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Airborne is a British film of genre Thriller directed by Dominic Burns released in USA on 26 february 2013 with Mark Hamill

Airborne (2012)

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Released in USA 26 february 2013
Length 1h21
Directed by
Genres Thriller,    Horror
Rating38% 1.9085851.9085851.9085851.9085851.908585

Airborne is a 2012 horror film written by Paul Chronnell and directed by Dominic Burns who describes Airborne as a tongue-in-cheek film in the tradition of The Twilight Zone. A first trailer was released in 2011. It was reported in the media that it presents Mark Hamill's first appearance in a British film, however Hamill had acted previously in the 1982 British film Britannia Hospital. Airborne's introduction, before sporting a voice-over by Mark Hamill, refers in writing to a so-called Firelight Protocol.


Despite an approaching winter storm a near-empty airliner takes off from London for New York. One-by-one the passengers begin to disappear, while one passenger who frequents the route notices the plane has turned where it should be flying straight. Soon it is discovered that the pilots are dead and that the plane is on auto pilot; and it is revealed that two on board are hijackers who have murdered the pilots to take control of the plane. The passengers who disappeared were killed when they witnessed parts of the hijacking.


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