later hands over the gold to the Mexican army in exchange for weapons the three companions, now dressed in ponchos, suddenly drive off with the wagon, pursued by the Mexicans.
Django (1966)
, 1h37
Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Origin Italie
Genres Action, Western, Spaghetti Western
Actors Franco Nero, Eduardo Fajardo, José Bódalo, Luciano Rossi, Loredana Nusciak, Gino Pernice
Roles Hugo Rodriguez
Rating71% 3.599653.599653.599653.599653.59965
Django is a drifter who drags a closed coffin around with him. He rescues a young woman, María, who is about to be murdered by bandits led by Major Jackson (Eduardo Fajardo), the man whom Django is seeking and wants to kill in revenge for him for killing his wife. After killing most of Jackson's men, Django makes a deal with a Mexican bandit general, Hugo Rodriguez, who is in conflict with Jackson, and the two steal a large quantity of gold from a Mexican Army fort (where Jackson is doing business with a government general). When Rodriguez refuses to give Django his share of the haul, Django and Maria steal the gold. Unfortunately, the gold falls into quicksand. When Rodriguez catches up to them, María is shot (though she survives) and Django's hands are crushed by Rodriguez's men as punishment for being a thief. When the bandits return to Mexico, Rodríguez and his men are massacred by Jackson and the Mexican Army. After killing Nathaniel, Jackson goes looking for Django in a cemetery. However, Django, who has bitten off the trigger-guard of his pistol, kills Jackson and his five surviving men by pressing the trigger of his gun against the cross of the grave of a female acquaintance of Django's whom Jackson had killed and repeatedly dropping the hammer.
Fantasia 3
Fantasia 3 (1966)
, 1h25
Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia
Genres Fantasy
Themes Mermaids in film, Children's films
Actors Maribel Martín, Antonio Casas, Tomás Blanco, José Bódalo, Eloy de la Iglesia
Rating51% 2.550862.550862.550862.550862.55086
The film is an adaptation of three fairy tales classics of children literature.
Nuevo en esta plaza, 1h39
Directed by Pedro Lazaga
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Bullfighting films
Actors Julia Gutiérrez Caba, José Bódalo, Alfredo Landa, Manuel Zarzo, Cristina Galbó, Manolo Gómez Bur
Roles Manuel Romero
Rating57% 2.8528152.8528152.8528152.8528152.852815
Fils de mineur, Sebastián rêve de devenir toréador. Encore apprenti cordonnier, il torée le soir dans un pré loin des regards. Avec le temps, à force de détermination et après de nombreuses vicissitudes, il parviendra à réaliser son rêve.