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Joanna Miles is a Actor American born on 6 march 1940 at Nice (France)

Joanna Miles

Joanna Miles
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Nationality USA
Birth 6 march 1940 (84 years) at Nice (France)

Joanna Miles (born March 6, 1940) is an American actress.

Miles was born in Nice, France, the daughter of Jeanne Miles, an American painter, and Johannes Schiefer, a French painter and art curator. She immigrated to the United States, and was naturalized a citizen, in 1941. She was a graduate of The Putney School, a progressive independent high school in Putney, Vermont in 1958.

Miles won the two Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Laura Wingfield in the 1973 production of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie: Best Supporting Actress in Drama (for a Special - Program, a One-Time Appearance in a Series - or a Continuing Role) and Supporting Actress of the Year.

She has also played supporting roles in various movies, including The Way We Live Now (1970), Bug (1975), The Ultimate Warrior (1975), The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978), Cross Creek (1983), Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead (1990), Above Suspicion (1995) and Judge Dredd (1995). She is known to Star Trek: The Next Generation fans as Perrin, Sarek's wife, from the episodes Sarek and Unification. In 2001, she had a secondary role as the wife of a storekeeper in Tom Selleck's Turner Network Television Western film, Crossfire Trail. She was also in an episode of The Incredible Hulk entitled "The Quiet Room" and in the episode "Murder on the Flip Side" of the NBC crime drama The Eddie Capra Mysteries.


Née à Nice d'un père français, Joanna Miles gagne dès 1941 les États-Unis, où elle contribue à dix films américains disséminés de 1970 à 2007.

Mentionnons New York ne répond plus de Robert Clouse (1975, avec Yul Brynner et Max von Sydow), Marjorie de Martin Ritt (1983, avec Mary Steenburgen et Rip Torn) et Judge Dredd de Danny Cannon (1995, avec Sylvester Stallone et Armand Assante), son avant-dernier film à ce jour.

Ajoutons le film britannique Rosencrantz et Guildenstern sont morts de Tom Stoppard (1990, avec Gary Oldman et Tim Roth).

Pour la télévision, Joanna Miles apparaît dans trente-neuf séries entre 1963 et 2002, dont Mannix (un épisode, 1973), Dallas (quatre épisodes, 1984), Star Trek : La Nouvelle Génération (deux épisodes, 1990-1991), ou encore La Vie avant tout (deux épisodes, 2001).

Elle participe aussi à vingt-huit téléfilms, depuis La Ménagerie de verre d'Anthony Harvey (1973, avec Katharine Hepburn et Sam Waterston) jusqu'à Le Labyrinthe de l'injustice d'Hanelle M. Culpepper (2013, avec Amanda Schull et Michael Nouri), à ce jour son ultime prestation à l'écran.

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Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck
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Rex Linn
Rex Linn
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Filmography of Joanna Miles (23 films)

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Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer, 1h27
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Amanda Schull, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Michael Nouri, Gina Gershon, James Avery, Anne Ramsay
Roles Pat Spencer
Rating55% 2.757272.757272.757272.757272.75727
Une avocate voit sa vie basculer quand son père, juge à la retraite, est soupçonné d'être un terrible tueur en série : elle décide de le défendre, et enquête.
Jesse Stone: Thin Ice, 1h28
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Tom Selleck, Kathy Baker, Kohl Sudduth, Leslie Hope, Stephen McHattie, William Sadler
Roles Mrs. Steinberg
Rating70% 3.546453.546453.546453.546453.54645
State Police Captain Healy is attacked but is saved by Jesse, who is able to get off a couple shots at the unknown assailant despite also being wounded. At the hospital, Healy reveals to Jesse that he was spying on his nephew, who may be sleeping with his saxophone instructor. Jesse begins investigating the shooting despite protests from the Paradise town council. The town council members feel that the police department is already spread too thin, and they and Internal Affairs are concerned about six shooting incidents Jesse has been involved in. They also don’t like that Jesse ran Officer D'Angelo out of the department because he didn’t like him. The town council liked him very much because he wrote three times as many parking tickets as the other officers, and manned the speed trap into the town, bringing in substantial revenue for Paradise. Jesse refuses to have the speed trap manned, because he feels it is unethical, and cuts down the tree that blocks the speed limit sign so the speed trap won’t work anymore.
Grave Misconduct, 1h18
Directed by Armand Mastroianni
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Crystal Bernard, Vincent Spano, Roxanne Hart, Joanna Miles, Dorian Harewood, Michael Cole
Roles Catherine Hallow
Rating45% 2.2831952.2831952.2831952.2831952.283195
Julia London, bibliothécaire et auteur de romans policiers à ses heures perdues, s'approprie et publie sous son nom le manuscrit de son amie Angela morte mystérieusement. Le livre, intitulé 'Chapitre macabre', est un succès. La maison d'édition de Julia s'empresse de fêter l'événement. Mais au cours de la soirée, un proche de Margo Lawrence, l'éditrice, est assassiné comme dans le roman. Peu de temps après, l'ancien professeur d'écriture d'Angela trouve la mort dans les mêmes circonstances. Après cette série de meurtres, Julia est bien décidée à mener l'enquête pour découvrir qui se cache derrière ces crimes...
Sex and Breakfast, 1h21
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Macaulay Culkin, Kuno Becker, Eliza Dushku, Alexis Dziena, Eric Lively, Jaime Ray Newman
Roles Dr. Wellbridge
Rating48% 2.405872.405872.405872.405872.40587
Young couples experiment with anonymous group sex as a way to revitalize their troubled relationships. Through the experience they are forced to rethink the rudiments of a successful relationship: sex, love, and communication.
Monte Walsh, 1h57
Directed by Simon Wincer
Origin USA
Genres Action, Western
Actors Tom Selleck, Isabella Rossellini, Keith Carradine, George Eads, Robert Carradine, Barry Corbin
Roles Sairy Brennan
Rating70% 3.542143.542143.542143.542143.54214
Montelius "Monte" Walsh (Tom Selleck) is an aging cowboy facing the final days of the Wild West era. He and his friend Chet Rollins (Keith Carradine), another long-time cowhand, work at whatever ranch work comes their way, but "nothing they can't do from a horse". Their lives are divided between months on the range and the occasional trip into town. Camaraderie and competition with the other cowboys fill their days. They seek work and take a job at the ranch of Cal Brennan (William Devane), where they meet an old friend, Shorty Austin (George Eads), another ranch hand.
Crossfire Trail, 1h35
Directed by Simon Wincer
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Romance, Western
Actors Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Wilford Brimley, David O'Hara, Christian Kane, Barry Corbin
Roles Melissa Thompson
Rating70% 3.544563.544563.544563.544563.54456
In 1880, Rafe Covington (Tom Selleck) is with his best friend Charles Rodney (Crossfire Trail) on a vessel bound for San Francisco. However, Rodney picks a fight with the ship's captain (Mark Acheson), and the captain beats Rodney nearly to death. On his death bed, Rodney asks Covington to take care of his Wyoming Ranch and his wife, Anne (Virginia Madsen). Covington promises, and Rodney dies peacefully. Covington, full of fury, beats up the captain, and then he and his other two best friends, Rock Mullaney (David O'Hara) and J.T Langston (Christian Kane) head off to Wyoming, where they find the ranch deserted. They immediately start to take care of the ranch.
Judge Dredd, 1h36
Directed by Danny Cannon
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action
Themes Clonage, Films about computing, Post-apocalyptic films, Films set in the future, Superhero films, Political films, Cyberpunk films, Dystopian films
Actors Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante, Louise Delamere, Diane Lane, Rob Schneider, Joan Chen
Roles Judge Evelyn McGruder
Rating56% 2.8018552.8018552.8018552.8018552.801855
By the 2080s, much of Earth has become an uninhabitable wasteland. While some humans manage to survive in the wasteland, the majority of humanity resides in huge Mega-Cities with populations of tens of millions, where the traditional justice system has been replaced by a corps of Judges whose role combines those of police officer, judge, jury, and executioner. The most dedicated "Street Judge" in Mega-City One is Joseph Dredd (Sylvester Stallone), who assists rookie Judge Hershey (Diane Lane) in ending a block war. Herman "Fergee" Ferguson (Rob Schneider), a hacker recently released from prison, is caught in the firefight and hides inside a food dispensing robot, only to be arrested by Dredd and again sentenced to five years' imprisonment.
Above Suspicion, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Films about disabilities
Actors Christopher Reeve, Kim Cattrall, William H. Macy, Joe Mantegna, Edward Kerr, Finola Hughes
Roles Laura
Rating66% 3.344833.344833.344833.344833.34483
Dempsey Cain travaille avec son frère Nick au sein de la police de San Diego. Un accident de travail le plonge dans le handicap et le désespoir, desquels naissent une idée dangereuse.
The Heart of Justice, 1h28
Directed by Bruno Barreto
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Politic
Actors Eric Stoltz, William H. Macy, Jennifer Connelly, Felicity Huffman, Dermot Mulroney, Dennis Hopper
Roles Mrs. Burgess
Rating54% 2.708042.708042.708042.708042.70804
David Leader investigates a seemingly senseless murder, and in the course of it is drawn into the labyrinth of a sinisterly unique wealthy family. The family seems to revolve around its own beautiful and mysterious daughter, Emma Burgess, and soon Leader is deeply within her orbit as well.
Willing to Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Story, 1h28
Directed by David Greene
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Lesley Ann Warren, Tess Harper, Dennis Christopher, William Forsythe, Olivia Burnette, Lauren Woodland
Rating58% 2.906272.906272.906272.906272.90627
Préoccupée par l’échec de sa fille au concours d’entrée de l’équipe des majorettes du collège, Wanda se met en tête d’éliminer sa voisine, dont la fille a réussi l’examen…
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, 1h37
Directed by Tom Stoppard
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about families, Films about television, Théâtre, Political films, Films based on plays, Films based on works by William Shakespeare, Buddy films, Films about royalty
Actors Gary Oldman, Tim Roth, Richard Dreyfuss, Iain Glen, Joanna Miles, Donald Sumpter
Roles Gertrude
Rating72% 3.6474453.6474453.6474453.6474453.647445
The film, like the play, focuses on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and their actions (or lack thereof) within the play of Hamlet. The film begins as they travel on horseback to Elsinore, contemplating fate, memory and language. Rosencrantz finds and continually flips a coin which always comes up heads, causing Guildenstern to conclude that something is wrong with reality. They meet a travelling troupe of tragedians on the way, and during their conversation with the lead Player, they are mysteriously transported into the action of Hamlet at Elsinore. They wander around the castle, trying to catch up to the action and understand what is going on by listening to other parts of the play. They are asked by the Danish royal couple to stay awhile in order to help find out the cause of, and hopefully cure, Prince Hamlet's gloomy state. They spend their time outside the scenes in Hamlet trying to figure out what is wrong with the prince and what is required of them.
Blackout (1988)

Genres Drama, Horror
Actors Gail O'Grady, Carol Lynley, Joanna Miles
Roles Eleanor Carpenter
Rating56% 2.818362.818362.818362.818362.81836