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Films that made a big flop

Here are films that made flops in the box office, that did cost more than they earned.
Big is Beautiful, 1h40
Directed by Charlotte de Turckheim
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Obésité, Films about disabilities
Actors Victoria Abril, Lola Dewaere, Catherine Hosmalin, Grégory Fitoussi, Mehdi Nebbou, Julia Piaton

The young, round and lovely Nina is married to Gaspard, who, unfortunately, rather likes very thin women. The couple move to Paris and Nina is preparing to launch a sophisticated line of swimwear. Because of her love for her husband, Nina accepts his ambiguous gift: a slimming treatment at Brides-les-Bains, considered "the last hope of the fat". There, she makes two flamboyant friends. Sophie, a lawyer from Marseille who likes to control everything, including herself. Émilie is a caregiver whose weight has begun to affect her health and her love life yet her motto remains, "Big is beautiful".
Zoom (2006)
, 1h27
Directed by Peter Hewitt
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Comedy science fiction films, Superhero films, Robot films
Actors Tim Allen, Spencer Breslin, Ryan Newman, Kevin Zegers, Kate Mara, Michael Cassidy

Decades prior to the start of the film, the American military sponsored a superhero group called "Team Zenith." Its leaders were Jack Shepard, a.k.a. "Captain Zoom", who possessed super-speed, and his brother, Connor, a.k.a. "Concussion", who could project sonic blasts. The military tried to increase the team's powers by exposing them to an experimental form of radiation called "Gamma-13". This caused Concussion to become more powerful, but it also reversed his personality. Thinking Zoom and the team betrayed him, Concussion went insane and killed his teammates Marksman, Ace, and Daravia. Concussion was believed to be killed by Zoom in an explosion, but he had been sent into another dimension instead. Zoom lost his powers, and his brother.
Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back
Directed by Tsui Hark
Genres Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films based on mythology
Actors Lin Gengxin, Kris Wu, Yao Chen, Mengke Bateer, Bao Bei'er, Shu Qi

Tang Monk apporte trois disciples sur un voyage à l'Ouest. À l'extérieur, tout semble harmonieux. Cependant, la tension est présente sous la surface, et leurs cœurs et les esprits ne sont pas d'accord. Après une série d'événements de capture démon, le moine et ses disciples se comprendre mutuellement des difficultés et le malaise de chacun. Enfin, ils résolvent leur conflit intérieur et de travailler ensemble pour devenir une équipe-démon exorcise conquérante.
Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, 1h47
Directed by Tsui Hark
Origin Chine
Genres Fantastic, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Actors Kris Wu, Lin Gengxin, Yao Chen, Mengke Bateer, Bao Bei'er, Shu Qi

Le moine Tang Sanzang (Kris Wu) arrive dans une ville en Inde, précédé de sa réputation. Son maître le félicite d'être arrivé jusqu'en Inde et d'avoir retrouver les Sutras, et lui donne une auréole en récompense. Cette auréole, cependant, fonctionne mal et Tang se réveille dans un village d'artistes de cirque avec ses trois disciples : Sun Wukong (Lin Gengxin ), Zhu Bajie (Yang Yiwei), et Sha Wujing (Mengke Bateer). Tang encourage Sun Wukong à se produire devant les villageois, mais celui-ci refuse. Insistant, il énerve Sun Wukong en l'insultant de « mauvais singe » et ce-dernier se met à ravager le village. Les villageois terrifiés offrent alors au groupe de l'argent et de la nourriture pour continuer leur voyage, mais Sun Wukong continue de faire des ravages, propulsant Zhu Bajie et Tang dans les airs. Le soir venu, Tang fouette Sun Wukong pour sa désobéissance.
The Postman, 3h
Directed by Kevin Costner
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, War, Action, Adventure, Romance, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Themes Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films about sexuality, Films based on science fiction novels, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Arme nucléaire, Disaster films
Actors Kevin Costner, Will Patton, Larenz Tate, Olivia Williams, James Russo, Daniel von Bargen

In an alternate history year of 1998, an unspecified apocalyptic event known only as "The Doomwar" erased almost all technology and caused societal collapse, sending the continents back to the Dark Ages. Fifteen years later, in post-apocalyptic 2013, pockets of survivors in more rural areas have formed small villages to maintain some semblance of civilization, while others have joined militias and warlords that prey on survivors. Horses are the standard for travel, and bartering has replaced currency.
Osmosis Jones, 1h35
Directed by Frères Farrelly, Tom Sito, Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Crime, Animation
Themes Medical-themed films, Buddy films, Children's films
Actors Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce, Brandy, William Shatner, Molly Shannon

Frank Detorre (Bill Murray) is a widowed slovenly zookeeper at the Sucat Memorial Zoo in Rhode Island. Much to the frustration of his young daughter, Shane (Elena Franklin), he eats compulsively unhealthy and has minimal concern for germs or disease. While trying to eat a hard-boiled egg with mayonnaise and salt, it is stolen from him by a chimpanzee. He gets it back, but not before it falls into the filth of the chimp's habitat. When Shane is disgusted by him about to eat it he uses the "ten second rule" as a justification for the unsanitary act.
Lolita (1997)
, 2h17
Directed by Adrian Lyne
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about children, Films about families, Films about sexuality, Transport films, Films about pedophilia, Road movies
Actors Jeremy Irons, Melanie Griffith, Dominique Swain, Frank Langella, Keith Reddin, Ben Silverstone

In 1947, Humbert Humbert (Jeremy Irons), a European professor of French literature, travels to the United States to take a teaching position in New Hampshire. He rents a room in the home of widow Charlotte Haze (Melanie Griffith), largely because he sees her adolescent daughter Dolores (Dominique Swain), also called "Lo", while touring the house. Obsessed from boyhood with girls of this age (whom he calls "nymphets"), Humbert is immediately smitten with Lo and marries Charlotte just to be near her.
Oceans (2010)
, 1h43
Directed by Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud
Origin France
Genres Documentary
Themes Films about animals, Environmental films, Seafaring films, Transport films, Documentaire animalier, Documentary films about environmental issues, Documentary films about nature, Children's films
Actors Pierce Brosnan, Jacques Perrin, Rie Miyazawa, Pedro Armendáriz (fils), Jiang Wen

Oceans presents details and facts about the journey of the ocean. The film begins on a beach and there are boys and one of them wonders what the ocean is. The scene cuts to the Galapagos where a clan of marine iguanas and horseshoe crabs wander.
Monster Trucks, 1h44
Directed by Chris Wedge
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about music and musicians, Children's films
Actors Jane Levy, Lucas Till, Amy Ryan, Rob Lowe, Frank Whaley, Danny Glover

Tripp, un lycéen, s'ennuie profondément dans sa ville natale. Il décide de construire un monster truck avec des pièces détachées trouvées dans une casse. Après un accident aux abords d’un site de forage pétrolier, il fait la rencontre d'une créature étrange souterraine. Tripp découvre par ailleurs que ce « monstre » a le goût et un talent certain pour la vitesse.
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
Directed by Joe Johnston, Lasse Hallström
Origin USA
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Monde imaginaire, Christmas films, Children's films
Actors Mackenzie Foy, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Matthew Macfadyen, Eugenio Derbez

À Londres, vit Clara Stahlbaum et sa famille, dont la mère vient de décéder. La veille de Noël, les enfants Stahlbaum reçoivent de leur père un cadeau de la part de leur mère. Clara hérite d'une petite boite en forme d'œuf avec une serrure mais sans la clé. Mais malgré les compétences de la jeune fille pour les inventions, impossible pour Clara de trouver un moyen de l'ouvrir sans.
Dudley Do-Right, 1h22
Directed by Hugh Wilson
Origin Canada
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alfred Molina, Dyllan Christopher, Eric Idle, Corey Burton

The story begins with three children and a horse. These are young versions of Dudley Do-Right (Dyllan Christopher), Nell Fenwick (Ashley Yarman), Snidely Whiplash (Jeremy Bergman), and Horse. The three talk of their aspirations; Dudley believes he is destined to be a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer (Mountie) while Nell wishes to see the world. Snidely, however, wishes to be the "bad guy" and travel around the world.
Pink (2016)
, 2h16
Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury
Origin Inde
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction
Actors Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Angad Bedi, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Piyush Mishra

Trois jeunes femmes et leur avocat se battent pour leurs droits et contre la culture du viol en Inde.
The Key
The Key (2007)
, 1h55
Directed by Guillaume Nicloux
Origin France
Genres Thriller, Horror, Crime
Actors Guillaume Canet, Marie Gillain, Vanessa Paradis, Josiane Balasko, Thierry Lhermitte, Jean Rochefort

Eric Vincent, thirties, leads an uneventful life alongside his wife Audrey. While the couple talking about having a child, the young man was contacted by a friend of his biological father he never knew. Eric learns that his parent is dead and he can come and collect the ashes of his body he wants. Reluctant at first, he eventually accepted. This was the start of a diabolical plot which is several stories collide, several destinies ...
Most Promising Young Actress, 1h40
Directed by Gérard Jugnot, Régis Musset, Cécilia Rouaud
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about films
Actors Bérénice Bejo, Gérard Jugnot, Chantal Lauby, Antoine Duléry, Mohamed Hicham, Thierry Lhermitte

Yvon Rance, hairdresser by vocation, in the small town of Cancale, have one student daughter Laetitia, he wants to make her a successful hairdresser. She would open a salon in Laval or Quimper. But Laetitia wants to make films, she secretly auditioned and was selected for the leading role. Not easy to break the news to her father who shows rather unpleasant and, as soon as he heard the news, trying by all means to prevent his daughter to make films. Yvon, which nevertheless wants happiness of his daughter, finally agrees to take her on location in Paris, but never stays away, always suspecting Stéphane Leroy, the writer and director of the film, to shoot with Laetitia sequences disturbing.
The Grand Dukes, 1h25
Directed by Patrice Leconte
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Themes Théâtre, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Road movies
Actors Philippe Noiret, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean Rochefort, Catherine Jacob, Michel Blanc, Clotilde Courau

George Cox, Victor Vialat and Eddie Carpentier are old and shabby broke actors. They will resume unexpectedly with panache but three small roles in a light comedy, bound for a tour. Shapiron, producer, ruined, will do anything to sabotage the show and thus get the insurance but the three actors will not let the last chance of life.