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Ulrich Tukur is a Actor Allemand born on 29 july 1957 at Viernheim (German)

Ulrich Tukur

Ulrich Tukur
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Birth name Ulrich Gerhard Scheurlen
Nationality German
Birth 29 july 1957 (62 years) at Viernheim (German)

Ulrich Tukur (born Ulrich Gerhard Scheurlen; 29 July 1957) is a German actor and musician.


Tukur spent his youth near Hanover where he finished his final secondary-school examinations in 1977. He also achieved a high school degree in Boston (USA) during an exchange of students where he met his first wife, Amber Wood. By her, he had two daughters, Marlene and Lilian. While they were dating, he finished his time with the army and began to study German, English and History at Tübingen university. He worked as a musician to get some extra money. Someone who saw him asked him if he wanted to be in a play. Soon he became interested in acting and started to study acting at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart in 1980.

After finishing his studies there in 1983 he played at a theatre in Heidelberg. While he was still a student he got a chance to star in his first movie. In Die Weiße Rose, directed by Michael Verhoeven, he plays the character of Willi Graf.

In 1984 he had his breakthrough at the theatre when famous director Peter Zadek gave him a role at the Freie Volksbühne Berlin in Joshua Sobol's play Ghetto. From 1985 to 1995 he was a staff actor at Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, then managed by Zadek. Here he starred in many plays, such as Shakespeare's Julius Caesar as Marc Anton, Hamlet, and Frank Wedekind's Lulu directed by Zadek. In 1986 he was elected actor of the year by German theater critics. From 1995 to 2003 he himself was director of Hamburger Kammerspiele theatre, sharing that job with Ulrich Waller.

Since 1989 he has been recording and touring as a musician. In 1995, he founded the dance band "Ulrich Tukur & the Rhythmus Boys" together with Kalle Mews (drums), Ulrich Mayer (guitar, vocals) and Günther Märtens (contrabass, guitar, vocals).

Ulrich Tukur is married for the second time. Since 1999 he and his wife, the photographer Katharina John, have been living in Venice (Italy), on Giudecca island.

In the Sino-German co-production movie on the Nanking massacre named John Rabe he had played the part of John Rabe.

Best films

Earth (2007)
The Lives of Others (2006)
Amen. (2002)
Largo Winch II (2011)
The White Ribbon (2009)

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In the Fade, 1h46
Directed by Fatih Akın
Origin German
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Ulrich Tukur, Adam Bousdoukos
Roles Jürgen Möller
Rating70% 3.5487953.5487953.5487953.5487953.548795
La vie de Katja est bouleversée lorsque son fils et son mari trouvent la mort dans un attentat.
Week-ends (2014)
, 1h30
Directed by Anne Villacèque
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romantic drama
Actors Karin Viard, Noémie Lvovsky, Jacques Gamblin, Ulrich Tukur, Aurélia Petit, Iliana Zabeth
Roles Ulrich
Rating55% 2.7607552.7607552.7607552.7607552.760755
Sylvette, Ulrich, Christine et Jean sont amis depuis toujours et ont même acheté chacun une maison à la campagne, en Normandie. Ils ont chacun deux enfants et tout semble aller pour le mieux. Mais un jour, Jean quitte Christine et leur vie à tous se retrouve chamboulée...
Exit Marrakech, 2h2
Directed by Caroline Link
Origin German
Genres Drama
Themes L'adolescence, Films set in Africa, Films about children, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Road movies
Actors Ulrich Tukur, Hafsia Herzi, Josef Bierbichler, Stefanie Höner, Mourad Zaoui
Roles Father
Rating62% 3.1487653.1487653.1487653.1487653.148765
Ben, 17 ans, doit passer les vacances d’été chez son père Heinrich, qui travaille comme régisseur de théâtre à Marrakech. Ben souffre de diabète et doit régulièrement contrôler sa glycémie et faire ses injections d’insuline. Lors d’une soirée, il tombe amoureux de Karima, une prostituée et se rend avec elle dans sa famille en montagne. Mais à la suite d'un conflit familial, elle se détourne de lui.
Moon Man
Moon Man (2012)
, 1h35
Origin France
Genres Animation
Actors Katharina Thalbach, Ulrich Tukur, Corinna Harfouch, Michel Dodane, Jean-Yves Chatelais, Frédérique Tirmont
Roles President
Rating63% 3.199013.199013.199013.199013.19901
Jean de la Lune s’ennuie tout seul sur la Lune. Il décide de visiter la Terre. Un jour, il s’accroche à la queue d’une comète et atterrit chez nous. Le Président du Monde, persuadé qu’il s’agit d’un envahisseur, le pourchasse. Pour lui échapper, Jean de la Lune va devoir compter sur les enfants et ses amis…
Rommel, le guerrier d'Hitler, 2h
Origin German
Genres Drama, War, Action, Historical
Actors Ulrich Tukur, Benjamin Sadler, Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Hanns Zischler, Thomas Thieme, Patrick Mölleken
Roles Erwin Rommel
Rating64% 3.245573.245573.245573.245573.24557
En 1944, le Feld-maréchal Rommel, surnommé le "Renard du Désert", est chargé d'organiser les défenses allemandes en cas de débarquement allié en France.
When Pigs Have Wings, 1h38
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about animals, Films about religion, Films about pigs, Films about Islam, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Sasson Gabai, Ulrich Tukur, Baya Belal, Lotfi Abdelli, Manuel Cauchi
Roles UN official
Rating69% 3.497553.497553.497553.497553.49755
Jaafar, a Palestinian fisherman unfortunate, caught in his nets a Vietnamese pig. Torn between his Muslim faith and his desire to improve the lives of his wife, pay debts and the reality of the conflict, Jaafar decides to undertake with his pig one of the most unusual trade with a young Russian-Israeli settler, Yelena. Indeed, she raises pigs and having no male pig, she asked Jafaar to bring him the seed of his pig
Largo Winch II, 1h59
Directed by Jérôme Salle
Origin France
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure
Actors Tomer Sisley, Olivier Barthélémy, Sharon Stone, Ulrich Tukur, Laurent Terzieff, Napakpapha Nakprasitte
Roles Dwight Cochrane
Rating61% 3.0974653.0974653.0974653.0974653.097465
3 years before his death, Nerio Winch, while driving from a business meeting in Hong Kong, informs Freddy, his bodyguard, that he found his son, Largo, in a village in Burma, and orders Freddy to tail him. Meanwhile, Largo has just saved a group of villagers from a massacre caused by a local militia, led by General Min. While healing the locals on a secluded spot with his lover, Malunai, a French man named Simon Ovronnaz arrives in the village along with several survivors he picked up with his pick-up. However, when he informs them that he was employed by a man who worked for Min, the locals, led by Kadjang, severely beat him up. However, Largo steps by his side and accidentally wounds Kadjang with his own blade, and he is banished from the village, and Malunai denounces him. Largo leaves with Simon and they leave Burma, Largo going elsewhere, while Simon heads for Bangkok.
L'Homme-chat, 1h24
Origin German
Actors Bruno Ganz, Marie Bäumer, Ulrich Tukur, Christiane Paul, Justus von Dohnányi, Marek Kondrat
Roles Dr. Stotzer / Pfiff
Rating60% 3.0102053.0102053.0102053.0102053.010205
Kater, (le « matou » en allemand), comme l'appellent ses copains, est au sommet de sa carrière. Pourtant, depuis qu'il est arrivé à la présidence de la Confédération suisse, tout va de mal en pis : son jeune fils est atteint d'un cancer, son couple bat de l'aile, son parti se rebelle et sa popularité est en berne. D'une nature joueuse, il décide de profiter de l'imminente visite officielle du couple royal espagnol pour redorer son blason. Mais c'est compter sans les intrigues qui se trament en coulisses, sous la houlette de son vieil « ami » Stotzer...
The White Ribbon, 2h24
Directed by Michael Haneke
Origin Austria
Genres Drama, Historical, Crime
Themes Films about children
Actors Susanne Lothar, Josef Bierbichler, Ulrich Tukur, Christian Friedel, Burghart Klaußner, Ursina Lardi
Roles Baron
Rating77% 3.8986653.8986653.8986653.8986653.898665
The memories of an unnamed elderly tailor form a parable from the distant year he worked as a village schoolteacher and met his fiancée Eva, a nanny. The setting is the fictitious Protestant village of Eichwald, Germany, from July 1913 to 9 August 1914, where the local pastor, the doctor and the baron rule the roost over the area's women, children and peasant farmers.
John Rabe
John Rabe (2009)
, 2h14
Directed by Florian Gallenberger
Origin German
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Ulrich Tukur, Daniel Brühl, Dagmar Manzel, Tetta Sugimoto, Steve Buscemi, Anne Consigny
Roles John Rabe
Rating71% 3.5984953.5984953.5984953.5984953.598495
The film begins in Nanking during late 1937, where German businessman John Rabe, director of the local Siemens subsidiary, and his wife Dora have resided for almost thirty years. The thought of transferring management to his successor Fliess and returning to Berlin is a substantial professional setback for him. During the farewell ball in his honor, Nanking is bombarded by planes of the Japanese forces. Rabe opens the company gate and saves the panicked civilians.
Eden Is West, 2h30
Directed by Costa-Gavras
Genres Drama
Themes Films about alcoholism, Films about immigration, Transport films, La précarité, Films about automobiles, Road movies
Actors Riccardo Scamarcio, Ulrich Tukur, Juliane Köhler, Anny Duperey, Alban Casterman, Éric Caravaca
Roles Nick Nickelby
Rating68% 3.444133.444133.444133.444133.44413
Elias (Riccardo Scamarcio) is an immigrant in his twenties who tries to get to Europe by a boat along with other illegal immigrants. When the boat is near the Greek shores and they hope they will soon disembark, a marine patrol approaches and Elias jumps into the sea in order to avoid arrest. So do the other people in the boat. He wakes up next morning in a shore with nudists, which is not so bad after all, since he has lost some of his clothes while he was swimming for quite a few hours. He pretends to be a nudist himself, steals some clothes and he pretends he is an employee of the hotel “Eden Club-Paradise”. Some residents consider him to be an employee and some others a client like themselves. He meets a magician (Ulrich Tukur) who hires him for a few tricks and since Elias is fairly good, Nick Nickelby, as the magician is called in the movie, tells him “if you find yourself in Paris, come and find me”. Elias considers it an invitation and a great opportunity. Going to Paris becomes an obsession.
Within the Whirlwind, 1h30
Directed by Marleen Gorris
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Political films
Actors Emily Watson, Pam Ferris, Ian Hart, Ben Miller, Ulrich Tukur, Benjamin Sadler
Roles Dr. Anton Walter
Rating66% 3.3334453.3334453.3334453.3334453.333445
During Joseph Stalin's Great Purge, literature professor Evgenia Ginzburg is falsely convicted of anti-Soviet agitation and sentenced to 10 years hard labor in a Soviet concentration camp. Having lost everything, and no longer wishing to live, she meets Dr. Anton Walter (Ulrich Tukur), a Crimean German political prisoner who is a camp doctor in Kolyma. He recommends her for a position as a nurse in the camp infirmary. They fall in love and, slowly, Evgenia begins to come back to life.
Séraphine (2008)
, 2h5
Directed by Martin Provost
Origin France
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Themes Peinture
Actors Yolande Moreau, Ulrich Tukur, Geneviève Mnich, Adélaïde Leroux, Anne Bennent, Serge Larivière
Roles Wilhelm Uhde
Rating73% 3.6968453.6968453.6968453.6968453.696845
The film follows the life of a middle-aged housekeeper, Séraphine Louis, who has a remarkable talent for painting. Untaught and following what she regards as religious inspiration she finds great appreciation in the beauty found in nature, especially her daily walks to work where she proudly and humbly stops to gaze at trees. In the beginning, it is noted that she stops to collect soil from plants as well as some blood from a dead pig. Later, in her small home lit by candles she is seen using these same ingredients while creating her art. At one point when her art begins to be seen, she is asked how she achieves the unusual effect in her "rouge" (reds). She replies that she prefers to keep that a secret.
North Face
North Face (2008)
, 2h6
Directed by Philipp Stölzl
Origin German
Genres Drama, Thriller, Biography, Action, Adventure, Historical
Themes Sports films, Alpinisme, Political films
Actors Benno Fürmann, Florian Lukas, Johanna Wokalek, Ulrich Tukur, Georg Friedrich, Erni Mangold, in 2011.
Roles Henry Arau
Rating73% 3.699193.699193.699193.699193.69919
The movie portrays an attempt in 1936 to summit the Eiger via the north face by two competing climbing teams. The more prominently featured pair of German climbers are Toni Kurz (Fürmann) and Andi Hinterstoisser (Lukas) from Berchtesgaden. After being refused leave from the German army (falsely claiming one of them is getting married and the other is to be Best Man), they quit their service in order to make the attempt. They are portrayed as being more interested in mountaineering than in the current politics of the time. The competing team of Austrians that eventually teams up with the German team are portrayed as hoping for a Nazi-led incorporation of Austria into Germany. Watching their summit attempt is their childhood friend Luise (Wokalek), now working for a German newspaper, who is accompanied by her cynical superior Mr. Arau (Tukur).
Earth (2007)
, 1h36
Directed by Alastair Fothergill
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Documentary
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about animals, Environmental films, Seafaring films, Transport films, Documentary films about environmental issues, Documentary films about nature, Children's films
Actors Constantino Romero, Patrick Stewart, James Earl Jones, Ken Watanabe, Ulrich Tukur
Roles Narrator
Rating79% 3.9951553.9951553.9951553.9951553.995155
Over the course of a calendar year, Earth takes the viewer on a journey from the North Pole in January to the South in December, revealing how plants and animals respond to the power of the sun and the changing seasons. The film focuses on three particular species, the polar bear, African bush elephant and humpback whale.