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Jesse Metcalfe is a Actor American born on 9 december 1978 at Carmel Valley Village (USA)

Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe
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Birth name Jesse Eden Metcalfe
Nationality USA
Birth 9 december 1978 (45 years) at Carmel Valley Village (USA)

Jesse Eden Metcalfe (born December 9, 1978) is an American actor. Metcalfe is known for his portrayal of John Rowland on Desperate Housewives. Metcalfe has also had notable roles on Passions and in John Tucker Must Die. He starred as Christopher Ewing in the TNT continuation of Dallas, based on the 1978 series of the same name.


In March 2007, he entered a drug rehabilitation facility, citing alcoholism as the reason.

In November 2008, Metcalfe hosted the World Music Awards in Monaco. While at the after party for the ceremony, Metcalfe fell off a second-story balcony and tumbled thirty feet to the ground. He fractured his fibula but avoided more serious injury.

Metcalfe has been dating Cara Santana since 2009 with a break in 2011. In 2014, Metcalfe refuted rumors that they were engaged.

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Peter Hyams
Peter Hyams
(1 films)
Zach Lipovsky
Zach Lipovsky
(1 films)
Meghan Ory
Meghan Ory
(3 films)
Fulvio Cecere
Fulvio Cecere
(2 films)
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Escape Plan 2: Hades, 1h36
Directed by Steven C. Miller
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Prison films, Évasion
Actors Sylvester Stallone, David Bautista, Jaime King, 50 Cent, Huang Xiaoming, Jesse Metcalfe
Roles Luke Walken
Rating39% 1.974111.974111.974111.974111.97411
Des années après s'être échappé d'une prison high-tech surnommée « Le tombeau », Ray Breslin dirige désormais une équipe d’élite spécialisée pour faire évader des gens des prisons les plus impénétrables du monde. Shu Ren, son meilleur agent, est emprisonné dans un labyrinthe techno-terroriste informatisé et révolutionnaire connu sous le nom d'Hadès (H.A.D.E.S. pour High Asset DEtention Service ou HAvre de Détention et Sécurité en français), où les prisonniers se battent dans des luttes mortelles. Ray Breslin décide alors de s'y faire incarcérer pour le sauver.
Dead Rising: Endgame, 1h36
Origin USA
Genres Action, Horror
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Zombie films, Films about video games, Films based on video games
Actors Jesse Metcalfe, Keegan Connor Tracy, Marie Avgeropoulos, Jessica Harmon, Dennis Haysbert, Billy Zane
Roles Chase Carter
Rating47% 2.363192.363192.363192.363192.36319
Dans la zone de quarantaine de la zone Est de Mission City, le journaliste d'investigation Chase Carter essaie d'arrêter un complot secret du gouvernement visant à tuer des millions d'innocents afin de mettre fin à l'épidémie Zombie qui sévit.
God's Not Dead 2, 2h
Directed by Harold Cronk
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Fantasy
Themes Films about religion
Actors Melissa Joan Hart, Hayley Orrantia, Jesse Metcalfe, Ernie Hudson, David A. R. White, Ray Wise
Roles Tom Endler
Rating43% 2.1755752.1755752.1755752.1755752.175575
La professeure d'histoire AP, Grace Wesley, une fervente chrétienne évangélique, remarque que l'une de ses étudiantes, Brooke Thawley, est retirée à la suite du décès accidentel de son frère. Brooke, très impliquée dans ses études, remarque l'attitude remplie d'espoir de Grace et demande où Grace trouve son optimisme. Grace répond "Jésus" et Brooke commence à lire la Bible elle-même. Alors que Grace donne des conférences sur Mahatma Gandhi et Martin Luther King, Jr., Brooke demande si leurs enseignements pacifiques ont un rapport avec le récit biblique du sermon sur la montagne. Grace répond par l'affirmative et relie des parties des Écritures à ses enseignements. Un élève envoie immédiatement un message à ses parents au sujet de la classe et la réaction qui en résulte attise la colère de la directrice Kinney. Elle réprimande Grace en disant que la foi de l'enseignante obscurcissait son jugement. Grace est ensuite traduite devant la commission scolaire, qui l'informe qu'une action en justice sera intentée contre elle car elle a violé la séparation de l'église et de l'État. Le cas de Grace attire l'attention de Tom Endler, un jeune avocat de la défense catholique qui est prêt à l'aider alors qu'il est lui-même un incroyant.
Dead Rising: Watchtower, 1h58
Directed by Zach Lipovsky
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Medical-themed films, Zombie films, Films about video games, Films about viral outbreaks, Films based on video games, Disaster films
Actors Jesse Metcalfe, Dennis Haysbert, Virginia Madsen, Meghan Ory, Rob Riggle, Gary Jones
Roles Chase Carter
Rating51% 2.5992.5992.5992.5992.599
Set between the events of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3, The story follows online reporter Chase Carter and his camerawoman Jordan as they cover the stories of the people inside of the walled-in quarantined area in Oregon, as the government (running an organization called FEZA—Federal Emergency Zombie Authority) attempts to contain a viral outbreak that turns people into ravenous zombies. An anti-viral drug called Zombrex, that keeps the virus at bay, is being administered to those infected. When it becomes clear that the drug is no longer effective and a zombie outbreak purges the town and infects its inhabitants, Chase, Jordan, grieving mother Maggie , and survivor Crystal battle their way out of the city before it gets firebombed. But Crystal has a dark secret, and the army has a hidden agenda.
A Country Wedding, 1h24
Directed by Anne Wheeler
Origin USA
Genres Romance
Actors Autumn Reeser, Jesse Metcalfe, Laura Mennell, Lauren Holly, Peter James Bryant, Briana Buckmaster
Roles Bradley Suttons
Rating68% 3.444913.444913.444913.444913.44491
Alors qu'il s'apprête à vivre un mariage hautement glamour avec une célèbre actrice, un chanteur de country retourne dans son Texas natal pour y vendre son ancienne maison. Il retrouve alors son amour d'enfance, Sarah, une cowgirl qui dirige un petit ranch. À ses côtés, il redécouvre un mode de vie simple et naturel qu'il avait oublié...
The Tortured
Directed by Robert Lieberman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Crime
Themes Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Rape and revenge films
Actors Chelah Horsdal, Jesse Metcalfe, Erika Christensen, Bill Moseley, Fulvio Cecere, Aaron Pearl
Roles Craig
Rating53% 2.6989952.6989952.6989952.6989952.698995
The film tells the story of a couple, Elise Landry (Erika Christensen) and her husband, Craig Landry (Jesse Metcalfe), whose lives are shattered when a serial killer named Kozlowski (Bill Moseley), kidnaps, tortures, and kills their only son, Benjamin.
Fairfield Road, 1h29
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Jesse Metcalfe, Natalie Lisinska, Derek McGrath, Natalie Brown, Boyd Banks, Wayne Robson
Roles Noah McManus
Rating60% 3.005883.005883.005883.005883.00588
Après avoir brillamment orchestré la campagne d'une élue de Washington, Noah décroche un poste au Sénat. Mais après un revers politique et la rupture avec sa petite amie, il choisit de s'installer dans une bourgade de pêcheurs où se prépare l'élection du prochain administrateur de la ville, et rencontre Hailey, une charmante libraire...
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, 1h46
Directed by Peter Hyams
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance
Actors Jesse Metcalfe, Amber Tamblyn, Michael Douglas, Joel Moore, Orlando Jones, Juli Erickson
Roles C.J. Nicholas
Rating57% 2.89922.89922.89922.89922.8992
The film opens on a close-up of a frightened woman's eyes. The camera pulls back to reveal that she's undergoing a blind tasting of coffee by local TV reporter CJ Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe). He heads to the courthouse to watch Shreveport District Attorney Mark Hunter (Michael Douglas) give his final argument on a murder case. CJ pigeonholes Assistant D.A. Ella Crystal (Amber Tamblyn) afterward and asks her for the videotape of the murderer's interrogation. He also presses her for a date. She reluctantly agrees to both.
The Other End of the Line, 1h46
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Jesse Metcalfe, Shriya Saran, Anupam Kher, Tara Sharma, Larry Miller, Sara Foster
Roles Granger Woodruff
Rating61% 3.0547153.0547153.0547153.0547153.054715
Priya Sethi (Shriya Saran) indulges her infatuation with American culture by working nights (while Americans are at work, on the other side of the world) at the Citi One Bank Card call center in Mumbai, India. Speaking in a perfect American English accent, she tells her customers her name is Jennifer David and a native of San Francisco. Her conservative father Rajeev (Anupam Kher) is unhappy that she is so eager to forsake her own culture for another, but will be pleased when she goes through with her arranged marriage to wealthy but childishly dull Vikram.
Insanitarium, 1h29
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Films about psychiatry, Films set in psychiatric hospitals, Lobotomie
Actors Jesse Metcalfe, Kiele Sanchez, Peter Stormare, Kevin Sussman, Olivia Munn, Carla Gallo
Roles Jack
Rating50% 2.50422.50422.50422.50422.5042
The film follows a man, Jack (Jesse Metcalfe), faking insanity in order to save his sister, Lily (Kiele Sanchez), who has been involuntarily institutionalized. The siblings soon find that the strange doctor at the asylum, Mr. Gianetti (Peter Stormare), has been testing an experimental compound, orphium, on the patients that seems to be turning them into flesh-eating zombies; Loomis (Kurt Caceres), another patient, spreads the infection. The two siblings band together with a terminally paranoid man, Dave (Kevin Sussman), and a helpful nurse, Nancy (Olivia Munn), in the hopes of finding a way out of the asylum. They are attacked by most of the prisoners and staff, who kill Nancy; while on the 4th floor, they encounter the doctor, who gives Dave an icepick lobotomy, incapacitating him; he attempts to get Jack too, but ends up being infected by Loomis. At the end of the film, as the two siblings are in a police car heading to the asylum to investigate, the officers (Mark Kelly & Sharon Schaffer) accidentally let the patients escape into the outside world. It ends with a panning shot, revealing the city below the asylum's hillside location.
Loaded (2008)
, 1h38
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs, Gangster films
Actors Jesse Metcalfe, Monica Keena, Nathalie Kelley, Chace Crawford, Johnny Messner, Jimmy Jean-Louis
Roles Tristan Price
Rating45% 2.254532.254532.254532.254532.25453
Tristan Price faite avec famille et amis sont 25ème anniversaire. Pour prolonger la soirée son petit frère Hayden le conduit à une fête privée chez un inconnu. Le propriétaire des lieux prétend connaître Tristan de sa première année à la fac de UCLA d'où ce dernier a été viré. Dans les jours qui vont suivre Tristan et Sebastian vont continuer de faire la fête à coups d'alcool et de drogues en tous genres. Malheureusement Tristan s'aperçoit vite que Sebastian à des amis et des affaires louches. Il semble d'ailleurs vouloir s'immiscer dans sa vie de façon insistante. De son côté Tristan replonge dans ces vieux travers avec la drogue.
John Tucker Must Die, 1h29
Directed by Betty Thomas
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Sports films, Basketball films, Children's films
Actors Jesse Metcalfe, Brittany Snow, Ashanti, Sophia Bush, Arielle Kebbel, Jenny McCarthy
Roles John Tucker
Rating57% 2.8529952.8529952.8529952.8529952.852995
The movie begins with Kate (Brittany Snow) discussing her mother Lori's (Jenny McCarthy) series of bad relationships which always causes the family to move to a new town. She and her mother move to a suburb of Portland, Oregon and Kate gets a job as a waitress. While at work, she sees popular local boy John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) on dates with three different girls: Carrie (Arielle Kebbel), a chronic overachiever; Heather (Ashanti), who is head cheerleader; and Beth (Sophia Bush) a promiscuous vegan activist. Kate learns from a co-worker that he dates girls from different cliques at his school so that they never interact and convinces the girls he dates to keep their relationships secret.
44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out, 1h43
Directed by Yves Simoneau
Origin USA
Genres Action, Crime
Actors Michael Madsen, Ron Livingston, Ray Baker, Douglas Spain, Andrew Bryniarski, Clare Carey
Roles Uniform
Rating63% 3.152013.152013.152013.152013.15201
The plot, about bank robbers held at bay by the Los Angeles Police Department, is based on a real incident which occurred February 28, 1997, known as the North Hollywood shootout. Homicide detective Frank McGregor (Michael Madsen) tracks a violent duo of bank robbers: Larry Eugene Phillips, Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu, who were named the High Incident Bandits by the L.A.P.D.
Land of Canaan
Origin USA
Genres Horror, Crime
Actors Neve Campbell, Robert Englund, Tara Reid, Christina Applegate, Juliet Landau, Dwight Yoakam
Roles Michael Jeniss

The film is about a detective's hunt for a killer and the love affair that goes along with it.