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Michael Nouri is a Actor American born on 9 december 1945 at Washington, D.C. (USA)

Michael Nouri

Michael Nouri
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Nationality USA
Birth 9 december 1945 (78 years) at Washington, D.C. (USA)

Michael Nouri (born December 9, 1945) is an American television and film actor. He may be best known for his role as Nick Hurley, in the 1983 film Flashdance. He has had recurring roles in numerous television series, including NCIS as Eli David, the father of Mossad officer (now Special Agent) Ziva David, The O.C. as Dr. Neil Roberts, and Damages as Phil Grey. He also appeared as Congressman Stewart with Queen Latifah in the 2006 comedy movie Last Holiday and Detective Thomas Beck in the science fiction action film The Hidden.

Best films

Flashdance (1983)

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Woman Walks Ahead, 1h41
Directed by Susanna White
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical, Western
Actors Jessica Chastain, Michael Greyeyes, Sam Rockwell, Ciarán Hinds, Michael Nouri, Chaske Spencer
Roles Karl Valentine (uncredited)
Rating66% 3.349293.349293.349293.349293.34929
Dans les années 1890, Caroline Weldon , peintre américaine, se rend dans le territoire du Dakota pour faire le portrait de Sitting Bull.
Taken Away
Taken Away (2014)
, 2h
Genres Drama
Actors Chelsea Ricketts, Julie Warner, Michael Nouri, Lisa Sheridan, Jake Thomas, Elizabeth Ann Bennett
Roles Senator Worthington
Rating49% 2.45492.45492.45492.45492.4549
Fille du sénateur conservateur, George Worthington, Vicky tombe enceinte à 17 ans. Cette nouvelle peut porter ombrage à la brillante carrière de son père. A la naissance du bébé, ce dernier décide de confier la petite Rachel à une agence spécialisée. A Los Angeles, Sarah et Richard adoptent une petite fille qu'ils appellent Julia. Quelques années plus tard, Victoria rencontre Lucas et lui avoue que son père lui a « volé » son bébé.
Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer, 1h27
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Amanda Schull, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Michael Nouri, Gina Gershon, James Avery, Anne Ramsay
Roles Galen Anderson
Rating55% 2.757272.757272.757272.757272.75727
Une avocate voit sa vie basculer quand son père, juge à la retraite, est soupçonné d'être un terrible tueur en série : elle décide de le défendre, et enquête.
Any Day Now, 1h37
Directed by Travis Fine
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Films about disabilities, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Alan Cumming, Garret Dillahunt, Gregg Henry, Jamie Anne Allman, Chris Mulkey, Don Franklin
Roles Miles Dubrow
Rating73% 3.6960653.6960653.6960653.6960653.696065
Rudy Donatello (Alan Cumming) is a struggling musician and drag performer in a gay nightclub in 1979 West Hollywood, where he meets Paul Fleiger (Garret Dillahunt) , a closeted district attorney. Returning home to his apartment, Rudy finds Marco (Isaac Leyva), a 14-year-old with Down syndrome, left alone after his mother, Marianna (Jamie Ann Allman), had been arrested. Rudy takes in the abandoned boy, but Family Services intervenes and takes Marco to foster care. Rudy enlists Paul to help him gain custody of Marco; and the two visit Marianna in prison to coax her into signing the temporary guardianship papers, which she does. All is well as Rudy and Paul become Marco's guardians; but, when Rudy and Paul's relationship is called into question by the court system, the two men find themselves spiraling into a legal battle to become the legal and permanent guardians of the fascinating boy who showed them both the real joy of what it means to be a parent. After having their home (Marco's living environment) evaluated, the men are put in front of a judge (Frances Fisher) who is to decide what's best for the child. The evaluation comes back positive, and it is decided that Rudy and Paul are great parents for Marco. However, just as the court is about to rule in favor of the men, Marco's mother is released from prison. She takes back custody of Marco, leaving Rudy and Paul without their son. Marco is heard saying as he is taken back to his mother's apartment, "this is not my home, this is not my home." As expected, Marianna returns to her old ways (using drugs, sleeping around, etc.) and fails to take care of Marco. One night as she is having sex, Marianna tells Marco to step outside of the apartment. Marco begins to wander the streets in search of Paul's house (his true home). However, Marco is unable to find the house and dies outside, alone. The movie ends with a letter/monologue from Paul. The letter, which contained Marco's obituary, was sent to all who doubted the couple as Marco's parents. The hope was for them to realize the mistake they made that ended in this boy's untimely death.
Dark Desire, 1h25
Directed by Armand Mastroianni
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Crime
Actors Kelly Lynch, Michael Nouri, Mika Sue Boorem, Robert Amico, John Laughlin, Nia Peeples
Roles Phil
Rating47% 2.3730752.3730752.3730752.3730752.373075
Le jour de son entrée à l'Université, Shane rencontre Brandon, son camarade de chambre et membre de son équipe de lutte. Très vite, ils deviennent très amis, au point de Brandon emmène Shane chez lui pour le week-end. Tout se passe très bien entre les deux colocataires jusqu’à ce qu'un autre membre de l'équipe fasse sous-entendre à Shane que Brandon se lient d'amitié très rapidement pour ensuite très rapidement oublier ses amis. Cela rappelle à Shane ce que son père lui répétait constamment qu'il « ne ferait rien de sa vie » et qu'il était « un bon à rien ». Shane se met alors à douter et commence à espionner Brandon, notamment en installant un logiciel espion sur son ordinateur. Lorsque Brandon s'en rend compte, il est furieux et décide de déménager. Puis, un jour alors que Brandon part en randonnée, Shane le rattrape et ils se disputent. Brandon tombe dans un ravin et alors que Shane a l'occasion de lui sauver la vie, il le laisse tomber après lui avoir demandé si son colocataire a parlé de leur différend à ses parents, ce qu'il n'avait pas fait. Shane décide alors d'aller à l'enterrement puis va voir les parents de Brandon qui décident de l'héberger. Rapidement, une relation amoureuse se développe entre Caren, la mère de Brandon, et Shane.
The Proposal, 1h48
Directed by Anne Fletcher
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, Malin Åkerman, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson
Roles Chairman Bergen
Rating68% 3.403043.403043.403043.403043.40304
Margaret Tate is an executive editor in chief of a book publishing company. After learning she is about to be deported to Canada because she violated the terms of her work visa, she persuades her assistant, Andrew Paxton, to marry her. She reminds Andrew that if she's deported, the work he put in as her assistant will be lost, and he'll be set back in his dream to become an editor. Mr. Gilbertson, a U.S. immigration agent, informs them that he suspects they are committing fraud to avoid Margaret's deportation. Gilbertson tells them that they'll be asked questions about each other separately. If their answers don't match, Margaret will be deported to Canada permanently and Andrew will be convicted of a felony punishable by a $250,000 fine and five years in prison. Andrew insists that Margaret make him an editor after their marriage and publish the book he's been recommending to her. Margaret agrees.
Invincible (2006)
, 1h44
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Themes Sports films, American football films, Children's films
Actors Mark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear, Elizabeth Banks, Kevin Conway, Michael Rispoli, Kirk Acevedo
Roles Mr. Tose
Rating69% 3.499883.499883.499883.499883.49988
During the 1970s decade, chaos reigns in the city of Philadelphia as southern portions of the city protest the shutdown of several job sites while their NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, endures a string of losing seasons plus irate fans.
Last Holiday, 1h52
Directed by Wayne Wang
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Actors Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Timothy Hutton, Gérard Depardieu, Alicia Witt, Giancarlo Esposito
Roles Congressman Stewart
Rating66% 3.305483.305483.305483.305483.30548
Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah), an employee in the cookware department at Kragen's Department Store in New Orleans, is a shy, unassuming woman who longs to cook professionally, and who records her dreams of a better life in a journal labeled "Possibilities." It is the Christmas holiday season. While flirting with a co-worker Sean Williams (LL Cool J), she bumps her head on a cabinet door and is taken to the store's health center for a CAT scan. There she is told by company physician Dr. Gupta (Ranjit Chowdhry) she has several brain tumors resulting from a rare neurological disorder called Lampington's Disease. Since her HMO plan will not cover the exorbitant cost of an operation, Georgia resigns herself to the fact she has only a few weeks to live, quits her job, liquidates her assets, and sets off on a dream vacation at the deluxe Grandhotel Pupp in the spa city of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.
Boynton Beach Club, 1h44
Directed by Susan Seidelman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Brenda Vaccaro, Dyan Cannon, Joseph Bologna, Michael Nouri, Sally Kellerman, Len Cariou
Roles Donald
Rating64% 3.244353.244353.244353.244353.24435
Marilyn (Brenda Vaccaro) is a woman unexpectedly plunged into grief when her otherwise healthy husband is killed by a woman (Renée Taylor) backing her car out of a driveway. She is introduced to the Boynton Beach Bereavement Club by Lois (Dyan Cannon), a talkative and flirtatious decorator who also serves as the club's unofficial social director.
The Terminal, 2h1
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about alcoholism, Films about immigration, Transport films, La précarité, Aviation films, Films about language and translation
Actors Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stanley Tucci, Barry Shabaka Henley, Kumar Pallana, Diego Luna
Roles Max
Rating73% 3.699543.699543.699543.699543.69954
Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks), a traveler from the nation of Krakozhia, arrives at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, only to find that his passport is suddenly no longer valid due to the outbreak of a civil war in his homeland. As a result, the United States no longer recognizes Krakozhia as a sovereign nation, and he is not permitted to either enter the country or return home as he is now stateless. Due to his inability to communicate in proper English, US Customs and Border Protection seizes his passport and airline ticket.
High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story, 1h50
Genres Drama, Biography, Action
Actors Michael Imperioli, Michael Nouri, Pat Morita, Steve Schirripa, Vincent Van Patten, Todd Susman
Roles Vincent
Rating60% 3.00093.00093.00093.00093.0009
High Roller is told in flashback. Ungar (Michael Imperioli), in a motel room on the last night of his life, relates his personal story to a stranger (Michael Pasternak). He speaks of growing up as the son of a bookie, his career as a tournament gin player, moving into poker, his marriage and the birth of his daughter Stefanie, cocaine abuse, and the breakup of his marriage. The film climaxes with Ungar's third victory at the main event of the World Series of Poker a year before his passing. In the final scene, Ungar departs the motel room with the stranger (who apparently represents Death).