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Gipsy Magic is a film of genre Comedy directed by Stole Popov with Bajram Severdžan

Gipsy Magic (1997)

Gipsy Magic
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Length 2h6
Directed by
Genres Comedy
Rating80% 4.022334.022334.022334.022334.02233

Gypsy Magic is a 1997 Macedonian film directed by Stole Popov. It was Macedonia's submission to the 70th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee.


AKA: Циганска Магија. A romantic story in gypsy family makes a last, desperate effort to find its way out of the Balkan absurdity and misfortune. Their story mirrors the universal story of the rejected and the maladjusted, the forgotten street heroes who make the news only in the obituaries or crime sections...


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