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Wu Jing is a Actor, Director, Writer, Producer and Presenter Chinois born on 3 april 1974 at Beijing (Chine)

Wu Jing

Wu Jing
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Nationality Chine
Birth 3 april 1974 (50 years) at Beijing (Chine)

Wu Jing (born April 3, 1974), sometimes credited as Jacky Wu or Jing Wu, is a Chinese martial artist, actor and director. Wu is best known as Hawkman / Jackie in 1996 film Tai Chi Boxer and Kong Ko in 2006 film Fatal Contact.


At age six he was sent to the Beijing Sports Institute at Shichahai. Both his father and grandfather were also martial artists. Like Jet Li before him, he competed as a member of the Beijing Wushu Team. He won first place in several national level wushu competitions at the junior level and continued to compete as an adult, despite his increasing height. In 2013 Wu Jing married Xie Nan.

Usually with

Benny Chan
Benny Chan
(4 films)
Sammo Hung
Sammo Hung
(6 films)
Lam Suet
Lam Suet
(6 films)
Yu Nan
Yu Nan
(2 films)
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Filmography of Wu Jing (31 films)

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The Climbers, 2h5
Directed by Daniel Lee
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Historical
Themes Sports films, Alpinisme
Actors Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge, Jackie Chan
Roles Fang Wuzhou
Rating55% 2.766162.766162.766162.766162.76616
Mai 1960. Mont Everest, la deuxième marche sous la falaise. Les quatre membres du commando d'escalade Everest de Chine s'attaquent à la "deuxième étape" la plus difficile. C'est leur cinquième assaut. Les quatre premier leur ont coûté trop de force physique... enfin, le vent et la neige ont comblé l'écart.
Song of Youth, 1h51
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Actors Wu Jing, Hu Jun
Roles PE Teacher
Rating60% 3.0494853.0494853.0494853.0494853.049485
L'histoire d'un enseignant nommé Miao Wanqiu dans un collège en Chine en 1985.
Looking Up
Looking Up (2019)
, 2h27
Directed by Deng Chao
Origin Chine
Genres Drama
Themes Space adventure films
Actors Deng Chao, Wu Jing, Shao Bing
Roles Pan Wanli
Rating60% 3.045823.045823.045823.045823.04582
Alors qu'un taïkonaute perd contact avec la Terre dans l'espace, il se remémore son enfance avec son père (Deng Chao) qui lui enseignait le monde des étoiles.
My People, My Country, 2h38
Directed by Chen Kaige, Xu Zheng, Zhang Yibai, Guan Hu, Xue Xiaolu
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Wu Jing, Simon Yam, Song Jia, Liang Jing, Hu Jun, Zhou Dongyu
Roles Adult Chen Dongdong (segment "The Champion")
Rating63% 3.154633.154633.154633.154633.15463
Le segment d'ouverture du réalisateur Guan Hu, La Veille (前夜), raconte l'histoire d'un ingénieur appelé Lin Zhiyuan (Huang Bo) qui se lance dans une course contre la montre pour mettre au point un mécanisme automatique de levée de drapeau avant la cérémonie de fondation de la République populaire de Chine le 1er octobre 1949.
The Wandering Earth, 2h5
Directed by Frant Gwo
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Action
Themes Post-apocalyptic films, Films set in the future, Disaster films
Actors Wu Jing, Ng Man-tat, Frant Gwo
Roles Liu Peiqiang
Rating59% 2.9582152.9582152.9582152.9582152.958215
Dans un futur proche, le Soleil vieillit et est sur le point de se transformer en géante rouge, poussant le Gouvernement de la Terre Unie à fusionner en un gouvernement mondial et à lancer un projet visant à sortir la Terre du système solaire et se rendre au système Alpha Centauri, afin de préserver l'humanité. D'énormes propulseurs fonctionnant sur l'énergie de fusion sont construits sur toute la planète pour la déplacer. La population humaine baisse sérieusement en raison des marées catastrophiques qui se produisent après l'arrêt de la rotation de la Terre avec l'allumage des propulseurs, puis plus tard, lorsque la planète s'éloigne du soleil, une grande partie de la surface gèle en raison de la baisse des températures, forçant les humains à vivre dans de vastes villes souterraines construites à proximité des propulseurs.
Wolf Warrior 2, 2h6
Directed by Wu Jing
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, War, Thriller, Action
Actors Wu Jing, Celina Jade, Frank Grillo, Yu Nan, Heidi Moneymaker
Roles Leng Feng
Rating59% 2.9598452.9598452.9598452.9598452.959845
Quelque part au large de l'Afrique, des pirates attaquent un bateau. L'un des passagers saute dans l'eau, renverse la barque des pirates et les vainc sous l'eau l'un après l'autre.
Call of Heroes
Directed by Benny Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Yuan Quan, Jiang Shuying, Liu Kai-chi, Wu Jing
Roles Zhang Yi
Rating63% 3.198843.198843.198843.198843.19884
Set in 1914 following the collapse of the Qing dynasty, the film tells the story of a group of villagers standing up to a cruel young warlord.
Wolf Warrior, 1h30
Directed by Wu Jing
Origin Chine
Genres War, Thriller, Action, Adventure
Actors Wu Jing, Scott Adkins, Yu Nan
Roles Leng Feng
Rating53% 2.6686852.6686852.6686852.6686852.668685
A Chinese special force officer with extraordinary marksmanship is confronted by a group of deadly foreign mercenaries who are hired to assassinate him by a vicious drug lord.
SPL 2: A Time for Consequences, 2h
Directed by Soi Cheang
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Tony Jaa, Louis Koo, Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Andy On, Wu Jing
Roles Chan Chi-Kit
Rating67% 3.352123.352123.352123.352123.35212
Kit is a Hong Kong undercover cop who becomes a drug addict to infiltrate a crime syndicate which has been kidnapping people and sending them to Thailand, where the victims are killed and have their organs sold in the black market. The mastermind behind the syndicate, Mr Hung, has a rare heart condition and needs to undergo a heart transplant to prolong his life. Hung's younger brother is the ideal donor for a heart.
The Breakup Guru, 1h56
Directed by Deng Chao
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Yang Mi, Deng Chao, Betty Sun, Wu Jing
Roles Himself
Rating42% 2.120862.120862.120862.120862.12086
Badges of Fury, 1h38
Origin Chine
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Comedy thriller, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Films about television, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Jet Li, Wen Zhang, Collin Chou, Michelle Chen Yan-hsi, Wu Jing, Stephen Fung
Roles Bodyguard
Rating45% 2.269672.269672.269672.269672.26967
In just 3 days, three cases of Smiling Murder shock Hong Kong. As he looks into the homicide, the young detective Wang Bu Er (Wen Zhang), the police station's reckless buffoon, makes a shocking statement that this is a serial murder.
The Chrysalis, 1h38
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Romance
Actors Luke Lee, Wu Jing
Roles Real Estate Agent
Rating55% 2.774132.774132.774132.774132.77413
Shaolin (2011)
, 2h11
Directed by Benny Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Action, Martial arts
Themes Films about music and musicians, Sports films, Martial arts films, Musiques du monde, Musical films, Kung fu films
Actors Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰), Xing Yu, Wu Jing
Roles Chingneng
Rating68% 3.4004753.4004753.4004753.4004753.400475
The film is set in Dengfeng, Henan, during the warlord era of early Republican China. A warlord named Hou Jie defeats a rival, Huo Long, and seizes control of Dengfeng. Huo Long flees to Shaolin Temple to hide but Hou Jie appears and shoots him after getting his treasure map. Hou Jie ridicules the Shaolin monks before leaving.
Magic to Win, 1h40
Directed by Wilson Yip
Origin Hong kong
Genres Fantasy
Actors Louis Koo, Wu Jing, Raymond Wong Pak-ming, Rachel Lee, Lo Mang, Vincent Kok
Roles Bi Yewu
Rating46% 2.3248552.3248552.3248552.3248552.324855
The world consists of five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. In the wizard world of "Magic to Win", the story also revolves around the "Five Element Wizardry", portraying a story that surpasses our imagination. Kang Sengui (Raymond Wong), a university professor, is the Water Magician of "Five Elements Wizardry". Although he uses magic spells in his daily life, his superpower remains a secret. By accident, his power is transmitted to his student, Macy (Karena), who recklessly uses her newfound powers for personal gain and money-making. When she encounters Ling Feng, the spirit of an amnesiac Earth Magician, slowly begins to realize there is more to magic than just profit. Meanwhile, Bi Yewu, a Fire Magician, sets out on a mission to capture the elemental magicians in order to open a rift in time. His search leads him to Ling Feng, Wood Magician Gu Xinyue, Metal Magician Charlie and finally Macy. The rift eventually opens and the world is put on the moment of doom.
Just Call Me Nobody, 1h34
Genres Comedy, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Zhao Benshan, Eric Tsang, Wu Jing, Mark Lee, Bryan Leung, Wong Yat-fei
Rating40% 2.0497652.0497652.0497652.0497652.049765
In ancient China, a poor shoe repair man Wu Di (Xiao Shen Yang) lives with his mother (Chen Hui-chuen) and is obsessed with martial-arts picture books. Wu Di repairs the shoe of the swordswoman Yuelou (Kelly Lin) and later helps save her in a fight despite having no martial-arts training. She thanks him and says she can be found on Qin Mountain if she is needed. Yuelou is secretly a princess who is due to marry the emperor (Banny Chen) but escape after setting the palace on fire.