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Richard Schaal is a Actor born on 5 may 1928

Richard Schaal

Richard Schaal
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Birth 5 may 1928
Death 4 november 2014 (at 86 years)

Richard Schaal (/ˈʃɑːl/; May 5, 1928 – November 4, 2014) was an American film and television actor from Chicago, Illinois.

He was married to actress Valerie Harper from 1964 to 1978. His daughter is actress Wendy Schaal by his first marriage to Lois (née Treacy).

In 1962, he joined Chicago's Second City, becoming skilled in sketch and improvisational comedy. He had a recurring role in Just Our Luck. He was featured in several episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show (where he played no fewer than four different characters, Howard Arnell, his brother Paul, Chuckles the Clown and Dino), The Bob Newhart Show (as Chuck Brock), Rhoda (as Charlie Burke) and Phyllis (as Leo Heatherton).

Schaal died on November 4, 2014, in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, aged 86. No cause of death was provided.

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Once Bitten, 1h34
Directed by Howard Storm
Origin USA
Genres Fantastic, Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror, Romance
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Films about sexuality, Vampires in film, Comedy horror films, Films about virginity
Actors Lauren Hutton, Jim Carrey, Cleavon Little, Karen Kopins, Megan Mullaly, Richard Schaal
Roles Mr. Kendall
Rating56% 2.801892.801892.801892.801892.80189
Being 400 years old, the Countess has collected a stable of young men and women who accompany her on her centuries-old journey through eternal night-and youth. While she is immortal, she is required to drink the blood of a young male virgin three times by Halloween each year to keep her immortality and youthful appearance - a task she finds increasingly and extremely hard, since attractive young male virgins are almost impossible to find in the 1980s, particularly in hedonistic cities, in this case, Los Angeles.
The Hollywood Knights, 1h31
Directed by Floyd Mutrux
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Robert Wuhl, Tony Danza, Fran Drescher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Leigh French, Joyce Hyser
Roles Nevans
Rating61% 3.098953.098953.098953.098953.09895
On Halloween night in 1965, a group of high school pranksters – the Hollywood Knights – are enraged by the Beverly Hills Residents' Association's success in arranging for the shutdown and demolition of their favorite hangout, 'Tubby's Drive-In' diner, which is to be replaced by an office building. In response, they launch a sustained and comically vengeful campaign against the principals of the association and two bumbling local police officers charged with keeping the "The Knights" in check during their last night in Beverly Hills. The ensuing antics include, among other things, a sexual encounter involving premature ejaculation, a punch bowl being 'spiked' with urine, an initiation ceremony involving four pledges who are left in Watts wearing nothing but the car tires they are left to carry, a cheerleader who forgets to put on her underwear before performing at a pep rally, several impromptu drag races, and the lead character of Newbomb Turk (Robert Wuhl) wearing a majordomo outfit and singing a version of 'Volare' accompanied by the sounds of flatulence. 'Mooning' also plays a prominent role in the film: one of the advertising slogans exploited the recent Apollo space program by touting that The Hollywood Knights was the first movie 'to moon a man on the land'. During a mooning incident in the film's final scene, the character Dudley Laywicker, becomes absolutely 'all eyes', transfixed by the bare buttocks. So much so, that he takes his glasses off for a better look.
Americathon, 1h26
Directed by Neal Israel
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Environmental films, Films set in the future, Films based on plays
Actors John Ritter, Peter Riegert, Harvey Korman, Fred Willard, Richard Schaal, Chief Dan George
Roles Jerry
Rating45% 2.259792.259792.259792.259792.25979
In the (then-near future) year 1998, the USA has run out of oil, and many Americans are living in their now-stationary cars and using other non-gas-powered means of transportation such as jogging, riding bicycles and rollerskating. Many Americans wear sweatsuits. In search of leadership, Americans elect Chet Roosevelt (Ritter) as President. Roosevelt, a "cosmically inspired" former governor of California, proves to have little else in common with Teddy Roosevelt or FDR other than his name. Roosevelt, an overly-optimistic man who quotes positive affirmation slogans, stages a number of highly publicized fund raising events, all of which fail. Real money comes in the form of loans from a cartel of Native Americans, led by billionaire Sam Birdwater (George), in control of Nike (which has been renamed "National Indian Knitting Enterprise").
Let's Switch!
Directed by Alan Rafkin
Genres Comedy
Actors Barbara Eden, Barbara Feldon, George Furth, Barra Grant, Penny Marshall, Richard Schaal
Roles Ross Daniels
Rating64% 3.214563.214563.214563.214563.21456
Lacy Colbert (Barbara Eden), a housewife, and her best friend Kate Fleming (Barbara Feldon), a glamorous magazine editor, decide to switch lifestyles which creates chaos.
Steelyard Blues, 1h33
Directed by Alan Myerson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy thriller, Crime
Themes Films about sexuality, Transport films, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Aviation films, Erotic thriller films
Actors Donald Sutherland, Jane Fonda, Mel Stewart, Peter Boyle, Howard Hesseman, John Savage
Roles Zoo Official Mel
Rating53% 2.653492.653492.653492.653492.65349
It concerns the lives of a group of misfits trying to find a happier life against the norms of society. Sutherland plays an ex-con with a passion for demolition derbies. He has wrecked almost every possible car, but violates his parole when confronted by a 1950 Studebaker. This embarrasses his brother, a politically ambitious district attorney (Howard Hesseman, in an unlikely respectable role). Fonda plays a prostitute with an off-on relationship with Sutherland's character. The gang tries to get an old Consolidated PBY Catalina plane flying, and much humor ensues.
Slaughterhouse-Five, 1h44
Directed by George Roy Hill
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, War, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Fantasy, Historical, Comic science fiction
Themes Medical-themed films, Prison films, Time travel films, Films based on science fiction novels, Comedy science fiction films, Films about psychiatry, Political films
Actors Michael Sacks, Ron Leibman, Valerie Perrine, Eugene Roche, Perry King, Sharon Gans
Roles Campbell
Rating67% 3.3973753.3973753.3973753.3973753.397375
The film follows the novel in presenting a first-person narrative from the point of view of Billy Pilgrim (Sacks), who becomes "unstuck in time" and experiences the events of his life in a seemingly random order, including a period spent on the alien planet of Tralfamadore. Particular emphasis is placed on his experiences during World War II, including the bombing of Dresden in World War II, as well as time spent with fellow prisoners of war Edgar Derby (Roche) and the psychopathic Paul Lazzaro (Leibman). His life as a husband to Valencia (Gans), and father to Barbara (Near) and Robert (King) are also depicted, as they live and sometimes even enjoy their life of affluence in Ilium, New York. A "sink-or-swim" scene with Pilgrim's father is also featured. The scenes of extraterrestrial life on Tralfamadore feature Hollywood starlet Montana Wildhack (Perrine).
The Cube
The Cube (1969)
, 54minutes
Directed by Jim Henson
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Horror, Animation
Actors Richard Schaal, Jerry Nelson, Tiffany Million, Don McGill, Trudy Young
Roles The Man in the Cube
Rating74% 3.7285253.7285253.7285253.7285253.728525
An unnamed man, simply called "The Man" (Richard Schaal), is trapped in a cubical white room where anyone else can enter and leave, but which he himself apparently cannot leave. A stool is brought in covered in strawberry jam. The furniture changes throughout the play. The main character is subjected to an increasingly puzzling and frustrating series of encounters as a variety of people come through various hidden doors including two people in Gorilla Suits wearing ballerina costumes. But, as many remind him, he can only leave through his own door. So he must find it to leave.
The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!, 2h6
Directed by Norman Jewison
Origin USA
Genres War, Comedy, Action
Themes Military humor in film, Seafaring films, Politique, Transport films, Underwater action films, Submarine films, Musical films, Political films
Actors Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint, Brian Keith, Jonathan Winters, Theodore Bikel
Roles Oscar Maxwell
Rating69% 3.4958853.4958853.4958853.4958853.495885
A Russian submarine called Спрут ("Octopus") draws too close to the New England coast one morning when its captain (Theodore Bikel) wants to take a good look at America and runs aground on a sandbar near the fictional Gloucester Island, which, from other references in the movie, is located off the coast of Cape Ann or Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Rather than radio for help and risk an embarrassing international incident, the captain sends a nine-man landing party, headed by his zampolit (Political Officer) Lieutenant Yuri Rozanov (Alan Arkin), to find a motor launch to help free the submarine from the bar. The men arrive at the house of Walt Whittaker (Carl Reiner), a vacationing playwright from New York City. Whittaker is eager to get his wife Elspeth (Eva Marie Saint) and two children, obnoxious but precocious nine and half-year-old Pete (Sheldon Collins) and three-year-old Annie (Cindy Putnam), off the island now that summer is over.