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Dennis Hopper is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Second Unit Director and Editor American born on 17 may 1936 at Dodge City (USA)

Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper
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Birth name Dennis Lee Hopper
Nationality USA
Birth 17 may 1936 at Dodge City (USA)
Death 29 may 2010 (at 74 years) at Venice, Los Angeles (USA)
Awards Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres‎

Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010) was an American actor, filmmaker, photographer, and artist. He attended the Actors Studio, making his first television appearance in 1954, and soon after appeared in two films with James Dean. In the next ten years he made a name in television, and by the end of the 1960s had appeared in several films. Hopper also began a prolific and acclaimed photography career in the 1960s.

In 1969 Hopper directed and starred in Easy Rider, winning an award at the Cannes Film Festival, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay as co-writer. Journalist Ann Hornaday wrote: "With its portrait of counterculture heroes raising their middle fingers to the uptight middle-class hypocrisies, Easy Rider became the cinematic symbol of the 1960s, a celluloid anthem to freedom, macho bravado and anti-establishment rebellion." Film critic Matthew Hays notes that, "no other persona better signifies the lost idealism of the 1960s than that of Dennis Hopper."

Hopper was unable to build on his success for several years, until the fame brought by his role as the American Photojournalist in Apocalypse Now (1979). He then appeared in Rumble Fish (1983) and The Osterman Weekend (1983), and received critical recognition for his acting in Blue Velvet and Hoosiers, with the latter film garnering him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In 1988 he directed Colors, and in the following years played the eponymous lead character in Paris Trout. He played numerous villains including: Speed (1994), King Koopa in Super Mario Bros. (1993) and in Waterworld (1995). Hopper also played heroes, such as John Canyon in Space Truckers.

Hopper's later work included a leading role in the television series Crash. His last performance was filmed just before his death: The Last Film Festival, originally slated for a 2011 release.


According to Rolling Stone magazine, Hopper was "one of Hollywood's most notorious drug addicts" for 20 years. He spent much of the 1970s and early 1980s living as an "outcast" in a small town after the success of Easy Rider. Hopper was also "notorious for his troubled relationships with women," including Michelle Phillips, who divorced him after eight days of marriage. Hopper was married five times in total — he was in the process of divorcing Victoria Duffy, his wife of 14 years, at the time of his death — and was survived by:

Brooke Hayward (b. 1937), married 1961 – divorced 1969, 1 child, daughter Marin Hopper (b. 1962)
Michelle Phillips (b. 1944); married 31 October 1970 – divorced 8 November 1970
Daria Halprin (b. 1948); married 1972 – divorced 1976, 1 child, daughter Ruthanna Hopper (b. 1974)
Katherine LaNasa (b. 1966); married June 17, 1989 – divorced April 1992, 1 child, son Henry Lee Hopper (b. 1990)
Victoria Duffy (b. 1968); married April 13, 1996 – separated January 12, 2010, 1 child, daughter Galen Grier Hopper (b. 2003)
Hopper has two granddaughters, Violet Goldstone and Ella Brill.

He was the cousin of Perry Mason co-star William Hopper.

In 1999, Rip Torn filed a defamation lawsuit against Hopper over a story Hopper told on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Hopper claimed that Torn pulled a knife on him during pre-production of the film Easy Rider. According to Hopper, Torn was originally cast in the film but was replaced with Jack Nicholson after the incident. According to Torn's suit, it was actually Hopper who pulled the knife on him. A judge ruled in Torn's favor and Hopper was ordered to pay $475,000 in damages. Hopper then appealed but the judge again ruled in Torn's favor and Hopper was required to pay another $475,000 in punitive damages.

According to Newsmeat, Hopper donated $2,000 to the Republican National Committee in 2004 and an equal amount in 2005.

Hopper was honored with the rank of commander of France's National Order of Arts and Letters, at a ceremony in Paris.

Hopper supported Barack Obama in the 2008 US Presidential election. Hopper confirmed this in an election day appearance on the ABC daytime show The View. He said his reason for not voting Republican was the selection of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

Divorce from Victoria Duffy
On January 14, 2010, Hopper filed for divorce from his fifth wife Victoria Duffy. After citing her "outrageous conduct" and stating Duffy was "insane", "inhuman" and "volatile", Hopper was granted a restraining order against her on February 11, 2010, and as a result, she was forbidden to come within 10 feet (3 m) of him or contact him. On March 9, 2010, Duffy refused to move out of the Hopper home, despite the court's order that she do so by March 15.

On March 23, 2010, he filed papers in court alleging Duffy had absconded with $1.5 million of his art, refused his requests to return it, and then had "left town".

On April 5, 2010, a court ruled that Duffy could continue living on Hopper's property, and that he must pay $12,000 per month spousal and child support for their daughter Galen. Hopper did not attend the hearing. On May 12, 2010, a hearing was held before Judge Amy Pellman in downtown Los Angeles Superior Court. Though Hopper died two weeks later, Duffy insisted at the hearing that he was well enough to be deposed. The hearing also dealt with who to designate on Hopper's life insurance policy, which listed his wife as a beneficiary. A very ill Hopper did not appear in court though his estranged wife did – case BD518046. Despite Duffy's bid to be named the sole beneficiary of Hopper's million-dollar policy, the judge ruled against her and limited her claim to one-quarter of the policy. The remaining $750,000 was to go to his estate.

On November 14, 2010, it was revealed that, despite Duffy's earlier assertion in her court papers of February 2010 that Hopper was mentally incompetent, and that his children had rewritten his estate plan in order to leave Duffy and her daughter, Hopper's youngest child Galen, destitute, Galen would in fact receive the proceeds of 40% of his estate.

Best films

Speed (1994)
Waterworld (1995)
Easy Rider (1969)
Alpha and Omega (2010)
Giant (1956)
True Grit (1969)

Usually with

Peter Fonda
Peter Fonda
(7 films)
Bob Rafelson
Bob Rafelson
(5 films)
Toni Basil
Toni Basil
(4 films)
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The Last Film Festival
Directed by Linda Yellen
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Dennis Hopper, Chris Kattan, Jacqueline Bisset, Donnell Rawlings, Leelee Sobieski, JoBeth Williams
Roles Nick Twain - Producer
Rating36% 1.8023651.8023651.8023651.8023651.802365
Un obscur festival de cinéma est le dernier espoir du producteur d'un mauvais film …
Hell Ride
Hell Ride (2010)
, 1h24
Directed by Larry Bishop
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Themes Transport films, Motocyclette, Road movies
Actors Michael Madsen, Larry Bishop, David Carradine, Dennis Hopper, Eric Balfour, Vinnie Jones
Roles Eddie Zero
Rating50% 2.5017652.5017652.5017652.5017652.501765
Biker Pistolero (Larry Bishop) is the leader, or "Prez," of the Victors, a Southern California motorcycle gang. He has two faithful lieutenants, The Gent (Michael Madsen) and Comanche (Eric Balfour).
Alpha and Omega, 1h29
Directed by Anthony Bell, Ben Gluck
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Genres Thriller, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, Romance
Themes Films about animals, Film d'animation mettant en scène un animal, Wolves in film, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Dennis Hopper, Danny Glover, Chris Carmack, Christine Lakin
Roles Tony (voice)
Rating51% 2.5635552.5635552.5635552.5635552.563555
In Canada's Jasper National Park, Kate begins Alpha school with her father and grows up as a fully trained Alpha, but on her first hunt she crosses paths with two wolves from the Eastern pack who are lacking food in their own territory and nearly start a war. The two packs have had a bitter rivalry ever since Tony commanded the Eastern wolves to cross over into Western territory (against pack law) to get sufficient food. Winston and Tony meet up one night and arrange for Kate to marry Garth (Chris Carmack), Tony's son. Kate, having a sense of responsibility and duty, agrees for the good of the pack and meets Garth at the Howling Rock.
Alpha and Omega
Directed by Anthony Bell, Ben Gluck, Richard Rich
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Romance
Themes Wolves in film
Actors Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Dennis Hopper, Benjamin Diskin, Christina Ricci, Kate Higgins
Roles Tony (voice)
Rating51% 2.5635552.5635552.5635552.5635552.563555
Deux loups sont capturés et emmenés à des milliers de kilomètres de chez eux. Bien déterminés à retrouver leur meute, ils devront surmonter leurs différences, entamer un périple semé d'embuches et trouver l'amour au passage...
No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos, 1h44
Origin USA
Genres Documentary
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the visual arts, Documentary films about the film industry, Documentaire sur une personnalité
Actors Dennis Hopper, Peter Bogdanovich, Sharon Stone, John Boorman, Karen Black, Sandra Bullock
Roles Self
Rating77% 3.8616953.8616953.8616953.8616953.861695
This documentary traces the careers of cinematographers László Kovács and Vilmos Zsigmond. These lifelong friends are Hungarian expatriates who had been studying cinematography in Hungary and defected following the 1956 Soviet invasion. Coincidentally, they also photographed many of the tumultuous events during the invasion.
An American Carol, 1h23
Directed by David Zucker
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Christmas films, Politique, Time travel films, Ghost films, Political films
Actors Kevin P. Farley, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, Robert Davi, Dennis Hopper, Leslie Nielsen
Roles Judge Clarence Henderson
Rating40% 2.002922.002922.002922.002922.00292
Left-wing activist and filmmaker Michael Malone (Kevin Farley), a parody of Michael Moore, campaigns to end the celebration of the Fourth of July holiday. Malone holds pronounced anti-American views and truculently argues that America's past and present are both offensive, and therefore should not be celebrated.
Elegy (2008)
, 1h48
Directed by Isabel Coixet
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality
Actors Penélope Cruz, Ben Kingsley, Dennis Hopper, Patricia Clarkson, Peter Sarsgaard, Debbie Harry
Roles George O'Hearn
Rating66% 3.3475253.3475253.3475253.3475253.347525
David Kepesh is a cultural critic and professor, in a state of 'emancipated manhood': His relationships with women are usually casual, brief and sexual in nature. Previously married, he has a son who has never forgiven him for leaving his mother. His friend, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet George O'Hearn, suggests that he "bifurcate" his life: have conversations and enjoy art with a wife, and "keep the sex just for sex". David is also in a casual 20-year relationship with Caroline, another former student.
Palermo Shooting, 2h4
Directed by Wim Wenders
Origin German
Genres Drama
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Dennis Hopper, Lou Reed, Milla Jovovich, Inga Busch, Jana Pallaske
Roles Frank
Rating60% 3.0499253.0499253.0499253.0499253.049925
The film follows a German photographer (played by Campino, singer of German punk band Die Toten Hosen) who comes to Palermo because he needs to make a clean break from his past. In the city, he meets a young woman (Mezzogiorno) and a completely different way of life.
Bananaz (2008)
, 1h32
Genres Documentary, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Documentary films about music and musicians, Documentaire sur une personnalité, Musical films
Actors Jamie Hewlett, Dennis Hopper, Phil Cornwell, Haruka Kuroda
Roles Narrator (voice)
Rating73% 3.674543.674543.674543.674543.67454
Un documentaire sur le groupe de dessin animé énigmatique, Gorillaz. De 2000 à 2006, la réalisatrice Ceri Levy a filmé les créateurs dans les coulisses, révélant les premiers dessins, animations et musiques, et suivi l'évolution du groupe jusqu'à l'album Demon Days.
Chelsea on the Rocks, 1h28
Directed by Abel Ferrara
Origin USA
Genres Documentary
Themes Documentary films about cities
Actors Miloš Forman, Ethan Hawke, Grace Jones, Gaby Hoffmann, Dennis Hopper, Giancarlo Esposito
Roles Himself
Rating60% 3.002453.002453.002453.002453.00245
Abel Ferrara rend hommage au Chelsea Hotel de New York, nous emmène dans un fascinant voyage au coeur d'un lieu légendaire qui abrita des personnalités hors du commun telles que Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin ou encore Stanley Kubrick... Traversant les époques, le réalisateur culte de Bad Lieutenant livre un témoignage passionné, délirant dans les coulisses de ce lieu mythique.