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Wilson Yip is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter and Producer Chinois born on 23 october 1963 at Hong Kong (Chine)

Wilson Yip

Wilson Yip
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Birth name 葉偉信 (Yip Wai-shun)
Nationality Chine
Birth 23 october 1963 (60 years) at Hong Kong (Chine)

Wilson Yip or Yip Wai-Shun (Chinese: 葉偉信; born 1963) is a Hong Kong actor, filmmaker and screenwriter. His films include Bio Zombie, The White Dragon, SPL: Sha Po Lang, Dragon Tiger Gate, Flash Point and Ip Man trilogy


Passionné de cinéma depuis son plus jeune âge, Wilson Yip s'essaye à tous les genres. Il fait ses débuts dans la réalisation en 1995 avec 01:00 A.M., un film à sketches dont il réalise deux segments sur trois. Puis il réalise successivement un film pour les plus de 18 ans inspiré d'une histoire vraie, Daze Raper, un film sur les triades, Mongkok Story, un film d'horreur, Midnight Zone, une comédie romantique, Teaching Sucks, et enfin Bio Zombie, un film influencé par le Zombie de George Romero.

En 1999, il met en scène Bullets Over Summer, qui marque un tournant dans sa carrière. Ce film policier, avec les stars Francis Ng et Louis Koo, remporte de nombreux prix, dont celui du meilleur scénario aux Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards de 2000. Il réalise ensuite un film d'action, Skyline Cruisers, un film de science-fiction, 2002, et deux nouvelles comédies romantiques, Dry Wood, Fierce Fire et Leaving Me, Loving You. En 2004, il met en scène son premier wu xia pian, The White Dragon.

À partir de 2005, il entame une collaboration avec Donnie Yen en tournant trois films d'action, SPL : Sha po lang, Dragon Tiger Gate et Flash Point, et trois films de kung-fu, Ip Man, Ip Man 2, et Ip Man 3— Ip Man est un expert en wing chun, connu en Occident pour avoir été le maître de Bruce Lee.

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Vincent Kok
Vincent Kok
(5 films)
Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen
(7 films)
Louis Koo
Louis Koo
(11 films)
Sammo Hung
Sammo Hung
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Filmography of Wilson Yip (31 films)

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12 Golden Ducks, 1h24
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Sandra Ng, Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Anthony Wong, Nicholas Tse, Zhao Wei
Rating47% 2.387452.387452.387452.387452.38745
Future Chang (Sandra Ng), un ancien gigolo, est dévasté par une affaire et retourne en Thaïlande. Avec l'aide d'un ancien ami, il s'efforce de se préparer à revenir à Hong Kong afin de faire son grand retour dans le commerce des escortes.
The Eye
The Eye (2002)
, 1h39
Directed by Oxide Pang et Danny Pang
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Fantastic, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Ghost films, Films about disabilities, La cécité
Actors Angelica Lee, Wilson Yip
Roles Taoist
Rating65% 3.299833.299833.299833.299833.29983
Blind since the age of two, 20-year-old Hong Kong classical violinist Mun undergoes an eye cornea transplant after receiving a pair of new eyes from a donor. Initially, she is glad to have her sense of sight restored but becomes troubled when she starts seeing mysterious figures that seem to foretell gruesome deaths. The night before her discharge from hospital, she sees a shadowy figure accompanying a patient out of the room and the next morning the patient is pronounced dead.
Mighty Baby, 1h50
Directed by Patrick Leung
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy
Actors Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Rosamund Kwan, Gigi Leung, Carina Lau, Cherrie Ying
Rating51% 2.568652.568652.568652.568652.56865
In this sequel to the La Brassiere, Lena (Gigi Leung), Johnny (Lau Ching-wan) and Wayne (Louis Koo) are tasked with developing the "Mighty B" line of baby products. Since the last successful development of the "Mighty Bra", Johnny is now head of the department, he hires a neurotic secretary Sabrina (Rosamund Kwan). Lena and Wayne are planning their wedding, however, Wayne has "Baby-Phobia" which throws a wrench into their task of developing the premier "Mighty B" line of baby products. Lena hires child behavior expert Boey (Cecilia Cheung), to work with Wayne to overcome his phobia but things start to go awry when Wayne starts developing feelings for Boey.
Happy Family
Directed by Herman Yau
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Monica Lo, Nick Cheung, Cecilia Yip, Alfred Cheung, Simon Lui, Herman Yau
Roles Police negotiator
Rating62% 3.110753.110753.110753.110753.11075
You Shoot, I Shoot, 1h34
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Action, Crime
Actors Cheung Tat-ming, Tats Lau Yee-Tat, Joe Cheng, Tin Kai-man, Vincent Kok, Lam Suet
Roles Victim
Rating73% 3.6880953.6880953.6880953.6880953.688095
Bart (Eric Kot), a professional contract killer, is requested by his clients to film his killings. He hires aspiring film director Cheun (Cheung Tat-Ming) for the filming.
Unemployed Emperor, 1h46
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Gallen Lo, Gigi Leung, Sam Lee, Wayne Lai, Lam Suet, Wilson Yip
Roles Mrs. Law's Worker
Rating59% 2.9624252.9624252.9624252.9624252.962425
Ten Outstanding Young Persons precipitant Ha Kong (Gallen Lo) was originally the chief executive officer of Tung Enterprises. However, when the corporate chairman (Lam Sheung Yee) of Tung Enterprises died from a heart attack, Tung Se (David Lee), the son of the chairman, in an attempt to seize power of the company, hires thugs to knock Kong unconscious and causing Kong to be absent from work for three days, which causes Kong to violate his employment contract and was fired as a result.
Forbidden City Cop, 1h29
Directed by Stephen Chow, Vincent Kok
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Wuxia films
Actors Stephen Chow, Carina Lau, Cheung Tat-ming, Tats Lau Yee-Tat, Yuen Cheung-Yan, Lee Lik-chi
Rating68% 3.447363.447363.447363.447363.44736
Ling Ling Fat is a Cantonese wordplay on the code number "008", a reference to James Bond, whose number was 007 (see From Beijing with Love), as well as part of a Cantonese Chinese New Year's Greeting: "Kung hei fat choy" (恭喜發財).
Mongkok Story, 1h36
Directed by Wilson Yip
Origin Hong kong
Genres Action, Crime
Actors Anthony Wong, Roy Cheung, Wilson Yip, Soi Cheang, Ruco Chan
Roles Cameraman
Rating54% 2.7006952.7006952.7006952.7006952.700695
Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon, 1h45
Directed by Lau Kar Wing
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Action, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Sammo Hung, Karl Maka, Lau Kar Wing, Carrie Ng, Xiong Xin-xin, Wilson Yip
Roles Man On The Street
Rating65% 3.296243.296243.296243.296243.29624
Fatty and Baldy are a pair of detectives dealing with a crime syndicate of triad gangsters. After a jewelry robbery, they later find Lai (Carrie Ng), a woman who is associated with the gangsters, but end up getting themselves into trouble for going into the women's changing room.
The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon, 1h26
Directed by Johnnie To
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Chow Yun-fat, Sylvia Chang, Yuen Wah, Wong Ka-kui, Nina Li Chi, Lawrence Cheng
Rating61% 3.0955753.0955753.0955753.0955753.095575
Lam Bo-sang (Chow Yun-fat), who was born into a wealthy family, is the richest man in Hong Kong who is rich enough to build a space station. Sang, who lives in a luxury villa like a palace being served by many maids, is envied and worshiped by millions of people. However, he does not enjoy this type of lifestyle. He does not like to reap with sowing, nor buying extravagant jewelry that would worth forty years of salaries for others and most of all, he does not want to follow his grandaunt's (Ouyang Shafei) arranged arrange between him and his cousin Cindy (Nina Li Chi) because all his property would belong to her. He just wants to live a happy life like an ordinary civilian. While his grandaunt was not home, Sang disguises as a civilian and runs away from him.
Little Cop
Little Cop (1989)
, 1h26
Directed by Eric Tsang
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Crime
Actors Eric Tsang, Natalis Chan, Andy Lau, Frankie Chan, Max Mok, Jacky Cheung
Rating60% 3.006733.006733.006733.006733.00673
Ever since he was a child, Lee Chi-kin (Eric Tsang) has been determined to become a police officer, despite the fact that he comes from a family of criminals. As an adult, he joins the police force, where he is first placed with the Narcotics Bureau. During a drug raid operation, he catches a drug dealer.


Ip Man 4: The Finale
Directed by Wilson Yip
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Action, Historical
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, Jackie Chan, Vanness Wu, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Ngo Ka-nin
Rating70% 3.5062453.5062453.5062453.5062453.506245
Ip Man arrive à San Francisco, aux États-Unis, où son élève Bruce Lee a ouvert une école de Wing Chun .
Paradox (2017)
, 1h41
Directed by Sammo Hung, Wilson Yip
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Actors Louis Koo, Gordon Lam, Tony Jaa, Ken Lo
Rating64% 3.249083.249083.249083.249083.24908
Le policier hongkongais Lee Chung-Chi apprend que sa fille de 16 ans Wing-Chi a disparu en Thaïlande. Il s'y rend et rencontre le policier chinois Chui Kit et son collègue thaï Tak.
Triumph in the Skies, 1h40
Directed by Wilson Yip
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Transport films, Aviation films
Actors Francis Ng, Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, Julian Cheung, Elena Kong, Amber Kuo (郭采潔)
Rating43% 2.181592.181592.181592.181592.18159
Young pilot Branson (Louis Koo) recently takes over Skylette, his father’s aviation empire, only to realize his old flames Cassie (Charmaine Sheh) is a flight attendant there. Several years ago, he was forced to break up with her and move to New York to take care of his father's business. To this day, the two continue to harbor feelings for each other but decide to keep them bottled up.