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Richard Quiney is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter and Producer American born on 12 november 1920 at Detroit (USA)

Richard Quiney

Richard Quiney
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Nationality USA
Birth 12 november 1920 at Detroit (USA)
Death 10 june 1989 (at 68 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Richard Quine (November 12, 1920 – June 10, 1989) was an American stage, film, and radio actor. He began acting a child in radio, vaudeville and in stage productions before being signed to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in his early 20s. When his acting career began to wane after World War II, Quine began working as a film director. He later moved into producing and directing television. Quine directed several well known films including Bell Book and Candle (1958), The World of Suzie Wong (1960), Paris When It Sizzles (1964), How to Murder Your Wife (1965), and The Prisoner of Zenda.

Depressed over poor health, Quine died of a self inflicted gunshot wound in June 1989 at the age of 68.


Quine was married four times and had three children. His first marriage was to actress Susan Peters. They were married on November 7, 1943 at Westwood Community Church in Los Angeles. On New Year's Day 1945, the couple were on a duck hunting trip when Peters dropped her rifle. The gun discharged, hitting Peters in the stomach. The bullet lodged in her spine leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. On April 17, 1946, the couple adopted a ten-month-old baby boy whom they named Timothy Richard Quine. They separated on March 1, 1948 and were divorced later that year. In October 1952, Peters died of a chronic kidney infection and bronchial pneumonia, both of which were hastened by dehydration and starvation because she had stopped eating and drinking in the last few weeks of her life.

In September 1951, Quine married Barbara Bushman, the granddaughter of actor Francis X. Bushman. The couple had two children before separating in May 1958. They were divorced in March 1960.

While Quine was separated from his second wife, he began dating actress Kim Novak whom he had previously directed in 1954's Pushover and 1958's Bell, Book and Candle. The two became engaged while working on their third film together Strangers When We Meet (1960), in 1959. They planned to marry when shooting completed on Strangers but Novak ended the relationship shortly before the film was completed. He later dated actresses Judy Holliday (whom he directed in 1956's Full of Life and The Solid Gold Cadillac) and Natalie Wood (whom he also directed in 1964's Sex and the Single Girl). While directing Sex and the Single Girl (1964), Quine met and began dating one of the film's stars Fran Jeffries. On January 4, 1965, they were married in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. The couple separated on June 10, 1968. In July 1969, Quine filed for divorce citing "extreme cruelty". Their divorce became final in December 1970.

In 1977, Quine married Diana Balfour. They remained married until Quine's death in 1989.

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The Wackiest Ship in the Army, 1h39
Directed by Richard Murphy
Origin USA
Genres War, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Military humor in film, Seafaring films, Transport films, Political films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Jack Lemmon, Rick Nelson, John Lund, Chips Rafferty, Tom Tully, Joby Baker
Rating62% 3.1493.1493.1493.1493.149
During World War II, Lt. Rip Crandall (Jack Lemmon), an expert yachtsman in civilian life, now based at Townsville, Queensland, Australia, is surprised to be assigned command of a sailing ship, the USS Echo. The only crew member who knows how to work a ship with sails is eager young Ensign Tommy Hanson (Ricky Nelson), who cost Crandall a yacht race with a mistake before the war.
The Flying Missile, 1h31
Directed by Henry Levin
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Submarine films
Actors Glenn Ford, Viveca Lindfors, Henry O'Neill, Kenneth Tobey, John Qualen, Carl Benton Reid
Roles Amn. Hank Weber
Rating64% 3.2313453.2313453.2313453.2313453.231345
Decorated submarine commander Commander William Talbot's (Glenn Ford) boat the USS Bluefin (actually the USS Cusk) is on manoeuvers with the goal of simulating sinking the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CV-41). The Midway is carrying some politicians to view the test firing of a JB-2 missile from its flight deck. Sighting the carrier, the Bluefin attempts a simulated torpedo attack but is detected and "sunk" by a depth charge attack from a destroyer.
No Sad Songs for Me, 1h28
Directed by Rudolph Maté
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Margaret Sullavan, Wendell Corey, Viveca Lindfors, Natalie Wood, John McIntire, Ann Doran
Roles Brownie
Rating67% 3.3906253.3906253.3906253.3906253.390625
Entre son mari Bradford Scott, géomètre de son métier, et sa fille Polly, Mary Scott est une femme heureuse. D'ailleurs, elle se croit à nouveau enceinte et va consulter le docteur Ralph Frene, un ami de la famille. Ce dernier lui annonce que tel n'est pas le cas et que, d'après les examens poussés qu'il lui a fait passer, elle est atteinte d'un cancer incurable. Mary apprend l'horrible vérité: elle n'a plus que dix mois à vivre…
The Clay Pigeon, 1h3
Directed by Richard Fleischer
Origin USA
Genres Noir, Crime
Actors Bill Williams, Barbara Hale, Richard Quiney, Richard Loo, Frank Fenton (Moran), Frank Wilcox
Roles Ted Niles
Rating64% 3.2426653.2426653.2426653.2426653.242665
Jim Fletcher (Williams), a former inmate in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp, awakes from a coma at a naval hospital, only to be told he's been accused of murder. Fletcher is not quite certain of his guilt so he escapes from the hospital in search of his best friend, another ex-POW.
Command Decision, 1h52
Directed by Sam Wood
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War
Themes Transport films, Aviation films, Political films, Films based on plays, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Clark Gable, Walter Pidgeon, Van Johnson, Brian Donlevy, John Hodiak, Charles Bickford
Roles Maj. George Rockton
Rating73% 3.6942453.6942453.6942453.6942453.694245
In 1943, at the Ministry of Information in London, war correspondents Elmer "Brockie" Brockhurst (Charles Bickford) and James Carwood (John Ridgely) of United News attend the daily briefing on bombing missions. While the RAF representative announces light losses, the PRO of the Eighth Air Force causes grumbling when his report reveals a record 48 bombers shot down bombing an undisclosed industrial target. Carwood questions whether any target could be worth such losses, but Brockhurst retorts that the U.S. 5th Bomb Division commander, Brig. Gen. "Casey" Dennis (Clark Gable), loves the war. Brockhurst travels to the base of the 32nd Bomb Group, where Dennis has his headquarters, and observes B-17s taking off on another major strike. He tries to milk information about the arrest of a decorated (and highly publicized) pilot, Captain Jenks, from T/Sgt. Evans (Van Johnson), an assistant in Dennis's office, but Evans cordially rebuffs him.
The Cockeyed Miracle, 1h21
Directed by S. Sylvan Simon
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Frank Morgan, Keenan Wynn, Audrey Totter, Cecil Kellaway, Richard Quiney, Gladys Cooper
Roles Howard Bankson
Rating67% 3.3888553.3888553.3888553.3888553.388855
Aging shipbuilder Sam Griggs (Frank Morgan) is near the end of his career due to health problems. With the help of his friend Tom Carter (Cecil Kellaway) he has invested all of his family's money in a shaky real estate venture which he hopes will provide a large return. The rest of his family is happily unaware of the deal, preoccupied with their own future prospects.
We've Never Been Licked, 1h43
Directed by John Rawlins
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Transport films, Aviation films, Documentary films about war, Documentary films about historical events, Political films, Documentary films about World War II
Actors Richard Quiney, Noah Beery, Jr, Anne Gwynne, Martha O' Driscoll, Robert Mitchum, William Frawley
Roles Brad Craig
Rating61% 3.054913.054913.054913.054913.05491
Army brat Brad Craig enters A&M with a chip on his shoulder which upperclassmen quickly knock off. Once adjusted, Craig falls in love with a professor's beautiful daughter, only to find she is in love with his roommate. In the meantime, Craig unwittingly associates with Japanese spies (one played by William Frawley of I Love Lucy) bent on stealing a secret chemical compound developed in the A&M Chemistry Department. Craig is drummed out of the Corps for being a suspected accomplice to the spies, but he then bravely infiltrates the spy network to sabotage the Japanese war effort. Many A&M traditions are referenced in this film.
My Sister Eileen, 1h36
Directed by Alexander Hall
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre
Themes Films about writers, Films based on plays, Buddy films
Actors Rosalind Russell, Brian Aherne, Janet Blair, George Tobias, Allyn Joslyn, Grant Mitchell
Roles Frank Lippincott
Rating70% 3.544293.544293.544293.544293.54429
Anxious to help boost the career of her aspiring actress sister Eileen, reporter Ruth Sherwood of the Columbus Courier writes a rave review about her performance in a local play before it opens. When Eileen is replaced on opening night and the newspaper mistakenly runs the inaccurate review, Ruth is fired.
Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant
Directed by Willis Goldbeck
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Lionel Barrymore, Van Johnson, Stephen McNally, Susan Peters, Nat Pendleton, Richard Quiney
Roles Dr. Dennis Lindsey
Rating62% 3.1016853.1016853.1016853.1016853.101685
Physically challenged Dr. Leonard Gillespie at the Blair General Hospital is exhausted from extensive work hours, to the point that his friends see the need for an intervention. They force him to get an assistant. Gillespie is quite picky, and only three young doctors at the hospital can answer the hard quiz question he asks to make his selection: Dr. Lee Wong How from Brooklyn, Dr. Randall Adams from Kansas City and Dr. Dennis Lindsay from Woolloomooloo, Australia. Gillespie takes them all three as temporary assistants until he can decide which one he will make his regular.
For Me and My Gal, 1h44
Directed by Busby Berkeley
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Dance films, Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Political films
Actors Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, George Murphy, Marta Eggerth, Stephen McNally, Ben Blue
Roles Danny Hayden, Jo's brother (uncredited)
Rating70% 3.545783.545783.545783.545783.54578
In the heyday of vaudeville, on the verge of America's entrance into World War I, two talented performers, Jo Hayden (Judy Garland) and Harry Palmer (Gene Kelly), set their sights on playing the Palace Theatre on Broadway, the epitome of vaudeville success, and marrying immediately after.
Stand by for Action, 1h49
Directed by Robert Z. Leonard
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Action
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Political films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Robert Taylor, Brian Donlevy, Charles Laughton, Walter Brennan, Marilyn Maxwell, Henry O'Neill
Roles Ensign Lindsay
Rating66% 3.344813.344813.344813.344813.34481
During World War II, well-connected, Harvard-educated Lieutenant Gregg Masterman (Robert Taylor) enjoys his cushy posting as junior aide to Rear Admiral Stephen "Old Ironpants" Thomas (Charles Laughton), playing tennis and arranging social events. During a chance encounter, he gives bad advice to up-from-the-ranks Lieutenant Commander Martin J. Roberts (Brian Donlevy) out of spite. As a result, Thomas gives Roberts command of an obsolete, World War I-vintage destroyer, the Warren. To his dismay however, Masterman finds himself assigned by Thomas as Roberts' new executive officer. When Masterman learns that Henry Johnson (Walter Brennan), the ship's civilian caretaker, was a member of the Warren's original crew, he helps him reenlist and serve aboard his beloved ship.
Tish (1942)
, 1h24
Directed by S. Sylvan Simon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Marjorie Main, Aline MacMahon, Zasu Pitts, Susan Peters, Guy Kibbee, Virginia Grey
Roles Theodore 'Ted' Bowser
Rating62% 3.101323.101323.101323.101323.10132
Letitia "Tish" Carberry, an eccentric New England spinster, lives with her nephew, Charlie Sands, and her two cronies, Aggie Pilkington and Lizzie Wilkins, live in a near-by boarding house. Cora Edwards also lives at the boarding house and is in love with Charlie, who, however, loves Katherine "Kit" Bowser, the daughter of Judge Horace Bowser. Tish and her cronies promote a romance between Cora and Charlie, but Cora decides it is Theodore "Ted" Bowser she loves and they are secretly married before Ted leaves for a training school in Toronto, learning to ferry planes to England. Charlie and Katherine also elope secretly. Cora, anxious to join Ted, borrows money from the church organ fund and leaves, telling no one where she is going. Tish takes the blame for the shortage. Cora raises the money to repay Tish and goes to the post office, while Ted is on a flight. Before she mails it, she opens a letter she received from the Canadian government announcing Ted's loss at sea. She faints, is taken to the hospital and gives birth to a boy, and dies. The only clue to her identity is the letter addressed to Tish. She arrives, decides the baby is Charlie's son, declares herself the grandmother and takes it home. Once there, she and her cronies take care of it in a rented cottage and she now claims it is her own. As a result Charlie, not knowing why she makes such a claim, has her put into a sanitarium for mental cases, and he and Katherine take the baby and plan to send it to an orphanage as Katherine does not realize it is her own nephew. Tish's essentric friends come to Katherine and Charlie and tell Katherine, Charlie and Judge Bowser the truth as they know it according to Cora's letter. Kit is angry that Charlie "cheated" on her, but accepts the baby, and Charlie takes his aunt Tish out of the sanitarium and brings her home. When Charlie brings Tish home Ted, Katherine's brother, suddenly arrives home and claims the baby as his and Cora's. Ted then appoints Tish as the babies guardien, as she was willing to take care of the child originally with no regard for her own reputation. The movie ends with Ted announcing that he is joining the army, and Tish firing the bulter.