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Steve Bisley is a Actor Australien born on 26 december 1951

Steve Bisley

Steve Bisley
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Nationality Australie
Birth 26 december 1951 (72 years)

Steve Bisley (born 26 December 1950) is an Australian film and television actor, best known for his roles in the films Mad Max and The Great Gatsby, and as Detective Sergeant Jack Christey in the television series Water Rats.

Best films

Mad Max (1979)

Usually with

George Miller
George Miller
(4 films)
Baz Luhrmann
Baz Luhrmann
(2 films)
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson
(4 films)
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Filmography of Steve Bisley (25 films)

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The Great Gatsby, 2h22
Directed by Baz Luhrmann
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about sexuality, Films about psychiatry, Films set in psychiatric hospitals
Actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, Jason Clarke
Roles Dan Cody
Rating72% 3.601653.601653.601653.601653.60165
In the winter of 1929, Nick Carraway, a Yale University graduate and World War I veteran, is staying at a psychiatric hospital to treat his alcoholism. He talks about Jay Gatsby, describing him as the most hopeful man he had ever met. When he struggles to articulate his thoughts, his doctor, Walter Perkins, suggests writing them down, since writing is Nick's true passion.
I Love You Too, 1h43
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Brendan Cowell, Peter Dinklage, Yvonne Strahovski, Megan Gale, Bridie Carter, Steve Bisley
Roles Bill
Rating59% 2.999732.999732.999732.999732.99973
Jim (Brendan Cowell) is a thirty-three-year-old, emotionally stunted man who works at a miniature railway, and refuses to grow up. He lives in the granny flat at the back of his sister's house. Jim's pregnant sister Marie (Bridie Carter) struggles with her oafish brute of a husband, Owen (Travis McMahon).
Red Hill
Red Hill (2010)
, 1h35
Directed by Patrick Hughes
Origin Australie
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime, Western
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Ryan Kwanten, Steve Bisley, Claire van der Boom, Kevin Harrington
Roles Old Bill
Rating62% 3.147393.147393.147393.147393.14739
Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten), a young police officer, relocates to the small town of Red Hill with his pregnant wife Alice (Claire van der Boom). On his first day on the job, he is shown hostility from Old Bill (Steve Bisley), the head of the police force, for being unable to find his gun and getting shot on duty when he couldn't bring himself to fire his weapon on an armed boy.
Directed by Sue Brooks
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Gary Sweet, Steve Bisley, Brooke Satchwell, Bruce Spence, John Batchelor, Aaron Fa'aoso
Roles Harry
Rating54% 2.724142.724142.724142.724142.72414
Subdivision is a comedy/drama which focuses on the change a community goes through when city developers take over. The plot centres around Digger Kelly (Gary Sweet) and his son Jack (Ashley Bradnam), both carpenters who build homes in Hervey Bay. Their world is turned upside down when a southern property developer led by hot young executive Tiffany (Brooke Satchwell) moves into town...
Not Quite Hollywood, 1h43
Genres Comedy, Documentary
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry, Documentary films about films
Actors Phillip Adams, Christine Amor, Steve Bisley, Glory Annen Clibbery, Jamie Blanks, Graeme Blundell
Roles Self
Rating75% 3.7913853.7913853.7913853.7913853.791385
Not Quite Hollywood documents the revival of Australian cinema during the Australian New Wave of the 1970s and '80s through B-movies including Alvin Purple, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, Dead-End Drive In, Long Weekend, Mad Max, The Man from Hong Kong, Patrick, Razorback, Road Games, Stork and Turkey Shoot. From 1971 through to the late 1980s, Australian directors began to take advantage of the newly introduced R-rating which allowed more on-screen nudity, sex and violence for audiences restricted to age 18 and over. "Ozploitation"—writer-director Mark Hartley's own portmanteau of "Australian exploitation"—was a subgenre of the New Wave which accounted for the critically panned "gross-out comedies, sex romps, action and road movies, teen films, westerns, thrillers and horror films" of the era, commonly overlooked in Australia's "official film history". The film addresses three main categories of "Ozploitation" films: sex, horror and action.
Over the Hill, 1h27
Directed by Henry King, George Trumbull Miller
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Melodrama
Themes Poésie, Adaptation d'un poème, Children's films
Actors Olympia Dukakis, Mae Marsh, James Kirkwood Sr., Sigrid Thornton, Derek Fowlds, Bill Kerr
Roles Benedict
Rating69% 3.4937953.4937953.4937953.4937953.493795
Alma can't stand to have one more birthday without seeing her estranged daughter, Elizabeth, who lives in Sydney, Australia. But Alma doesn't fit into her daughter's political-hostess life even for a visit, and she finds more sympathy in her granddaughter. Alma, in a burst of rebellion, buys a supercharged hotrod and sets out on a voyage of self-discovery to Melbourne. Along the way, she meets con artists, gangsters, and a ponytailed white-knight in a camper and she finds not only adventure and romance, but also the courage to go back and face her relationship with her daughter and set it right.
The Big Steal, 1h39
Directed by Nadia Tass
Genres Comedy
Themes Transport films, Films about automobiles, Road movies, Heist films
Actors Ben Mendelsohn, Claudia Karvan, Steve Bisley, Marshall Napier, Damon Herriman, Maggie King
Roles Gordon Farkas
Rating67% 3.393743.393743.393743.393743.39374
In his first leading role Ben Mendelsohn plays Danny Clark, a bumbling eighteen-year-old guy. He knows what it takes to be cool and have some style, it is just that he seems to struggle to get there. Danny has enthusiasm and passion and only wants two things more than anything in the world. A Jaguar XJ6 and a date with the gorgeous Joanna Johnson (an early role for then 17-year-old Claudia Karvan). Get these and his life will be complete.
The Clean Machine, 1h30
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Steve Bisley, Ed Devereaux, Frederic Abbott, Marshall Napier, Sandy Gore, Frank Whitten
Roles Ed Riordan
Rating70% 3.500483.500483.500483.500483.50048
Inspector Eddie Riordan is appointed to head a new anti-corruption squad.
Two Friends, 1h16
Directed by Jane Campion
Origin Australie
Genres Drama
Themes Films about education
Actors Peter Hehir, Tony Barry, Steve Bisley
Roles Kevin
Rating62% 3.1442353.1442353.1442353.1442353.144235
Louise and Kelly are friends.