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Eric Balfour is a Actor American born on 24 april 1977 at Los Angeles (USA)

Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour
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Birth name Eric Salter Balfour
Nationality USA
Birth 24 april 1977 (47 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Eric Salter Balfour (born April 24, 1977) is an American actor and singer. He is the lead singer of Born As Ghosts, formerly known as Fredalba. His roles include Milo Pressman on the action-thriller TV series 24 and Duke Crocker in the supernatural series Haven.


Eric Balfour est né à Los Angeles, Californie. Il est le fils de David Balfour, un chiropraticien et Sharon Balfour (née Salter), qui travaille comme conseillère matrimoniale et familiale. Il a une sœur plus jeune, Tori.

En 1991, Eric Balfour commence sa carrière à l'âge de 15 ans en participant à la série de chansons et de danse Kids Incorporated.

Il a ensuite participé à d'autres séries comme Notre belle famille, Docteur Quinn, femme médecin, Incorrigible Cory, Buffy contre les vampires, Dawson, Nash Bridges, À la Maison-Blanche, Chicago Hope et New York Police Blues.

En 2000, il est dans le film Ce que veulent les femmes de Nancy Meyers, au côté de Mel Gibson et Helen Hunt.

De 2001 à 2003, il incarne Gabe dans la série télévisée lauréate d'un Golden Globes Six Feet Under d'Alan Ball. Également en 2001 puis en 2007, il a interprété le rôle de Milo Pressman dans la première et sixième saison de 24 heures chrono.

En 2003, il fait une apparition remarquée au cinéma avec le rôle de Kemper dans le film Massacre à la tronçonneuse de Marcus Nispel, au côté de Jessica Biel et Jonathan Tucker.

En 2005, il participe au film In Her Shoes de Curtis Hanson, avec Cameron Diaz.

En 2008, il tient le rôle de Comanche / Bix dans Hell Ride de Larry Bishop, présenté par Quentin Tarantino puis enchaîne avec The Spirit de Frank Miller. La même année, il apparaît dans le clip Yes We Can.

De 2010 à 2015, il incarne Duke Crocker dans la série télévisée Haven.

En 2011, il tient le temps de 2 épisodes le rôle de Lucas Winnick dans la série No Ordinary Family.

Par ailleurs, Eric Balfour fait partie du groupe Born as Ghosts.

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Larry Bishop
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Billy Crystal
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Colin Strause
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Frank Miller
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Manson Girls
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Estella Warren, Monica Keena, Tania Raymonde, Eric Balfour, Taryn Manning, Ron Jeremy
Roles Bobby Beausoleil

Charles Manson, un gourou diabolique entreprend de convertir des jeunes filles à ses idées.
Backcountry, 1h32
Directed by Adam MacDonald
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Actors Missy Peregrym, Eric Balfour, Nicholas Campbell, Jeff Roop
Roles Brad
Rating59% 2.998862.998862.998862.998862.99886
Alex (Jeff Roop) and Jenn (Missy Peregrym) are seen leaving the city in their SUV headed toward backcountry area. Jenn is seen throughout the beginning glued to her cellphone. They arrive at the visitor center and are greeted by the park ranger (Nicholas Campbell). Alex tells him they have a reservation and will be leaving Monday. When asked if they need a trail map, Alex claims he's been here more than enough to head the adventure without a trail map thus leaving the center without one. As the couple prepares for their backpacking trip, Alex sees that Jenn has packed her cellphone on the left side pocket of her backpack. Later the audience finds out that he takes it out and leaves it in their car.
Cell 213
Cell 213 (2011)

Directed by Stephen T. Kay
Origin Canada
Genres Horror
Actors Eric Balfour, Michael Rooker, Bruce Greenwood, Conrad Coates, Tamara Gorski, Rob Ramsay
Roles Michael Grey
Rating49% 2.468212.468212.468212.468212.46821
Lawyer Michael Grey (Balfour) is summoned to an isolated prison to defend a murderer. When the murderer violently kills himself during their interview, all eyes are on Grey and he is soon sentenced in the same prison, South River State Penitentiary. Forced to deal with a sadistic guard (Rooker) and an enigmatic Warden (Greenwood) and locked in Cell 213, the same as the murderer who put him in prison, God and the devil battle for Grey's soul.
The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy
Genres Action, Adventure, Historical, Western
Actors Eric Balfour, Lou Taylor Pucci, Henry Thomas, James Lafferty, Jenna Dewan, Summer Glau
Roles Will Edwards
Rating41% 2.0712252.0712252.0712252.0712252.071225
Au fin fond de l'Ouest américain, peu après la guerre civile, un chasseur de prime, un cowboy irlandais et un jeune criminel font équipe pour retrouver le trésor de John Wilkes Booth. Essayant de survivre et de semer leurs poursuivants, les trois hommes forgent leur légende.
Hell Ride
Hell Ride (2010)
, 1h24
Directed by Larry Bishop
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Themes Transport films, Motocyclette, Road movies
Actors Michael Madsen, Larry Bishop, David Carradine, Dennis Hopper, Eric Balfour, Vinnie Jones
Roles Comanche / Bix
Rating50% 2.501922.501922.501922.501922.50192
Biker Pistolero (Larry Bishop) is the leader, or "Prez," of the Victors, a Southern California motorcycle gang. He has two faithful lieutenants, The Gent (Michael Madsen) and Comanche (Eric Balfour).
Skyline (2010)
, 1h33
Directed by Brett Ratner, Colin Strause
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Themes La fin du monde, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Disaster films, American disaster films
Actors Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Brittany Daniel, Donald Faison, David Zayas, Neil Hopkins
Roles Jarrod
Rating45% 2.25432.25432.25432.25432.2543
Jarrod and his girlfriend Elaine have flown to Los Angeles for Jarrod's best friend Terry's birthday party. They celebrate with Terry's wife, Candice, and his assistant, Denise. During the party, one of Terry's employees, Ray, welcomes Jarrod to L.A., thinking he has moved there to join Terry's special effects company. During a private argument about whether or not they should move, Elaine reveals she is pregnant.
Dinoshark (2010)
, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about sharks, Natural horror films
Actors Eric Balfour, Aarón Díaz, Roger Corman
Roles Trace McGraw
Rating32% 1.620741.620741.620741.620741.62074
The film opens with a baby dinoshark swimming away from a broken chunk of Arctic glacier that calved due to global warming. Three years later, the dinoshark is a ferocious predatory adult and kills tourists and locals offshore from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The protagonist, Trace, is the first to notice the creature and witnesses his friend getting eaten, but has trouble convincing people that a creature of such antiquity could still exist. After being apparently killed by a grenade, the dinoshark surfaces again, but is killed with a spear through the eye, its only weak spot.
Spread (2009)
, 1h37
Directed by David Mackenzie
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche, Margarita Levieva, Sebastian Stan, Ashley Johnson, Rachel Blanchard
Roles Sean
Rating57% 2.8972552.8972552.8972552.8972552.897255
Narcissistic gigolo Nikki (Ashton Kutcher) lives in Los Angeles, drifting from one relationship to another without a steady job or even a place to live. He preys on women who can provide for him. After meeting Samantha (Anne Heche) at a club he moves in with her, using his looks and sexual prowess to keep her happy.
Horsemen (2009)
, 1h27
Directed by Jonas Åkerlund
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Crime
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Dennis Quaid, Zhang Ziyi, Lou Taylor Pucci, Clifton Collins, Jr., Patrick Fugit, Peter Stormare
Roles Taylor
Rating55% 2.7544552.7544552.7544552.7544552.754455
An older man and his dog are out hunting, when they discover a serving tray on a stand in the middle of a frozen lake. He notices the words "Come and See" painted on several trees as he lifts the lid.
Rise of the Gargoyles, 1h34
Directed by Bill Corcoran
Origin Canada
Genres Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Horror
Actors Eric Balfour, Caroline Néron, Nick Mancuso, Benoît Rousseau
Roles Prof. Jack Randall
Rating38% 1.931791.931791.931791.931791.93179
In Paris, France, two workers find a hidden chamber while digging beneath the Saint Jean André Church. They collect the valuable objects in the area but they are attacked by a creature. Meanwhile, the discredited Professor Jack Randall, who wrote a book about Gargoyles rejected by the experts, is encouraged by his friend Carol Beckham to check the place out. They sneak in the site during the night and while Carol is collecting some artifacts, Jack is recording with his camera. Out of the blue, Jack sees a winged monster coming towards him and he flees from the location with Carol, but breaks his camera. They go to a bar and a huge stone falls over onto his car. Jack takes a cab to his boarding house and Carol is attacked and beheaded by a Gargoyle at her apartment. The next morning, Jack identifies Carol's body and becomes the prime suspect of Inspector Gibert in several murders. Jack decides to seek out the reporter of a sensationalist newspaper, Nicole Ricard, and gives his tape to her cameraman Walsh. When Walsh recovers the badly shaped footage, he shows Nicole and they realize that Jack is not crazy and he had seen a Gargoyle indeed beneath the church. They decide to return to the church to investigate.
The Spirit
The Spirit (2008)
, 1h43
Directed by Frank Miller
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Crime
Themes Superhero films, Super-héros inspiré de comics
Actors Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Johnny Simmons, Eva Mendes, Sarah Paulson
Roles Mahmoud
Rating47% 2.3502152.3502152.3502152.3502152.350215
In a cat-filled mausoleum in Central City, Denny Colt, also known as The Spirit, receives a call from Detective Sussman about a major case that could involve the Spirit's arch-nemesis, The Octopus. The Spirit dons his costume and travels across rooftops while delivering a voice-over soliloquy about the city being his one true love. A woman (Kimberly Cox) is being mugged in an alley below. He manages to save her, receiving a knife wound that he barely seems to notice. The woman asks, "What are you?", with an arriving officer answering, "That's The Spirit". The Spirit runs away, catching a ride from Officer Liebowitz and heading toward the flats.
The Elder Son, 1h27
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Shane West, Leelee Sobieski, Rade Šerbedžija, Eric Balfour, Regina Hall, Joel Moore
Roles Skip
Rating55% 2.782722.782722.782722.782722.78272
Maxim Sarafanov (Rade Šerbedžija) has just been fired from the orchestra he played clarinet in, his son Nikita (Reiley McClendon) is in love with his schoolteacher Susan (Regina Hall) and his daughter Lolita (Leelee Sobieski) is getting married to a US pilot Greg (Brian Geraghty) and leaving home to go to Texas. But things get worse when a small time car thief Bo (Shane West) looking for a hideout from the police tells Maxim that he is his son from Maxim's old girlfriend towards whom he still has feelings.
Protect and Serve
Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Dean Cain, Eric Balfour, Jessica Paré, Monica Potter, Steve Harris, Tamala Jones
Roles Paul Grogan
Rating70% 3.5336753.5336753.5336753.5336753.533675
La vie et le travail d'officiers de la police de Los Angeles.
Lie with Me, 1h33
Directed by Clément Virgo
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Lauren Lee Smith, Eric Balfour, Polly Shannon, Ron White, Mayko Nguyen, Don Francks
Roles David
Rating52% 2.600512.600512.600512.600512.60051
The camera slowly zooms out on a young woman masturbating to a porn tape. She gets up abruptly and goes out to a party, looking for sex. Leila has learned she has some power over men with sex but feels a part of her is still untouched, holding back, despite her assertiveness. Before she can choose a partner for the night she is corraled by David, into a bathroom, while his girlfriend calls through the door. She leaves, but keeps her eye on David as she picks up a shy guy, with whom she has sex against a fence outside as David watches from his car while his girlfriend fellates him. Leila is in complete control of her encounter while David remains completely passive.
Be Cool
Be Cool (2005)
, 1h58
Directed by F. Gary Gray
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Mob film, Crime
Themes Films about music and musicians, Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Musical films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Vince Vaughn, Kenan Thompson, Harvey Keitel, Cedric the Entertainer
Rating55% 2.798932.798932.798932.798932.79893
Chili Palmer (John Travolta) helps Edie Athens (Uma Thurman), the widow of an executed friend, Tommy Athens (James Woods), to resurrect a record company using the talents of young and talented female vocalist and songwriter, Linda Moon (Christina Milian). The plot is complicated by several facts: