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Andrew Lin Hoi is a Actor, Producer and Makeup Artist born on 7 august 1969

Andrew Lin Hoi

Andrew Lin Hoi
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Birth 7 august 1969 (54 years)

Andrew Lin Hoi (連凱) is a Hong Kong-based Taiwanese actor and visual artist. Originally working as a special effects makeup artist in the United States, he went to Hong Kong in 1996 where he started his acting career.

Usually with

Daniel Wu
Daniel Wu
(10 films)
Terence Yin
Terence Yin
(6 films)
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
(4 films)
(2 films)
Andrew Lau
Andrew Lau
(2 films)
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Filmography of Andrew Lin Hoi (21 films)

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Xuan Zang
Xuan Zang (2016)

Directed by Huo Jianqi
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Kent Tong, Purba Rgyal, Xu Zheng, Luo Jin, Andrew Lin Hoi, Jonathan Kos-Read
Roles King of Gao Chang
Rating62% 3.102173.102173.102173.102173.10217
The Man with the Iron Fists 2, 1h29
Directed by Roel Reiné
Origin USA
Genres Martial arts, Kung fu, Action
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films, Wuxia films
Actors Grace Huang, RZA, Andrew Lin Hoi, Carl Ng, Dustin Nguyen, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Roles Gemini Male
Rating44% 2.2338952.2338952.2338952.2338952.233895
Thaddeus the blacksmith is on his way to the monks at Wu Chi Temple on a quest on inner peace when he is attacked by the brother of Silver Lion and his henchmen. Thaddeus manages to defeat them all but receives a near fatal wound from Silver Lion's brother's claw. He succumbs to his wounds and is seen drifting on a log down a river.
To the Fore, 2h5
Directed by Dante Lam
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Action, Romance
Themes Sports films, Cycling films
Actors Choi Siwon, Andrew Lin Hoi, Carl Ng
Rating62% 3.1013.1013.1013.1013.101
The story is about a very passionate cyclist, Chou Ming, starting his cycling career in a team called Raident. There he met his friends. After some time, the team had to break up because the team doesn't have sufficient money to continue the team. The members were allocated to different teams. To the fore is a half love half sport movie. It is mainly about the passionate of the members riding bicycle to participate in races and a love affair between Chou Ming and a girl.
The Man with the Iron Fists, 1h36
Directed by RZA
Origin USA
Genres Martial arts, Kung fu, Action, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films, Wuxia films
Actors Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung, Pam Grier, Byron Mann, Rick Yune
Roles Gemini Male
Rating54% 2.700922.700922.700922.700922.70092
In nineteenth century China, Jungle Village is home to several warring clans. The village blacksmith creates deadly weapons for the clans, intending to use his payments to purchase the freedom of his lover Lady Silk, and leave the village. The region's governor tasks the Lion Clan's leader Gold Lion with protecting a large shipment of gold that must pass through the village. Gold is betrayed by his lieutenants Silver Lion and Bronze Lion, who plan to steal the gold. They use the chaos ensuing from a fight with the Hyena Clan to allow their co-conspirator Poison Dagger—the governor's aide—to assassinate Gold, after which Silver becomes the Lions' leader. Gold's son Zen-Yi learns of his father's murder and sets off to the village to seek revenge.
Beginning of the Great Revival, 1h58
Directed by Lu Chuan, Li Shaohong
Genres Drama, War, Action, Historical
Actors Liu Ye, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰), Chen Kun, John Woo, Daniel Wu, Zhou Jie
Rating31% 1.5575051.5575051.5575051.5575051.557505
During the early 20th century, China is marked by political disunity and a handful of individuals, including Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao, and Zhou Enlai, envision a unified China, especially in the political crises that followed the 1911 Xinhai Revolution, which ended centuries of dynastic rule in the country. After World War I, the Western Allies give Tsingtao and Kiaochow Bay to the Empire of Japan at the Treaty of Versailles, stirring sentiments amongst China's youth, leading to the May Fourth Movement of 1919. In March 1920, Grigori Voitinsky comes to China in an attempt to spread communism to the Far East and, on 22 July 1921, 13 representatives from throughout China meet in a Shanghai's women's dormitory to found what would become the Chinese Communist Party.
A Beautiful Life, 2h4
Directed by Andrew Lau
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Shu Qi, Liu Ye, Anthony Wong, Andrew Lin Hoi
Rating65% 3.292963.292963.292963.292963.29296
A real-estate agent Li Peiru (Shu Qi) gets drunk at a karaoke bar and throws up on a lonely cop Fang Zhendong (Liu Ye). Zhendong quickly feels a connection to the flirtatious Peiru despite the fact that she's having an affair with her married boss. The affair ends with Peiru finding out that her boss has been cheating on her.
Triple Tap
Triple Tap (2010)
, 1h58
Directed by Derek Yee
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Louis Koo, Charlene Choi, Daniel Wu, Li Bingbing (李冰冰), Alex Fong, Lam Suet
Roles Billy Tsui/Warren Tsui
Rating62% 3.1024453.1024453.1024453.1024453.102445
Champion competitive marksman Ken comes across an armored van robbery. He sees a policeman held hostage and shoots and kills four of the robbers. One of the robbers escapes and the policeman survives. The case is handled by Jerry Chong, whom Ken knows from having recently beaten him in a shooting match. Ken is found not guilty in court. Soon after, Ken is attacked by the escaped robber Pang To. Their confrontation reveals a very different background story and brings about a myriad of lies and traps and changes in relationships as Jerry and Ken try to outsmart each other.
The Coffin
The Coffin (2008)
, 1h30
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Ananda Everingham, Napakpapha Nakprasitte, Karen Mok, Florence Faivre, Andrew Lin Hoi
Roles Jack
Rating42% 2.122272.122272.122272.122272.12227
A young man, and several years later, a woman, undergo a Thai ritual of lying in a coffin, which is supposed to ensure long life and banish bad luck. The ritual is also seen as a solution to fatal genetic diseases and diseases like cancer. The man, Chris, wakes and is brought to the hospital where doctors say he suffers from hallucinations. It turns out that the hallucinations are paranormal visits by his ex-girlfriend and trying to kill him, who dies, along with her child, just when his wife is cured. The woman on the other hand is rid of her lung cancer, however is haunted by her boyfriend, Jack, whom she was supposed to marry. The woman consults an expert in the paranormal, and later Chris, to try to solve her supernatural difficulties.
Chaos (2008)
, 1h30
Directed by Herman Yau
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Gordon Lam, Andrew Lin Hoi, Kristal Tin, Charmaine Fong
Roles Cheung Tai-hoi
Rating46% 2.30422.30422.30422.30422.3042
In the Walled City, the inhabitants are either cornered or have a shady past. They commit prostitution, gambling, drugs and other lawless acts. They have their own order and law. The Walled City is akin to a "limbo" zone. One day, Cheung Tai-hoi (Andrew Lin), while escorting criminal Mickey Szeto (Gordon Lam), accidentally loses control of the police van and breaks into the Walled City and is detained by its inhabitants. Walled City's overlord Crow (Alexander Chan) hate the police and believes one of them is a cop and prepares to execute one of them. At this time, a brothel owner in Walled City, Ling, (Kristal Tin) falsely accuses Mickey to be the cop. Therefore, Hoi was released while Mickey was continued to be detained. It turns out that Mickey is Ling's long lost lover and she wants him to suffer since she believes he abandoned her and her daughter, Yan (Charmaine Fong), years ago. At the same time, she also wants Mickey to help her leave Walled City because Crow has been eyeing for Yan. Yan then sees the detained Mickey, while she does not know he is her father, she had a feeling which prompt her to decide to help him escape. At the same time, a fatal plague was discovered in Walled City and the government uses this as an excuse to start a massacre that would prevent the spreading of the plague.
Mr Cinema
Mr Cinema (2007)
, 1h50
Directed by Samson Chiu
Origin Hong kong
Actors Anthony Wong, Teresa Mo, Karen Mok, Paw Hee-ching, John Shum, Andrew Lin Hoi
Roles Chow Kai-Chun
Rating67% 3.3873553.3873553.3873553.3873553.387355
The story is about a pro-communist leftist Zhou Heung-Kong (Anthony Wong) who grew up in the pre-1997 British colony of Hong Kong starting the from 1950s. He lives with his wife Ying (Teresa Mo) who mostly raises the family by herself. Zhou has fantasies of going to Tiananmen Square, but has always been too poor to do so. They eventually find themselves in a HK transferred over to the People's Republic of China. In the end Zhou realised he sacrificed everything for the communist cause, and his family is left with nothing.
The Heavenly Kings, 1h26
Directed by Daniel Wu
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Musical
Actors Andrew Lin Hoi, Terence Yin, Jackie Chan, Daniel Wu, Jo Kuk, Karen Mok
Roles Andrew Lin
Rating67% 3.3794253.3794253.3794253.3794253.379425
En 2005, Daniel Wu et ses trois compères Conroy Chan, Andrew Lin, Terence Yin fondent le Boys Band Alive. The Heavenly Kings raconte l'histoire de ce groupe sans réel talent (autre que de belles gueules et une belle amitié...) et brosse le portrait de l'industrie de la pop cantonaise. Les stars s'expriment: Jacky Cheung, Karen Mok, Nicholas Tse ou encore Candy Lo. Personne ne comprend leur motivation de se lancer dans un tel défi. Absurde parfois, drôle toujours, The Heavenly Kings est la preuve que le karaoké peut nuire à la santé.
Robin-B-Hood, 2h1
Directed by Benny Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Louis Koo, Charlene Choi, Michael Hui, Nicholas Tse, Yuen Biao, Cherrie Ying
Roles Calvin
Rating66% 3.306013.306013.306013.306013.30601
The film begins showing Thongs and Octopus evading security guards in a hospital, having stolen money and cancer medication from the safe. Meanwhile, a newborn baby to the wealthy Lee family is snatched by Max, the mother's ex-boyfriend, prompting the security guards give chase, ignoring the burglars, and corner Max on an escalator. Following a violent struggle, Max and the baby fall over the side—the baby is caught by Thongs, while Max plummets to his death. While the guards are distracted, Thongs and Octopus leave in the Landlord's minivan.
All About Love, 1h42
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Andy Lau, Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi, Anthony Wong, Andrew Lin Hoi, Lam Suet
Rating58% 2.9058652.9058652.9058652.9058652.905865
Ko (Andy Lau) is a hard working doctor who has little time to spend with his wife (Charlene Choi). When she dies in a car accident her heart is given to another woman, Tse Yuen Sam (Charlie Yeung). Ko later changes careers and becomes a paramedic. One night while on call in an ambulance, Ko attends a traffic accident involving Sam. He discovers she is the recipient of his wife's heart and that her husband Derek (also played by Lau) has left her. Ko decides to use their resemblance as a means of making amends for both his and Derek's treatment of their wives.