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Ken Lo is a Actor Chinois born on 17 march 1959

Ken Lo

Ken Lo
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Birth name Lo Wai "Kenneth" Kwong
Nationality Chine
Birth 17 march 1959 (61 years)

Ken Lo est un acteur chinois né le 19 mars 1957 au Laos.

Usually with

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
(24 films)
Wong Jing
Wong Jing
(8 films)
Benny Chan
Benny Chan
(7 films)
Lam Suet
Lam Suet
(12 films)
(12 films)
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Filmography of Ken Lo (67 films)

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Paradox (2017)
, 1h41
Directed by Sammo Hung, Wilson Yip
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Actors Louis Koo, Gordon Lam, Tony Jaa, Ken Lo
Roles Ban
Rating64% 3.249143.249143.249143.249143.24914
Le policier hongkongais Lee Chung-Chi apprend que sa fille de 16 ans Wing-Chi a disparu en Thaïlande. Il s'y rend et rencontre le policier chinois Chui Kit et son collègue thaï Tak.
Shock Wave
Shock Wave (2017)
, 1h59
Directed by Herman Yau
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Films about terrorism
Actors Andy Lau, Ron Ng, Song Jia, Felix Wong, Liu Kai-chi, Wan Yeung-ming
Roles Coffee
Rating63% 3.1524353.1524353.1524353.1524353.152435
Cheung Choi-san, spécialiste des explosifs, fait face à Blast, un criminel poseur de bombes.
Operation Mekong, 2h4
Directed by Dante Lam
Origin Chine
Genres War, Action, Adventure, Crime
Actors Ken Lo, Carl Ng
Roles Xing Deng
Rating65% 3.297193.297193.297193.297193.29719
Dans le triangle d’or, 13 cadavres chinois sont retrouvés par les autorités thaïlandaises. Bien que celles-ci tentent de dissimuler les causes réelles de leur mort, les investigations chinoises ne laissent aucun doute : les 13 hommes ont été les victimes d’un baron de la drogue local, le très puissant mais très instable Naw Khar. Pour que ce dernier soit capturé et jugé, une force d’intervention spéciale est créée en partenariat avec les pays concernés. L’escouade menée par le capitaine Gao (Zhang Hanyu) se lance alors à la poursuite de Naw Khar et de ses acolytes.
Who Am I 2015, 1h42
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Helen Yao, Ken Lo, Yu Rongguang, Zhang Lanxin
Roles Mr. Bao
Rating47% 2.368972.368972.368972.368972.36897
Kill Zone 2, 2h
Directed by Soi Cheang
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Tony Jaa, Louis Koo, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Andy On, Wu Jing
Roles Wong Kwong
Rating66% 3.3492253.3492253.3492253.3492253.349225
Kit is a Hong Kong undercover cop who becomes a drug addict to infiltrate a crime syndicate which has been kidnapping people and sending them to Thailand, where the victims are killed and have their organs sold in the black market. The mastermind behind the syndicate, Mr Hung, has a rare heart condition and needs to undergo a heart transplant to prolong his life. Hung's younger brother is the ideal donor for a heart.
From Vegas to Macau II, 1h50
Directed by Wong Jing
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy
Actors Chow Yun-fat, Nick Cheung, Carina Lau, Shawn Yue Man Lok, David Chiang, Jin Qiaoqiao
Roles Rymi
Rating46% 2.3208652.3208652.3208652.3208652.320865
Ken (Chow Yun-fat), surnommé « Main magique », vit maintenant une vie luxueuse loin du stress du monde du jeu et des inévitables implications avec les criminels qu’il entraîne. Son protégé, Vincent (Shawn Yue), travaille pour Interpol dans le but de faire tomber l'organisation criminelle DOA, et sa demande d’aide à son maître est systématique repoussée par Ken. Ce n’est que lorsque ce-dernier est impliqué dans une fusillade qui le met en danger, lui et ses amis, qu’il accepte à contrecœur d’aider Interpol et que lui et Vincent commencent à remonter la trace d'un ex-comptable de DOA, Mark (Nick Cheung). Seulement , celui-ci a détourné 15 milliards $ de ses anciens employeurs, s'attirant contre lui toute la puissance du monde criminel.
SDU: Sex Duties Unit, 1h35
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Action
Actors Chapman To, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Derek Tsang, Jim Chim, Lam Suet, Simon Lui
Roles Wang Tao
Rating60% 3.0017753.0017753.0017753.0017753.001775
The Special Duties Unit (SDU) is an elite paramilitary tactical unit of the Hong Kong Police Force and is considered one of the world's finest in its role. But being the best carries its own burdens. Like everyone else, they go through troubles with love, with family and with their jobs. And sometimes they get horny.
Special ID
Special ID (2013)
, 1h39
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films, Gangster films
Actors Donnie Yen, Collin Chou, Andy On, Jing Tian, Paw Hee-ching, Terence Yin
Roles Triad mahjong player
Rating55% 2.7500052.7500052.7500052.7500052.750005
Yen takes on the role of Dragon Chan, a Hong Kong undercover police officer deep within the ranks of one of China’s most ruthless underworld gangs. The leader of the gang, Hung (Collin Chou), has made it his priority to weed out the government infiltrators in his midst. Struggling to keep his family together and his identity concealed, Chan is torn between two worlds.
The White Storm, 2h14
Directed by Benny Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about music and musicians, Films about drugs, Sports films, Martial arts films, Musiques du monde, Musical films
Actors Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Lo Hoi-pang, Helena Law, Yuan Quan
Roles Bobby
Rating65% 3.2966653.2966653.2966653.2966653.296665
Deux policiers (Lau Ching-wan et Nick Cheung) et un autre infiltré (Louis Koo) luttent contre un puissant baron de la drogue thaïlandais surnommé le « Bouddha à huit têtes » et doté d'une véritable armée de mercenaires.
The Constable, 1h36
Directed by Dennis Law
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Simon Yam, Lam Suet, Sam Lee, Maggie Shiu, Ken Lo, Lo Hoi-pang
Roles Dah Kin
Rating49% 2.4597252.4597252.4597252.4597252.459725
Un policier intègre doit veiller seul sur son fils déficient mental. Proche de la retraite, il mène toujours ses missions en restant honnête et n’hésite pas à se battre avec les « méchants ». Certains de ceux-là pensent à se venger…
Ip Man: The Final Fight, 1h40
Directed by Herman Yau
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Martial arts, Biography, Action, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Anita Yuen, Gillian Chung, Jordan Chan, Timmy Hung
Roles Wei Batian
Rating62% 3.1000153.1000153.1000153.1000153.100015
In 1949, Ip Man, who has been suffering from chronic gastric pain, travels alone to Hong Kong. He starts by teaching Wing Chun on the rooftop of a building which houses a hotel staff's general association. He meets and accepts new students, including Tang Shing, Leung Sheung, Wong Tung, Lee King and Chan Sei-mui. During that period of time, Ip Man's wife, Cheung Wing-sing, also comes to Hong Kong to join her husband, but returns to Foshan shortly after because life in Hong Kong is hard. The couple never saw each other again because Cheung died not long after returning to Foshan. His son Ip Chun comes from Foshan to Hong Kong to join him.
The Four 2
The Four 2 (2013)
, 1h58
Directed by Gordon Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Action, Adventure
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Wuxia films
Actors Deng Chao, Liu Yifei, Collin Chou, Anthony Wong, Ada Liu, Ken Lo
Roles Duke Westgate
Rating58% 2.9145552.9145552.9145552.9145552.914555
Cold Blood chances upon the scent of blood while Department Six and the Divine Constabulary are setting up camp in a foggy forest. Running ahead of the others, Cold Blood, Life Snatcher, Iron hands and Ji Yaohua arrive in front of a locked and seemingly abandoned house. In attempt to break the lock, Cold Blood is attacked by a cannon and barely escapes. He notices the person behind the cannon - Zhuge Zhengwo. Keeping the information to himself, the rest of Department Six and the Divine Constabulary rush into the house to discover the bloodshed of many and there is only one survivor, a man Zhuge Zhengwo identifies as Ouyang Da, someone whose face had disappeared off the pugilist world twelve years ago. Every one else have died of similar wounds, all caused by the same weapon that Cold Blood was attacked with. Zhuge Zhengwo shows keen interest in the incident and promptly asks Sheriff King to turn over the case to the Divine Constabulary. Sheriff King agrees, and Ji Yaohua along with the others in Department Six protest; there have been similar cases of massacres that they have been investigating, each with a death of a man that was supposed to have died twelve years ago. The deaths are all tied to Zhuge Zhengwo, as these men were part of the Gang of Twelve supposedly executed by him when they massacred Sheng Yayu's, now Heartless, family. Department Six strongly believe it is likely that Zhuge Zhengwo had lied about executing the Gang of Twelve and rose to fame, only to silence those that were supposed to have been dead for twelve years now so that his secret would not be found out. Sheriff King believes in his friend but instructs Department Six to continue investigate quietly.
7 Assassins, 1h42
Directed by Eric Tsang, Xiong Xin-xin
Genres Drama, Thriller, Martial arts, Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Political films, Kung fu films
Actors Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Gigi Leung, Yu Oh-seong, Xiong Xin-xin, Max Mok
Roles Adjutant
Rating50% 2.527942.527942.527942.527942.52794
Boss Cat (Eric Tsang) is a warrior who had participated in the Boxer Rebellion. Cat is responsible for guarding Huang Jin Xia town, which have gathered many revolutionaries around China. There, they do not discuss about revolution nor care about politics and lead peaceful lives there. Sai-lim (Gigi Leung), a woman who was rescued by Cat, is oblivious that years ago, Cat not only rescued her and her child, he also rescued her heart.
Chinese Zodiac, 2h
Directed by Jackie Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Kung fu, Action, Adventure, Martial arts
Themes Seafaring films, Sports films, Transport films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Jackie Chan, Kwon Sang-woo, Oliver Platt, Helen Yao, Chen Bo-Lin, Liao Fan
Roles Thai Pirate
Rating61% 3.051213.051213.051213.051213.05121
The movie begins by Jackie Chan telling the story of the Old Summer Palace and its looting and destruction by British and French soldiers in the Second Opium War. Among the treasures stolen are twelve bronze heads of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.