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Xu Zheng is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Producer and Production Design Chinois born on 18 april 1972

Xu Zheng

Xu Zheng
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Nationality Chine
Birth 18 april 1972 (52 years)

Xu Zheng (born April 18, 1972) is a Chinese actor, director and filmmaker, best known for his comedic roles.

Xu found fame portraying the titular pig Zhu Bajie in the silly TV series Sunny Piggy (2000), opposite his future wife Tao Hong. He became well-known after starring in other comedy TV dramas like Li Wei the Magistrate (2001) and Love Through Different Times (2002), as well as comedy films Call for Love (2007) and Lost on Journey (2010). His directorial debut film Lost in Thailand (2012) which he also starred in, co-wrote, and co-produced with a $4 million budget, grossed over $200 million to set the box office record for a Chinese film. Xu has appeared in most of Ning Hao's films, including Breakup Buddies (2014), also one of the highest-grossing films in China.


Growing up in Shanghai, Xu Zheng performed regularly in Children's Palace theatres. After graduating from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1994, he became a member of the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre where he gradually distinguished himself on stage. He starred in Chinese versions of The Liar (as Lelio), Long Day's Journey into Night (as Jamie), Much Ado About Nothing (as Antonio), and Art (as Serge), as well as many Chinese plays. He also directed at least 3 plays as early as 1998.

While focusing on theatre, Xu Zheng also ventured into television dramas and films, but his first few roles were very minor. His big break came in 2000 with the wacky romance TV series Sunny Piggy, in which he portrayed the dimwitted protagonist Zhu Bajie. Sunny Piggy received high ratings nationally, paving way for other popular TV dramas such as Li Wei the Magistrate (2001) and Love Through Different Times (2002).

Since appearing in Ning Hao's Crazy Stone (2006), Xu began to turn more and more to comedy films, starring in Call for Love (2007) and One Night in Supermarket (2009). He also worked with Ning Hao again in Crazy Racer (2009) and No Man's Land (2013).

After the 2010 comedy road film Lost on Journey that Xu starred in with Wang Baoqiang became a major hit, Xu invited Wang Baoqiang to co-star with him again for a new film. As a first-time director, Xu had a difficult time selling his story, meeting with 3 different production companies before convincing Beijing Enlight Pictures to invest US$4 million. Huang Bo, Xu's good friend and frequent co-star in Ning Hao's films, also joined the project. Released in December 2012, Lost in Thailand raked in over US$200 million from 32 million people to become the highest-grossing domestic film in China's history. Shot mainly in Thailand, the film greatly boosted tourism to the country, and Xu received a private meeting with the then-Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra in 2013.

In 2014, Ning's comedy road film Breakup Buddies starring Xu and Huang Bo grossed over US$195 million as another top-grossing domestic film. Xu's second directorial feature Lost in Hong Kong, yet another comedy road film, will be released in 2015.

Usually with

Tao Hong
Tao Hong
(7 films)
Guo Tao
Guo Tao
(5 films)
Liu Hua
Liu Hua
(4 films)
Jim Chim
Jim Chim
(2 films)
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Filmography of Xu Zheng (27 films)

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Crazy Alien, 1h56
Origin Chine
Genres Science fiction, Comedy
Themes Comedy science fiction films
Actors Matthew Morrison, Tom Pelphrey, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Xu Zheng, Liu Hua
Roles Alien
Rating57% 2.8603752.8603752.8603752.8603752.860375
Un employé de zoo (Bo Huang) chargé des singes est témoin du crash d'un extraterrestre et fait tout pour l'aider à rentrer chez lui.
My People, My Country, 2h38
Directed by Chen Kaige, Xu Zheng, Zhang Yibai, Guan Hu, Xue Xiaolu
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Wu Jing, Simon Yam, Song Jia, Liang Jing, Hu Jun, Zhou Dongyu
Roles Olympic TV Host (segment "The Champion")
Rating63% 3.1548153.1548153.1548153.1548153.154815
Le segment d'ouverture du réalisateur Guan Hu, La Veille (前夜), raconte l'histoire d'un ingénieur appelé Lin Zhiyuan (Huang Bo) qui se lance dans une course contre la montre pour mettre au point un mécanisme automatique de levée de drapeau avant la cérémonie de fondation de la République populaire de Chine le 1er octobre 1949.
Ash Is Purest White, 2h16
Directed by Jia Zhang-ke (贾樟柯)
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Crime, Romance
Actors Zhao Tao, Liao Fan, Feng Xiaogang, Xu Zheng, Diao Yi'nan, Zhang Yibai
Roles Man from Karamay
Rating69% 3.4978353.4978353.4978353.4978353.497835
À Datong, une histoire d'amour difficile relie l'ancienne danseuse Qiao et le gangster Bin, de 2001 à 2017.
The Island
The Island (2018)
, 2h14
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Shu Qi, Xu Zheng, Liang Jing
Roles Passenger
Rating62% 3.105963.105963.105963.105963.10596
Un événement cataclysmique amène un homme qui rêve de gagner à la loterie et de séduire la belle Shanshan à se retrouver naufragé sur une île avec ses collègues.
How Long Will I Love U, 1h41
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Actors Tong Liya, Xu Zheng, Tao Hong
Roles Noodle
Rating63% 3.1987953.1987953.1987953.1987953.198795
Un homme et une femme vivant dans le même appartement, mais à près de vingt ans d'intervalle, se réveillent un jour pour constater que le temps et l'espace se sont mélangés et se retrouvent face à face.
Dying to Survive, 1h55
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Xu Zheng, Wang Chuanjun
Roles Cheng Yong
Rating77% 3.899833.899833.899833.899833.89983
Après avoir reçu la visite d'un mystérieux personnage, la vie de Yong Cheng, propriétaire d'une boutique de médecine traditionnelle, est bouleversée. Il devient soudain l’agent exclusif d'une drogue piratée, obtenue d’un détaillant d'aphrodisiaques en faillite. En réalisant un joli profit, non seulement sa vie change, mais il est surnommé le “dieu de la médecine” par ses clients.
Lost in Hong Kong, 1h54
Directed by Xu Zheng
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime, Romance
Actors Zhao Wei, Xu Zheng, Bao Bei'er, Du Juan, Sam Lee, Pan Hong
Roles Xu Lai
Rating54% 2.7063852.7063852.7063852.7063852.706385
In the mid-1990s, university art majors Xu Lai (Xu Zheng) and Yang Yi (Du Juan) fell in love, but then Yang was transferred to the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Xu has never seen her since. Almost twenty years later, the already bald Xu has long forgotten his dreams of becoming an artist, but he can never forget Yang even though he enjoys a comfortable life with his loving wife Cai Bo (Zhao Wei), the only major problem between them being the repeated failure conceiving a child. During a vacation in Hong Kong with Cai's overbearing family, Xu plans to secretly visit Yang, but Cai Bo's goofy young brother Cai Lala (Bao Bei'er) — always carrying a video camera in hand for his documentary project — tags along like his unwelcome shadow to spoil the rendezvous. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Wong Jing is filming another riotous gangster movie, while 2 police officers (Sam Lee and Eric Kot) investigate a murder.
The Great Hypnotist, 1h42
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Karen Mok, Xu Zheng
Roles Xu Ruining
Rating68% 3.443713.443713.443713.443713.44371
Le célèbre psychologue Xu Ruining a une carrière ascendante lorsqu'il rencontre Ren Xiaoyan. La rencontre est difficile car tout oppose les deux hommes.
Breakup Buddies, 1h56
Origin Chine
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Zhou Dongyu, Xu Zheng, Yuan Quan, Guo Tao, Xia Yu
Roles Hao Yi
Rating63% 3.1945953.1945953.1945953.1945953.194595
A former singer and his best friend embarks on a road trip together to deal with the emotional aftermath of a messy divorce.
Fake Fiction
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Xu Zheng
Roles David Ou
Rating50% 2.5137552.5137552.5137552.5137552.513755
One Night Surprise, 1h46
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰), Xu Zheng, Daniel Henney, Leon Lai, Wong Yat-fei
Roles He Fengfeng
Rating53% 2.666652.666652.666652.666652.66665
At her Marie Antoinette-themed birthday bash, Michelle loses her head after a few drinks and wakes up dishevelled in a hotel room. Forty days later, she discovers she’s pregnant and sets about finding the culprit. Michelle narrows it down to three suspects who turned up at her shindig: figure-skating teenager Jeb (Jiang Jingfu); seafood-sauce tycoon Tiger (Leon Lai, vulgarly dismantling his matinee-idol image); and her Harvard-educated Chinese-American boss, Bill (Korean-American thesp Daniel Henney). Their confrontations provide ample opportunities for overdone slapstick and naughty sexual innuendo, but there’s also the matter of her incompatibility with any of them, poignantly addressing the harsh reality that she’s not exactly long-term relationship material in their eyes.
No Man's Land, 1h57
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Western
Actors Xu Zheng, Yu Nan, Tao Hong
Roles Pan Xiao
Rating72% 3.639173.639173.639173.639173.63917
The entire film happens in a very desolate region of China, in the northwestern deserts. A poacher is being arrested by a police officer after capturing a rare falcon, worth 1 million RMB on the black market. A second poacher kills the police officer with his jeep and tells the first poacher to flee, while he stays behind himself to take responsibility. He hires one of the best lawyers in China for his defense, forcing the lawyer to travel a long distance to get to the town. At the trial, the lawyer gets the poacher acquitted by arguing that the crash happened because the police officer was drunk. The lawyer takes the poacher's car as collateral and begins a long drive back to China's eastern region. While driving, the lawyer is harassed by two people in a truck carrying hay. He throws his lighter at the hay in retaliation, igniting it, and drives ahead.
Love in the Buff, 1h51
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Miriam Yeung (杨千嬅), Shawn Yue Man Lok, Vincent Kok, Yang Mi, Xu Zheng, Kristal Tin
Roles Sam
Rating67% 3.3948653.3948653.3948653.3948653.394865
Five months after the events in Love in a Puff, Jimmy was under a high pressure in working hours and workload, Cherie was dissatisfied with it and decided to move back to live with her parents. After they broke up, Jimmy followed his job development to Beijing, and therefore he was recognised by stewardess You-you Shang on the flight, and developed a romantic relationship.
Lost in Thailand, 1h45
Directed by Xu Zheng
Genres Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Actors Xu Zheng, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰), Tao Hong
Roles Xu Lang
Rating62% 3.101893.101893.101893.101893.10189
The story begins with a scientist, Xu Lang (Xu Zheng), who invented a solution (youba, lit. Oil Master, translated as "Supergas") which has the power of increasing the volume of any liquid to which the solution is applied. Such a solution implies great potential profitability if applied to gasoline or any precious liquid. However, he needs the authorization of Mr. Zhou, the biggest shareholder, in order to get further funding from an investment fund. Gao Bo (Huang Bo), who was the classmate of Xu in college and his partner at the workplace, wants to sell the invention to a French company instead.