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Asu Mare is a peruvien film of genre Comedy with Gisela Ponce de León

Asu Mare (2013)

Asu Mare: la película

Asu Mare
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Length 1h40
Genres Comedy
Rating64% 3.207473.207473.207473.207473.20747

Asu Mare is a 2013 Peruvian comedy motion picture. It's a movie adaptation of the stand-up comedy show by the same name by Carlos Alcántara, starring himself. Directed by Ricardo Maldonado and produced by Tondero Films, the film premiered on April 11, 2013 nationwide.

This film brings together most of the actors from the Peruvian sitcom Pataclaun (1997—99).


The story follows the adventures of Carlos Alcántara on his way to fame from his childhood in the "Unidad Vecinal Mirones". It is a recreation of his youth and experiences with his mother.


Gisela Ponce de León

(Isabel "Chabela" Vilar (young))
Carlos Alcántara

Carolina Cano

(Girl at the beach)
Gisela Valcárcel

Johanna San Miguel

Anahí de Cárdenas

(Emilia's friend)
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