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Alan Mak is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Producer, Assistant Director and Other Hongkongais born on 1 january 1965

Alan Mak

Alan Mak
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Nationality Hong kong
Birth 1 january 1965 (59 years)

Alan Mak (né le 1er janvier 1965 à Hong Kong) est un réalisateur, acteur et scénariste hongkongais.

Best films

The Departed (2006)
(Original Film Writer)

Usually with

Felix Chong
Felix Chong
(16 films)
Andrew Lau
Andrew Lau
(8 films)
Alex Fong
Alex Fong
(8 films)
Chapman To
Chapman To
(7 films)
Dion Lam
Dion Lam
(3 films)
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Filmography of Alan Mak (23 films)

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Two Thumbs Up, 1h43
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Buddy films, Heist films
Actors Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Patrick Tam, Mark Cheng, Siu Yam-yam, Jack Kao
Roles Tsui Po-on
Rating61% 3.0510653.0510653.0510653.0510653.051065
“ Lucifer and his gangsters dress their minibus to resemble a police vehicle, and pose as policemen for a robbery. Police Officer Tsui sensed "criminal intent." Without police orders, he investigates these gangsters. At the robbery the gangsters engage in a gunfight against the real criminals, who kill randomly. Lucifer and his men are infuriated. They may wear police costumes and use toy guns, but their passion is real. Sensing their righteous passion, Tsui decides to side with the impostors and their 16-passenger EU vehicle. Lucifer and his men re-discover the bond they felt when they used to battle together. Finally, Tsui, Lucifer and the gang defeat the criminals, showing Tsui that anyone can be a hero, and righteousness resides within us all.
I Am Somebody, 2h19
Directed by Derek Yee
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, Anita Yuen, Ann Hui, Derek Yee, Alan Mak
Roles Himself
Rating64% 3.237883.237883.237883.237883.23788
Au centre de la Chine, dans la province du Zhejiang, se trouve Hengdian, le plus grand studio de cinéma du monde. Peng, fraîchement arrivé depuis la province du Dongbei, rêve de devenir acteur. Ils sont des milliers comme lui à devenir des figurants pour le studio et plusieurs racontent leurs vies, leurs rêves et leurs désillusions.
All's Well, Ends Well 2009, 1h40
Directed by Vincent Kok
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy
Actors Sandra Ng, Louis Koo, Raymond Wong Pak-ming, Lee Heung-kam, Donnie Yen, Clifton Ko
Roles un invité du mariage
Rating49% 2.4660752.4660752.4660752.4660752.466075
Kei's (Ronald Cheng) eldest sister Yu Chu (Sandra Ng) is a hot-tempered magazine editor and her temperament has left her single all this while. They have a traditional family and one of the rules is that none of the siblings could get married before their eldest sister. In view of this, Kei sort help from the famous "Casanova", Koo Chai (Louis Koo), who is the new journalist in Sandra’s firm to pretend to court his eldest sister and lure her into the mood of love.
Fighting for Love
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Sammi Cheng, Niki Chow, Alan Mak
Rating60% 3.002413.002413.002413.002413.00241
Deborah (Sammi Cheng) is a tough modern businesswoman whose primary traits seem to be chain smoking and bullying her colleagues. While going to the hospital one day to visit her sister, she manages to sideswipe Chiang Tung Choi's (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) car; seeing this she immediately drives off.
Double Tap
Double Tap (2000)
, 1h36
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Leslie Cheung, Alex Fong, Vincent Kok, Monica Chan, Joe Cheung, Lawrence Ah Mon
Roles Shooting Empire
Rating65% 3.290563.290563.290563.290563.29056
Leslie Cheung plays Rick Pang, an IPSC champion who is also a gun expert who tinkers with his pistols and modified its magazine to perfect his technique known as 'double tap' which is the terminology for a shooter placing two shots in the same exact spot, to maximize marksmanship in any competition.
Gen-X Cops
Gen-X Cops (1999)
, 1h53
Directed by Benny Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Martial arts, Comedy, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Yakuza films, Kung fu films, Gangster films
Actors Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, Sam Lee, Eric Tsang, Toru Nakamura, Daniel Wu
Roles Correctional Officer
Rating58% 2.945842.945842.945842.945842.94584
Jet fuel is stolen by weapons smugglers. The fuel is reacquired by the Hong Kong police but then once again stolen by a yakuza boss named Akatora who is trying to sell it with the help of Hong Kong thug Daniel. Three rebellious cops go undercover to find both the jet fuel and Akatora. They must use the criminal instincts that got them kicked out of the force to save Hong Kong from a devastating terrorist attack.
Lost and Found, 1h50
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Takeshi Kaneshiro, Jordan Chan, Michael Wong, Cheung Tat-ming, Kelly Chen, Maria Cordero
Roles Keung
Rating71% 3.582553.582553.582553.582553.58255
Lam (Kelly Chan), the daughter of a shipping magnate, meets the warm-hearted Mr. Worm (Takeshi Kaneshiro) on the street one day. Mr. Worm, a Mongol, runs a lost-and-found company and Lam enlists his help to trace a missing friend, Ted (Michael Wong), a Scottish sailor and former colleague who mysteriously disappeared months ago. Lam and Ted formed an intimate friendship after working together and Lam finds herself thinking of him after his disappearance. By sheer luck Mr. Worm traces Ted's whereabouts. The latter is returning home to Scotland to run a motel for his recently deceased grandfather.


Integrity (2019)
, 1h54
Directed by Alan Mak
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Sean Lau, Nick Cheung, Karena Lam, Alex Fong, Anita Yuen, Kathy Yuen
Rating55% 2.75582.75582.75582.75582.7558
La Commission indépendante contre la corruption enquête sur une affaire de malversation active depuis de nombreuses années. Cependant, le procès est retardé d'une semaine en raison de la fuite de l'accusé Chen Chaoqun et de l'absence du seul témoin, Xu Zhiyao. Afin de pouvoir réexaminer l'affaire, la commission lance une opération à grande échelle.
Overheard 3, 2h11
Directed by Felix Chong, Alan Mak
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Alex Fong, Daniel Wu, 周迅 (Zhou Xun), Gordon Lam
Rating59% 2.9983552.9983552.9983552.9983552.998355
Il y a cinq ans, Lau (Louis Koo) a été condamné pour le meurtre d'un important propriétaire foncier lors d'un accident de voiture. À cette époque, il travaillait comme chauffeur pour To (Kenneth Tsang), un magnat de la campagne.
The Silent War, 2h
Directed by Felix Chong, Alan Mak
Genres Drama
Themes Political films
Actors Tony Leung Chiu-wai, 周迅 (Zhou Xun), Mavis Fan, Dong Yong, Carrie Ng, Jacob Cheung(張之亮)
Rating61% 3.0976253.0976253.0976253.0976253.097625
Au début des années 1950, l’assistant aveugle d’un accordeur de piano est recruté par les services secrets en raison de son ouïe phénoménale, afin de servir les intérêts de la toute jeune République chinoise.
The Lost Bladesman, 1h47
Directed by Felix Chong, Alan Mak
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial arts
Themes Films based on mythology, Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Betty Sun, Alex Fong, Chin Siu-ho (錢小豪), Andy On
Rating60% 3.0031753.0031753.0031753.0031753.003175
The film opens with a scene of Cao Cao attending Guan Yu's funeral — Guan's severed head is buried with a wooden statue in place of his body. The scene flashbacks to 20 years ago: After Guan Yu had been separated from his sworn brother Liu Bei, he temporarily served Cao Cao while he waited for news of Liu's whereabouts. At the Battle of Baima between Cao Cao and his rival Yuan Shao, Guan Yu slew Yuan's general Yan Liang and lifted the siege on Baima. As a reward, Cao Cao suggested to Emperor Xian to grant Guan Yu a marquis title and promote him to a higher rank.
Overheard 2, 2h1
Directed by Felix Chong, Alan Mak
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Louis Koo, Sean Lau, Daniel Wu, Michelle Ye, Bowie Wu, Kenneth Tsang Wing Kong
Rating66% 3.343823.343823.343823.343823.34382
Manson Lo, the head broker of Man Sang Securities is shown giving his prediction of the Hong Kong stock market on television. Through the viewpoint of an eavesdropper, it is revealed that Lo works for five of the richest in Hong Kong to manipulate the prices of shares in the stock market. When leaving his office, he realizes that he is being tailed (by Joe Sze-ma) and though successful in shaking off the tail, is involved in a traffic accident.
Overheard (2009)
, 1h39
Directed by Felix Chong, Alan Mak
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Zhang Jingchu, Alex Fong, Dominic Lam
Rating70% 3.5448653.5448653.5448653.5448653.544865
A major stock exchange in the world, Hong Kong attracts not only money but any who try to manipulate the market. At the Hong Kong Police Force Commercial Crime Bureau, an operation is underway to infiltrate a trading company, Feng Hua International where a man, nicknamed "Boss" is the chief suspect. The team of Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) officers, led by Inspector Leung (Lau Ching-wan) together with Yeung (Louis Koo) and Lam (Daniel Wu), installs interception devices to monitor the company's communications. Yeung is a family man, has a wife, a daughter, and a son who is suffering from a serious illness and needs constant attention, while Lam, a young new comer to the team, is to be married to the daughter of a wealthy man. Leung is a calm experienced officer who is having an affair with Mandy (Zhang Jingchu) who happens to be the wife of his friend Lee (Alex Fong).
Lady Cop & Papa Crook, 1h32
Directed by Felix Chong, Alan Mak
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Actors Sammi Cheng, Eason Chan, Richie Ren, Michelle Ye, Chapman To, Kate Tsui
Rating53% 2.671072.671072.671072.671072.67107
John Fok (Eason Chan) is the kingpin of illegal red diesel in Greater China. When an oil tanker explodes accidentally, he becomes the focus of investigation by Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese police and is forced to halt his business to wait things out. While his business rivals start closing in, a member of his household is planning to betray him. On the surface, John seems totally helpless, but in reality, he has been staging a major comeback for months. Just as he is finally ready to turn his fortune around, however, his only son is kidnapped.