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Judy Morris is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Producer and Co-Director Australienne born on 1 january 1947 at Queensland (Australie)

Judy Morris

Judy Morris
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Nationality Australie
Birth 1 january 1947 (72 years) at Queensland (Australie)

Judith Ann "Judy" Morris (born 1947 in Queensland, Australia) is an Australian actress, as well as a film director and screenwriter, well known for the variety of roles she played in 54 different television shows and films, but most recently for co-writing a musical epic about the life of penguins in Antarctica which became Happy Feet, Australia's largest animated film project to date.

Best films

Happy Feet (2006)

Usually with

George Miller
George Miller
(3 films)
Wendy Hughes
Wendy Hughes
(2 films)
Hugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving
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Bill Miller
Bill Miller
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Filmography of Judy Morris (28 films)

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Not Quite Hollywood, 1h43
Genres Comedy, Documentary
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry, Documentary films about films
Actors Phillip Adams, Christine Amor, Steve Bisley, Glory Annen Clibbery, Jamie Blanks, Graeme Blundell
Rating76% 3.8437053.8437053.8437053.8437053.843705
Not Quite Hollywood documents the revival of Australian cinema during the Australian New Wave of the 1970s and '80s through B-movies including Alvin Purple, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, Dead-End Drive In, Long Weekend, Mad Max, The Man from Hong Kong, Patrick, Razorback, Road Games, Stork and Turkey Shoot. From 1971 through to the late 1980s, Australian directors began to take advantage of the newly introduced R-rating which allowed more on-screen nudity, sex and violence for audiences restricted to age 18 and over. "Ozploitation"—writer-director Mark Hartley's own portmanteau of "Australian exploitation"—was a subgenre of the New Wave which accounted for the critically panned "gross-out comedies, sex romps, action and road movies, teen films, westerns, thrillers and horror films" of the era, commonly overlooked in Australia's "official film history". The film addresses three main categories of "Ozploitation" films: sex, horror and action.
Going Sane
Going Sane (1987)
, 1h29
Actors John Waters, Judy Morris
Roles Ainslee Brown
Rating55% 2.769992.769992.769992.769992.76999
The Last Frontier (miniseries), 3h
Directed by Simon Wincer
Origin USA
Actors Linda Evans, Jack Thompson, Jason Robards, Peter Billingsley, Judy Morris, Meredith Salenger
Roles Meg Stenning
Rating63% 3.193393.193393.193393.193393.19339
Kate Adamson (Linda Evans) is a struggling single mother from Los Angeles. She meets and falls in love with Australian cattle station owner Tom Hannon (Tony Bonner) who is visiting America on business. The couple marry after a whirlwind two week courtship. Tom leaves for Australia and Kate agrees to follow a week later. Her two children Tina and Marty are unenthusiastic about the move but are convinced by their mother to come along.
Razorback (1984)
, 1h35
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
Origin Australie
Genres Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Seafaring films, Transport films, Natural horror films
Actors Gregory Harrison, Arkie Whiteley, Bill Kerr, Judy Morris, Chris Haywood, David Argue
Roles Beth Winters
Rating59% 2.999282.999282.999282.999282.99928
Jake Cullen (Bill Kerr) is babysitting his grandson at his house in the Australian outback when a massive razorback boar attacks him, smashing through his house and dragging away his grandson to devour alive. Jake is accused of murdering the child and while his account of the events are met with high skepticism, he is acquitted due to lack of evidence. The event destroys his credibility and reputation however and he vows revenge on the boar.
Phar Lap
Phar Lap (1983)
, 1h47
Directed by Simon Wincer
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Films about animals, Sports films, Films about horses, Horse sports in film
Actors Tom Burlinson, Ron Leibman, Judy Morris, Robert Grubb, Richard Morgan
Roles Bea Davis
Rating72% 3.64563.64563.64563.64563.6456
Phar Lap, known affectionately as "Bobby" by his strapper Tommy Woodcock (Burlinson), collapses and dies in Woodcock's arms, at Menlo Park in California, in 1932. The news is greeted with great sadness and anger in Australia. The remainder of the film is done as flashback.
...Maybe This Time, 1h36
Actors Judy Morris, Bill Hunter, Michael Preston, Leonard Teale, Jude Kuring, Rod Mullinar
Roles Fran
Rating69% 3.4899953.4899953.4899953.4899953.489995
Fran, the assistant to university professor Paddy, is about to turn 30. She is having an affair with a married minister's aide, Stephen. She returns home to the country town she grew up in and has a fling with an old flame, Alan. She also begins sleeping with Paddy.
The Plumber, 1h16
Directed by Peter Weir
Origin Australie
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Judy Morris, Ivar Kants, Robert Coleby, Candida (Candy) Raymond
Roles Jill Cowper
Rating64% 3.248273.248273.248273.248273.24827
The film opens as Dr. Brian Cowper (Robert Coleby) takes a shower in the apartment he shares with his wife Jill (Judy Morris), who is a masters student in anthropology. As he exits the building's elevator on his way to work, an ominous character is seen entering and randomly choosing the button for the ninth floor. He knocks on the Cowper's door and announces himself as Max (Ivar Kants), the building's plumber. Jill insists that they did not call for a plumber, and Max assures her that he is simply doing a mandatory check of the building's pipes.
The Picture Show Man, 1h38
Directed by John Power
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors John Meillon, John Ewart, Rod Taylor, Garry McDonald, Patrick Cargill, Harold Douglas Hopkins
Roles Miss Lockhart
Rating67% 3.3836653.3836653.3836653.3836653.383665
Maurice Pym is a travelling cinema operator in the 1920s who tours country New South Wales with his son Larry and pianist Freddie.
The Trespassers, 1h28
Directed by John Duigan
Actors Judy Morris, John Derum, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Chris Haywood
Roles Dee

In 1970, political journalist Richard lives with Penny but is having an affair with actress Dee. The two woman meet and become friends.
The Great MacArthy, 1h30
Genres Comedy
Themes Sports films
Actors John Jarratt, Judy Morris, Kate Fitzpatrick, Barry Humphries, Chris Haywood, Bruce Spence
Roles Miss Russell
Rating55% 2.791382.791382.791382.791382.79138
MacArthy is a county football player who is kidnapped by the South Melbourne Football Club and made a star player in the city. The Club Chairman, Colonel Ball-Miller, give MacArthy a job in one of his companies and makes him attend night school. He is seduced by his English teacher, Miss Russell, and has an affair with Ball-Miller's daughter, Andrea.
Scobie Malone, 1h38
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Jack Thompson, Judy Morris, Shane Porteous, James Condon, Bryan Brown, Kevin Manser
Roles Helga Brand
Rating64% 3.2357153.2357153.2357153.2357153.235715
Sydney homicide detective Sergeant Scobie Malone (Jack Thompson) and his offsider (Shane Porteous) investigate the murder of Helga (Judy Morris), whose corpse is found in the basement of the Sydney Opera House. Malone had met Helga previously and discovers she was a high class prostitute who was also a mistress of the Minister for Culture (James Workman) and involved with film director Jack Savannah (Joe Martin). In flashback it is shown that Helga was blackmailing the minister and his wife (Jacqueline Knott), along with a crime boss, Mr Sin (Noel Ferrier).
Between Wars, 1h41
Actors Corin Redgrave, Judy Morris, Arthur Dignam, Günter Meisner
Roles Deborah Trenbow
Rating59% 2.9599952.9599952.9599952.9599952.959995
In 1918 Edward Trenbow is treating shell-shocked soldiers from the front. In the 1920s he works as a psychiatrist at the Sydney insane asylum and becomes involved in experiments in Freudian psychiatry, which bring him to the attention of a Royal Commission.