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Peyton List is a Actor American born on 8 august 1986 at Boston (USA)

Peyton List

Peyton List
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Nationality USA
Birth 8 august 1986 (37 years) at Boston (USA)

Peyton List (born August 8, 1986) is an American actress and model, best known for her roles as Lucy Montgomery on the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns, as Jane Sterling on the AMC drama series Mad Men, as Nicole Kirby on the ABC series FlashForward, and as Cara Coburn in The CW series The Tomorrow People. She currently recurs as Lisa Snart / Golden Glider in The Flash.


Peyton List naît à Baltimore. Elle étudie le ballet dans une école réputée de New York avant de participer à de grandes productions à travers le pays. Peyton commence ensuite une carrière dans le mannequinat.

Avec le mannequinat, elle se fait remarquer et commence sa carrière à la télévision. Elle apparaît dans les séries Sex and the City, Smallville, Les Frères Scott, Flashforward et Mad Men.

Usually with

Peyton List
Peyton List
(7 films)
Robert Capron
Robert Capron
(3 films)
Andrew McNee
Andrew McNee
(2 films)
Devon Bostick
Devon Bostick
(2 films)
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Batman: Hush, 1h21
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action, Crime, Animation
Themes Batman films, Superhero films, Super-héros inspiré de comics
Actors Jason O'Mara, Jennifer Morrison, Geoffrey Arend, Peyton List, Sean Maher, Jerry O'Connell
Roles Batgirl et Poison Ivy
Rating69% 3.4568053.4568053.4568053.4568053.456805
Alors que Bruce Wayne et Selina Kyle (et leurs alter égo, Batman et Catwoman) entament une relation amoureuse, un nouvel ennemi apparait; un ennemi qui a manipulé des criminels aussi puissants que Bane, Poison Ivy, L'Épouvantail, Gueule d'argile, Harley Quinn ou encore le Joker; un ennemi qui a découvert la véritable identité de Batman et tous ses secrets; un ennemi qui a un plan pour détruire le justicier, ses proches et ses alliés définitivement: Silence...
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, 1h36
Directed by David Bowers
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes L'adolescence, Films about education, Films about children, Films about families, Le thème des vacances, L'enfance marginalisée, Children's films, Films about school violence
Actors Zachary Gordon, Steve Zahn, Peyton List, Robert Capron, Peyton List, Devon Bostick
Roles Holly Hills
Rating62% 3.1499253.1499253.1499253.1499253.149925
The Heffley family attends a pool party at the local pool, where the family meets a former trouble-making friend of Rodrick (Devon Bostick) who is now a model student after attending a military school known as Spag Union, into which Greg's dad Frank (Steve Zahn) thinks about joining Greg.
Meeting Evil, 1h29
Directed by Chris Fisher
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Films about families
Actors Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Bibb, Luke Wilson, Peyton List, Ryan Lee, Tracie Thoms
Roles Tammy Strate
Rating53% 2.650592.650592.650592.650592.65059
John Felton (Luke Wilson), who lives in Orly County, in an unnamed southern state, has a wife named Joanie (Leslie Bibb), and two kids named Sam (Gabrielle Harvey) and John Jr. (Sam Robbins). John is a mild-mannered real estate agent who has just been fired, making his personal crisis—his marriage is on the rocks due to his infidelity—go from bad to worse.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice, 1h49
Directed by Jon Turteltaub
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Fantastic, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Films about dragons, Children's films
Actors Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina, Teresa Palmer, Alice Krige, Monica Bellucci
Roles Young Becky
Rating61% 3.0502453.0502453.0502453.0502453.050245
In AD 740, the mighty magician Merlin (James A. Stephens) has three apprentices. One, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina), betrays his master by joining forces with the evil sorceress Morgana le Fay (Alice Krige). Morgana mortally wounds Merlin before another apprentice, Veronica Gorloisen (Monica Bellucci), absorbs Morgana, body and soul, into her own body. As Morgana tries to kill Veronica by possessing her from within, the third and final apprentice, Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage), stops her by imprisoning Morgana and Veronica in the "Grimhold", a magic prison in the shape of a nesting doll. Before dying, Merlin gives Balthazar a dragon ring that will identify the Prime Merlinian, Merlin's successor and the only one able to defeat Morgana. While he searches for his successor throughout history, Balthazar imprisons Morganians, sorcerers who try to release Morgana, including Horvath, into successive layers on the Grimhold.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, 1h34
Directed by Thor Freudenthal
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes L'adolescence, Films about education, Films about children, L'enfance marginalisée, Children's films, Films about school violence
Actors Zachary Gordon, Chloë Grace Moretz, Robert Capron, Karan Brar, Devon Bostick, Rachael Harris
Roles Holly Hills
Rating61% 3.099983.099983.099983.099983.09998
The first day of Greg Heffley's middle school ends negatively; he learns about the Cheese Touch which is a rotten piece of cheese on the basketball court which everyone avoids, discovers the ups and downs to the school, and his best friend Rowley Jefferson (Robert Capron) embarrasses them both. He plans to become extremely popular, which results in two humiliating defeats joining the wrestling team by a weird, low popular kid named Fregley (Grayson Russell) and his arch-enemy Patty Farrell (Laine MacNeil). Later. Greg makes it an effort to make Rowley popular by changing his style of clothing and looks, and they also encounter delinquent teenagers at Halloween night in which they challenged.
Remember Me, 1h53
Directed by Allen Coulter
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romantic drama, Romance
Themes Films based on the September 11 attacks, Films about terrorism, Disaster films, Films about hijackings
Actors Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, Pierce Brosnan, Martha Plimpton
Roles Samantha
Rating71% 3.5500553.5500553.5500553.5500553.550055
In 1991 in New York City, 11-year-old Alyssa "Ally" Craig is waiting with her mother for the subway on the F Line at 18th Avenue and McDonald Avenue. Suddenly, the pair are mugged by two young men who then shoot her mother before boarding the train. Ally is left scarred by the events and refuses to travel by subway again.
Secrets in the Walls, 1h28
Directed by Christopher Leitch
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Ghost films
Actors Jeri Ryan, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Kay Panabaker, Ian Kahn, Peyton List, Peyton List
Roles Molly
Rating51% 2.562912.562912.562912.562912.56291
C'est l'histoire de Rachel, une femme divorcée qui doit élever seule ses deux enfants.
Bereavement, 1h43
Origin USA
Genres Horror, Crime, Slasher
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Michael Biehn, Alexandra Daddario, John Savage, Peyton List, Spencer List, Valentina de Angelis
Roles Wendy
Rating50% 2.503562.503562.503562.503562.50356
Martin Bristol, a young boy with congenital analgesia, is kidnapped by psychotic Graham Sutter. At his farmhouse, Graham cuts Martin's cheek then proceeds to butcher a captive young woman in front of him. Martin attempts to escape and makes a run for freedom, but Graham catches him and returns him to the farmhouse, where he continues to hold him and future female victims captive.
27 Dresses
27 Dresses (2008)
, 1h48
Directed by Anne Fletcher
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Children's films, Films about marriage
Actors Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Malin Åkerman, Edward Burns, Judy Greer, Maulik Pancholy
Roles Young Jane
Rating61% 3.0525953.0525953.0525953.0525953.052595
Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) has been a bridesmaid for twenty-seven weddings. One night when she is attending two weddings almost simultaneously, she meets Kevin Doyle (James Marsden), who helps her home but disgusts her with his cynical views of marriage. He finds her day planner which she'd forgotten in the cab they shared. Meanwhile, Jane's sister Tess (Malin Åkerman) falls in love with Jane's boss George (Edward Burns) at first sight. Tess pretends to like the same things that George does so that she can get him to like her. Despite loving George herself, Jane does not reveal the truth and her sister's courtship progresses rapidly. Soon the new couple announces that they intend to marry in only three weeks and Jane becomes the wedding planner.
Shuttle (2008)
, 1h46
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Crime
Actors Peyton List, Cameron Goodman, Cullen Douglas, Cullen Douglas, Tony Curran, James Snyder
Roles Mel
Rating55% 2.7988652.7988652.7988652.7988652.798865
Mel (Peyton List) and Jules (Cameron Goodman) are best friends returning to Los Angeles from a trip in Mexico. Seth (James Snyder) and Matt (Dave Power) arrive and introduce themselves to them. Jules takes Mel into the bathroom to help her deal with her motion sickness, where Mel tells her that she has broken up with her fiancé.
The Greatest Game Ever Played, 2h
Directed by Bill Paxton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Sports films, Golf films, Children's films
Actors Shia LaBeouf, Stephen Dillane, Josh Flitter, Peter Firth, Peyton List, Elias Koteas
Roles Sarah Wallis
Rating73% 3.698963.698963.698963.698963.69896
Set mainly in 1913, the film is about Francis Ouimet, the first amateur to win a U.S. Open. Amateur golf in that era was then a sport only for the wealthy, and Ouimet came from an immigrant family that was part of the working class. Ouimet watches an exhibition by legendary British golf pro Harry Vardon (Stephen Dillane) as a 7-year-old boy, and becomes very interested in golf. He begins as a caddy at The Country Club, a posh enclave located across the street from his home in suburban Brookline, Massachusetts, while making friends with the other caddies. He works on his own golf game at every chance, and gradually accumulates his own set of clubs. Francis practices putting at night in his room. He wins the Massachusetts Schoolboy Championship.