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The Coffin is a film of genre Thriller released in USA on 30 october 2008 with Ananda Everingham

The Coffin (2008)

The Coffin
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Released in USA 30 october 2008
Length 1h30
Genres Thriller,    Horror
Rating42% 2.122262.122262.122262.122262.12226

The Coffin is a 2008 horror film starring Ananda Everingham and Karen Mok.


A young man, and several years later, a woman, undergo a Thai ritual of lying in a coffin, which is supposed to ensure long life and banish bad luck. The ritual is also seen as a solution to fatal genetic diseases and diseases like cancer. The man, Chris, wakes and is brought to the hospital where doctors say he suffers from hallucinations. It turns out that the hallucinations are paranormal visits by his ex-girlfriend and trying to kill him, who dies, along with her child, just when his wife is cured. The woman on the other hand is rid of her lung cancer, however is haunted by her boyfriend, Jack, whom she was supposed to marry. The woman consults an expert in the paranormal, and later Chris, to try to solve her supernatural difficulties.


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