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Liu Ye is a Actor Chinois born on 23 march 1978 at Jilin City (Chine)

Liu Ye

Liu Ye
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Nationality Chine
Birth 23 march 1978 (46 years) at Jilin City (Chine)

Liu Ye (born March 23, 1978) is a Chinese actor.


Liu married French (of Jewish descent) photographer Anais Martane in Beijing on July 5, 2009. Their first child, a son named Nuoyi, was born on October 10, 2010 in France.

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Lu Chuan
Lu Chuan
(3 films)
Chow Yun-fat
Chow Yun-fat
(4 films)
Dai Sijie
Dai Sijie
(2 films)
Jiang Wenli
Jiang Wenli
(1 films)
Chen Jianbin
Chen Jianbin
(4 films)
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Filmography of Liu Ye (30 films)

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Air Strike
Air Strike (2018)

Origin Chine
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure
Themes Political films
Actors Bruce Willis, Song Seung-heon, Nicholas Tse, Liu Ye, Adrien Brody, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰)
Roles Xue Gangtou
Rating32% 1.640031.640031.640031.640031.64003
Set in 1943 during the World War II, the story revolves around the Japanese bombings on Chinese city Chongqing, which started in 1938.
Night Peacock
Directed by Dai Sijie
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Leon Lai, Liu Yifei, Liu Ye
Roles Ma Jianmin
Rating42% 2.1200952.1200952.1200952.1200952.120095
The film is set in Chengdu, China and in France.
Saving Mr. Wu, 1h46
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Andy Lau, Liu Ye, Lam Suet, Ma Sichun, Jackie Chan
Roles Xing Feng
Rating65% 3.2935453.2935453.2935453.2935453.293545
Ruthless criminal Zhang Hua (Wang Qianyuan) and his gang impersonate as police officers to abduct wealthy businessmen. Setting a trap outside a Beijing karaoke club, they hit the jackpot with Hong Kong film star Mr Wu (Andy Lau), forcing him into their car on the pretext of being investigated for a hit-and-run.
The Monkey King, 1h59
Directed by Soi Cheang
Origin Chine
Genres Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Martial arts
Themes Films based on mythology, Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Donnie Yen, Chow Yun-fat, Aaron Kwok, Joe Chen, Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung
Rating49% 2.4641352.4641352.4641352.4641352.464135
The film is based on selected chapters of Wu Cheng'en's classical novel Journey to the West and will tell the story of how the Monkey King rebels against the Jade Emperor of Heaven.
The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel, 1h48
Genres Comedy, Action
Themes Political films
Actors Liu Ye, Chie Tanaka, Liang Jing
Roles The Chef
Rating56% 2.812362.812362.812362.812362.81236
The film is set in China in the 1940s during the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Imperial Japanese Army's Unit 731 conducts experiments on biological weapons by releasing cholera in Beiping, but that inadvertently hinders their advance because their troops are at risk of being infected as well. They block off all access to the city and secretly summon two scientists to handle the situation. The virus spreads outside the city while the people inside the city suffer from hunger.
Police Story 2013, 1h48
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Jackie Chan, Liu Ye, Yin Tao, Jing Tian, Aaron Aziz, Zhang Lanxin
Roles Wu Jiang
Rating59% 2.9501052.9501052.9501052.9501052.950105
Detective Zhong Wen heads to Wu Bar in search of his estranged daughter, Miao Miao, who is now the girlfriend of the nightclub's owner, Wu Jiang. However, Zhong disapproves of Miao's relationship, which leads to an argument between the father and daughter. Before Zhong can make amends with Miao, he is struck in the head by an unnamed assailant, in a plot orchestrated by Wu.
The Last Supper, 1h50
Directed by Lu Chuan
Origin Chine
Genres Action, Historical
Actors Liu Ye, Chang Chen, Daniel Wu
Roles Liu Bang
Rating58% 2.90532.90532.90532.90532.9053
The story is told in flashbacks from the point of view of a 61-year-old Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han dynasty. Liu Bang has been experiencing nightmares and living in fear and apprehension as he constantly suspects that someone is trying to kill him. In his whole life, he has been afraid of only two persons: Xiang Yu, who fought with him for supremacy over China after the fall of the Qin dynasty; Han Xin, a man who previously served Xiang Yu, but later became a general under him, and helped him defeat Xiang Yu. Liu Bang then reflects on key events in his life, such as the Feast at Hong Gate and the Battle of Gaixia.
Beginning of the Great Revival, 1h58
Directed by Lu Chuan, Li Shaohong
Genres Drama, War, Action, Historical
Actors Liu Ye, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰), Chen Kun, John Woo, Daniel Wu, Zhou Jie
Roles Mao Zedong
Rating31% 1.5575051.5575051.5575051.5575051.557505
During the early 20th century, China is marked by political disunity and a handful of individuals, including Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao, and Zhou Enlai, envision a unified China, especially in the political crises that followed the 1911 Xinhai Revolution, which ended centuries of dynastic rule in the country. After World War I, the Western Allies give Tsingtao and Kiaochow Bay to the Empire of Japan at the Treaty of Versailles, stirring sentiments amongst China's youth, leading to the May Fourth Movement of 1919. In March 1920, Grigori Voitinsky comes to China in an attempt to spread communism to the Far East and, on 22 July 1921, 13 representatives from throughout China meet in a Shanghai's women's dormitory to found what would become the Chinese Communist Party.
Underdog Knight 2, 1h26
Genres Action, Crime
Actors Liu Ye, Vincent Chiao
Roles Lao San / Wang Tao
Rating60% 3.0230053.0230053.0230053.0230053.023005
A Beautiful Life, 2h4
Directed by Andrew Lau
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Shu Qi, Liu Ye, Anthony Wong, Andrew Lin Hoi
Roles Fang Zhen Dong
Rating65% 3.292963.292963.292963.292963.29296
A real-estate agent Li Peiru (Shu Qi) gets drunk at a karaoke bar and throws up on a lonely cop Fang Zhendong (Liu Ye). Zhendong quickly feels a connection to the flirtatious Peiru despite the fact that she's having an affair with her married boss. The affair ends with Peiru finding out that her boss has been cheating on her.
Driverless (2010)
, 1h45
Directed by Zhang Yang
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan, Li Xiaoran, Chen Jianbin
Roles Zhi Xiong
Rating59% 2.956272.956272.956272.956272.95627
Driverless is about three love stories that are intertwined by a car accident.
City of Life and Death, 2h15
Directed by Lu Chuan
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Political films
Actors Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan, John Paisley, Sam Voutas, Jiang Yiyan, Junichi Kajioka
Roles Lu Jianxiong
Rating76% 3.8462053.8462053.8462053.8462053.846205
City of Life and Death is set in 1937, shortly after the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Imperial Japanese Army has just captured Nanjing (or Nanking), capital of the Republic of China. What followed is historically known as the Nanking Massacre, a period of several weeks wherein massive numbers of Chinese prisoners-of-war and civilians were killed by the Japanese military.
The Founding of a Republic, 2h18
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Tang Guoqiang, Donnie Yen, Zhang Guoli, Xu Qing, Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi
Roles Old Red Army soldiers
Rating49% 2.455332.455332.455332.455332.45533
In 1945 after the end of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Mao Zedong and members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) travel to Chongqing for a meeting with Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang (KMT). With help from the China Democratic League, the Double Tenth Agreement is signed between the KMT and CPC, with both sides agreeing to stop the civil war and to establish a multi-party government in China.