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The Profane Exhibit is a film of genre Horror directed by José Mojica Marins released in USA on 21 august 2022 with Eihi Shiina

The Profane Exhibit (2022)

The Profane Exhibit
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Released in USA 21 august 2022
Genres Horror
Rating35% 1.7643951.7643951.7643951.7643951.764395

The Profane Exhibit is a 2013 anthology horror film.


Eihi Shiina

(Hell Chef (segment "The Hell Chef"))
Caroline Williams

(Lucy (segment "Basement"))
Monique Parent

Clint Howard

(Bob (segment "Basement"))
Tina Krause

(Rave Girl)
Norman England

(Earlier Victim (segment "The Hell Chef"))
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Perversion (1979)
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Vitório Palestrina is a playboy millionaire who passes his days sleeping with, abusing and discarding the local women in a small village. After seducing a young woman, Silvia, he brutally rapes her, biting off one of her nipples in the process. He keeps the nipple in a glass case as a sort of trophy. When his actions become public knowledge, he is actually admired for what he has done, while his victim is ostracized and tormented by the townspeople.
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