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Mikael Salomon is a Director, Producer, Director of Photography and Cinematography Danois born on 24 february 1945 at Copenhagen (Danemark)

Mikael Salomon

Mikael Salomon
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Nationality Danemark
Birth 24 february 1945 (79 years) at Copenhagen (Danemark)
Awards Primetime Emmy Award

Mikael Salomon (né le 24 février 1945 à Copenhague) est un réalisateur et directeur de la photographie danois.


Il travaille au Danemark, principalement comme directeur de la photographie, sur une cinquantaine de films de la fin des années 1960 à celle des années 1980 avant de s'expatrier aux États-Unis, où son talent pour filmer des scènes dans des conditions difficiles est notamment mis à l'épreuve dans les films Abyss (1989) et Backdraft (1991). Il est nommé pour Abyss à l'Oscar de la meilleure photographie et pour Backdraft à celui des meilleurs effets visuels.

Il passe à la réalisation en 1993 avec son long-métrage Kalahari. Après son deuxième long-métrage, Pluie d'enfer (1998), il travaille essentiellement comme réalisateur pour la télévision. Il remporte en 2002 le Primetime Emmy Award de la meilleure réalisation pour une mini-série ou un téléfilm pour son travail de réalisateur sur la mini-série Frères d'armes.

Best films

Backdraft (1991)
(Director of Photography)
The Abyss (1989)
(Director of Photography)

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Filmography of Mikael Salomon (32 films)

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Freezer (2014)
, 1h22
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Dylan McDermott, Ioulia Sniguir, Peter Facinelli, David McNally, Pascal Petardi
Rating52% 2.602952.602952.602952.602952.60295
Robert Saunders (Dylan McDermott) wakes up to find himself bound and locked inside a meat locker. After he is able to cut himself loose, two Russian mobsters Kiril and Stepan enter the freezer to question him. It becomes apparent that neither understand English, but before they leave they tell a confused Robert they want "money". Left alone, Robert finds a ventilation duct in the top of the ceiling that appears to lead to the fans inside the locker. Just then, he finds a ringing cell phone on the floor and speaks with Detective Al Dorian, who first addresses him as "Sam". Robert explains that he was having dinner in a restaurant with his girlfriend for his birthday before being knocked unconscious and thrown into the freezer. Before Dorian can complete a trace, the mobsters return and destroy the phone. They are accompanied this time by the bi-lingual Alisa (Yuliya Snigir), who accuses Robert of having stolen $8 million from them and demands its return; otherwise, he will freeze to death within four hours. He tries to convince them that he is innocent and this is a case of mistaken identity, but the Russians are undeterred and take his shoes before leaving.
Big Driver
Big Driver (2014)
, 1h27
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Crime
Themes Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Erotic films, Rape and revenge films, Auto-justice
Actors Maria Bello, Olympia Dukakis, Ann Dowd, Joan Jett, Jennifer Kydd
Rating56% 2.8030552.8030552.8030552.8030552.803055
Tess Thorne is a successful cozy mystery writer who has a fear of flying, and will only take speaking engagement miles away from her home. She goes to a Massachusetts library for a meet and greet with fans. After the event, the woman who had invited her, Ramona Norville, suggests an alternative route for Tess to take on the way home which would shave an hour off her drive. However, on the shortcut, Tess' Toyota Prius rolls over nail-studded pieces of wood which lie across the road, giving her a flat tire. The incident happens by an abandoned gas station. With her cell phone not having a signal, Tess hopes that a good Samaritan will stop.
Drew Peterson: Untouchable, 1h24
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Rob Lowe, Kaley Cuoco, Catherine Dent, Cara Buono, Danielle Savre, Romy Rosemont
Rating59% 2.9956652.9956652.9956652.9956652.995665
Drew Peterson est un sergent de police d'une cinquantaine d'années apparemment irréprochable. Marié à sa troisième femme, Kathleen, avec qui il a eu deux enfants, il s'éprend de Stacy, 19 ans. Son mariage bat de l'aile et se termine par un divorce houleux. Peu de temps après, Kathleen est retrouvée morte dans une baignoire vide. Après son quatrième mariage avec Stacy et l'arrivée de deux autres enfants, Drew se révèle jaloux, possessif et autoritaire. Stacy lui demande de quitter la maison mais il refuse de perdre sa famille. Puis elle disparaît soudainement, en laissant les enfants. Grâce à l'intervention d'une voisine et à la mobilisation de la sœur de Stacy, l'affaire Drew Peterson attire l'attention de tous les médias.
Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, 1h29
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure, Romance
Themes Seafaring films, Films about sexuality, Transport films, Disaster films, Films about seafaring accidents or incidents, Films about virginity
Actors Indiana Evans, Brenton Thwaites, Denise Richards, Frank John Hughes, Patrick St. Esprit, Hayley Kiyoko
Rating53% 2.69482.69482.69482.69482.6948
Emma and Dean are two high school students on a class trip to Trinidad to build a school for children and explore the island. The two have little in common. During a boat party, Emma falls overboard when the party is interrupted by a police raid, Dean jumps in the water to save her. The pair drifts in a dinghy to a deserted island, and their parents desperately search for them. Wondering if they will ever be rescued, Emma and Dean must rely on each other to survive. At first they're friends, but as time goes on their feelings start to blossom and it evolves into a romantic relationship. After being stuck for over 100 days, they are rescued by a tourist helicopter and taken back. They are met by family, friends, and the media. After Emma is thrust back into a more popular position in school, Dean still somewhat of an outcast, still longs for her. Emma attends the prom, and Dean eventually decides to go as well after being persuaded by his father. Emma and Dean kiss passionately there and dance.
The Lost Future, 1h30
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin German
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Themes Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Sean Bean, Annabelle Wallis, Corey Sevier, Eleanor Tomlinson, Hannah Tointon, Sam Claflin
Rating49% 2.451572.451572.451572.451572.45157
In post-apocalyptic Columbia, a group of survivors led by Uri and the elders are organized as a tribe, in a primitive society without technology and lives in a small village in the Grey Rock National Park surrounded by beasts that transmit a disease that transforms the victims into mutants. Uri's son Savan is the best hunter of their tribe and successor of his father, while Kaleb is the best tracker. Kaleb and his sister Miru (Eleanor Tomlinson) are the only literate survivors. Their father Jaret believed other survivors might exist outside the park and encourages them to investigate this. Kaleb, a dreamer, is secretly in love with Savan's woman, Dorel. When the beasts attack Uri's hamlet, a group runs to a cave and blocks the entrance with logs. Kaleb saves Dorel from a beast, at which point they become romantically involved while Savan looks on.
Who Is Clark Rockefeller?, 1h35
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Horror, Crime
Actors Eric McCormack, Philip Akin, Sherry Stringfield, Regina Taylor, Emily Alyn Lind, Stephen McHattie
Rating58% 2.9479852.9479852.9479852.9479852.947985
Called "the longest running con in FBI history," Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, the man that people knew as "Clark Rockefeller" (McCormack) had brilliantly impersonated numerous people, ranging from a talk show host to a Pentagon Advisor before ultimately claiming to be an heir to the famous Rockefeller family. Confident from the success of his prior scams, Clark quickly became well known and highly respected among Boston's elite and used his purported high society status to charm his way into the life of Sandra Boss (Stringfield), a millionaire with a Harvard MBA and a partner at the prestigious management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. Following a whirlwind courtship, the two married and had a daughter, Reigh (Emily Alyn Lind, Eastwick) before their rocky 12-year union ended in divorce, leading Clark to abduct his beloved daughter after losing custody to Sandra. With the help of FBI agent Megan Norton (Taylor), Sandra's search for her daughter exposed Clark's lifelong con game for the world to see and ultimately raised questions about the real man and the deception he is capable of.
Natalee Holloway, 1h36
Directed by Stephen T. Kay, Mikael Salomon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Crime
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Tracy Pollan, Grant Show, Catherine Dent, Sean Michael, Amy Gumenick, Adam Wylie
Rating55% 2.752892.752892.752892.752892.75289
The film retells events leading up to the night of Natalee Holloway's disappearance in Aruba, and the ensuing investigation in the aftermath. The film does not solve the case, but stages re-creations of various scenarios, based on the testimony of key players and suspects, including Joran van der Sloot, who is the last person seen drinking with her and escorting her out of the bar. His contradictory accounts, some presented days and others presented years later, are used to present different reenactments of Holloway's final hours before she went missing.
Flirting with Forty, 1h27
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Christmas films
Actors Heather Locklear, Robert Buckley, Vanessa Williams, Cameron Bancroft, Chelah Horsdal, Stefanie von Pfetten
Rating56% 2.8464852.8464852.8464852.8464852.846485
Jackie est une femme divorcée, décoratrice d'intérieur vivant à Denver. Elle a deux enfants et, pendant les fêtes de Noël, sa meilleure amie Kristine lui offre un voyage à Hawaï. Un voyage sans enfants qui va lui permettre de rencontrer un beau moniteur de surf, Kyle. Mais, une fois le retour venu, il est difficile de maintenir une relation amoureuse à distance malgré plusieurs allers-et-retours.
The Andromeda Strain (miniseries), 2h54
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Romance
Themes La fin du monde, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Benjamin Bratt, Eric McCormack, Christa Miller Lawrence, Daniel Dae Kim, Paul Perri, Viola Davis
Rating61% 3.0505253.0505253.0505253.0505253.050525
A United States government satellite crash lands near Piedmont, Utah, and two teenagers find it and bring it back to town. The town's inhabitants open it and release a deadly microorganism, which is later codenamed Andromeda by the Army. A team is sent from the Army's bio-defense department to retrieve the satellite, only to die from the disease themselves. The video footage recorded by the retrieval team and their strange deaths capture the attention of General George Mancheck, the head of the bio-defense department, who activates "Wildfire," a team of five scientists who are called upon when high-level bioterror threats occur in the United States. The team, headed by its creator, Dr. Jeremy Stone, investigates Piedmont. They retrieve the satellite and rescue a hysterical 60-year old man and a colicky baby who have survived the Andromeda outbreak.
Salem's Lot (2004 miniseries), 3h1
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Vampires in film
Actors Rob Lowe, Andre Braugher, Donald Sutherland, Samantha Mathis, Robert Mammone, Dan Byrd
Rating62% 3.111953.111953.111953.111953.11195
The story opens with Ben Mears attacking the priest Donald Callahan in a homeless shelter in a big city. They fall together from a high window into the street. In the hospital, Ben Mears tells his story and the reasons behind his fight with the priest to an orderly.
A Glimpse of Hell, 1h25
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Actors James Caan, Robert Sean Leonard, Daniel Roebuck, John Doman, Dashiell Eaves, John Benjamin Hickey
Rating59% 2.996452.996452.996452.996452.99645
Un officier de la Marine tente de remettre les pendules après la Marine accuse une explosion à bord de l'USS Iowa de 1989 sur une affaire homosexuelle entre deux marins.
Sole Survivor, 2h54
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic
Actors Billy Zane, Gloria Reuben, Isabella Hofmann, Mitchell Kosterman, Rachel Victoria, Christine Willes
Rating61% 3.051133.051133.051133.051133.05113
After the death of his wife and daughter in a plane crash, a newspaper reporter named Joe Carpenter discovers that the crash may have been related to a nefarious scientific experiment involving children. A woman, Rose Tucker, who claims she was a survivor of the crash, approaches at his wife's grave. This leads into a plot by the Quartermass organization to capture her and a young girl she is protecting - the girl has the powers to heal and to transport. A villainous killer named Victor Yates and a young boy who can control minds from a distance lead the attack.
Aftershock: Earthquake in New York, 2h50
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Disaster, Action
Themes La fin du monde, Disaster films, American disaster films, Films about earthquakes
Actors Tom Skerritt, JR Bourne, Sharon Lawrence, Charles Dutton, Lisa Nicole Carson, Jennifer Garner
Rating58% 2.9227052.9227052.9227052.9227052.922705
While Dori Thorell (Sharon Lawrence) and her 9-year-old son, Danny (Michal Suchánek), eat breakfast, Sam Thorell (Garwin Sanford) calls from his business trip. Ballerina Diane Agostini (Jennifer Garner) is on the phone with her father when a blender shakes off the counter. Dismissing it, she ends the call and rushes off to a rehearsal session at the New York City Ballet. But she's scolded for being late. Public defender Evie Lincoln (Lisa Nicole Carson) talks with her client Joshua Bingham (JR Bourne) about his case. That evening, tremors cause a gas leak at Diane's apartment complex. Though the electricity is still on in the evacuated building, Fire Chief Thomas Ahearn (Tom Skerritt) sends his crew inside. The building explodes, killing several men. At a party at Gracie Mansion, Evie's grandmother Emily Lincoln (Cicely Tyson) chastises her for being late. Her father, Mayor Bruce Lincoln (Charles S. Dutton), coerces her into going to a job interview at a big law firm.