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William Mapother is a Actor American born on 17 april 1965 at Louisville (USA)

William Mapother

William Mapother
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Birth name William Reibert Mapother, Jr
Nationality USA
Birth 17 april 1965 (59 years) at Louisville (USA)

William Reibert Mapother, Jr. (/ˈmeɪpɒθər/; born April 17, 1965) is an American actor known for his role as Ethan Rom on the television series Lost.


Mapother was born in Louisville, Kentucky, the son of Louisa (née Riehm) and William Reibert Mapother, Sr. He is of English, Irish, and predominantly German ancestry. He is a first cousin of actor Tom Cruise (whose given name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV). Mapother has appeared in five movies starring Cruise. He had cameo roles in Minority Report and Vanilla Sky, and supporting roles in Mission: Impossible II, Born on the Fourth of July, and Magnolia. Mapother has two sisters, Katherine and Amy (an occasional actress, born February 17, 1974), both born in Louisville, Kentucky. His father was an attorney, bankruptcy consultant and judge in Louisville, between 1967 and 1970; William Sr., died on June 22, 2006, after fighting lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis.

Mapother graduated from the University of Notre Dame as an English major, and then taught high school in East Los Angeles for three years before becoming an actor.

Best films

The Grudge (2004)
In the Bedroom (2002)

Usually with

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise
(8 films)
Mike Cahill
Mike Cahill
(2 films)
Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe
(3 films)
Robert Towne
Robert Towne
(4 films)
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Blackhat (2015)
, 2h13
Directed by Michael Mann
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Films about computing, Transport films, Sécurité informatique, Road movies, Cyberpunk films, Chase films
Actors Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Holt McCallany, Tang Wei, Manny Montana, William Mapother
Roles Rich Donahue
Rating54% 2.749852.749852.749852.749852.74985
At a nuclear plant in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, a hacker causes the coolant pumps to overheat and explode. Not long after in Chicago, the Mercantile Trade Exchange gets hacked, causing soy futures to rise. The Chinese government and the FBI determine that the hack was caused by a Remote Access Tool (RAT). A military officer in China's cyber warfare unit, Captain Chen Dawai (Leehom Wang), is tasked to find the people responsible for the attacks, and enlists the aid of his sister Chen Lien (Tang Wei), a networking engineer. He meets with FBI Agent Carol Barrett (Viola Davis) in Los Angeles and reveals the code in the RAT was written by himself and Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth), his college roommate, in their school days years before Hathaway was sent to prison for an unrelated hack. Dawai asks that the FBI arrange for Hathaway to be released from prison, where he is serving a sentence for computer crimes. Hathaway is offered temporary release in exchange for his services.
The Atticus Institute, 1h19
Directed by Chris Sparling
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors William Mapother, Rya Kihlstedt, Sharon Maughan, Harry Groener, John Rubinstein, Gerald McCullouch
Roles Dr. Henry West
Rating55% 2.755212.755212.755212.755212.75521
Dr. Henry West (William Mapother) founded The Atticus Institute to study paranormal activity including, E.S.P. and psychokinesis. Despite witnessing several noteworthy cases, nothing could have prepared Dr. West and his colleagues for Judith Winstead (Rya Kihlstedt). She outperforms every previous subject as her powers are realized to be demonic in nature. The U.S. government intervenes and attempts to weaponize her abilities which prove to have dire consequences. Now after nearly forty years, the classified events at the Atticus Institute are being made public to all.
I Origins
I Origins (2014)
, 1h46
Directed by Mike Cahill
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Romance
Themes Films about religion, Children's films
Actors Michael Pitt, Brit Marling, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Steven Yeun, Archie Panjabi, Cara Seymour
Roles Darryl Mackenzie
Rating73% 3.6532853.6532853.6532853.6532853.653285
A graduate student, Ian Gray, is researching the evolution of human eyes with Karen and Kenny. He has a particular hostility to superstition and "intelligent design", which he hopes to discredit by filling in the steps of the evolution of the eye. At a Halloween party he has an encounter with Sofi, who is wearing a mask. He photographs her eyes and they go into the washroom to have sex. Abruptly she leaves.
Drew Peterson: Untouchable, 1h24
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Rob Lowe, Kaley Cuoco, Catherine Dent, Cara Buono, Danielle Savre, Romy Rosemont
Roles Glenn Levecke
Rating59% 2.995672.995672.995672.995672.99567
Drew Peterson est un sergent de police d'une cinquantaine d'années apparemment irréprochable. Marié à sa troisième femme, Kathleen, avec qui il a eu deux enfants, il s'éprend de Stacy, 19 ans. Son mariage bat de l'aile et se termine par un divorce houleux. Peu de temps après, Kathleen est retrouvée morte dans une baignoire vide. Après son quatrième mariage avec Stacy et l'arrivée de deux autres enfants, Drew se révèle jaloux, possessif et autoritaire. Stacy lui demande de quitter la maison mais il refuse de perdre sa famille. Puis elle disparaît soudainement, en laissant les enfants. Grâce à l'intervention d'une voisine et à la mobilisation de la sœur de Stacy, l'affaire Drew Peterson attire l'attention de tous les médias.
Jobs (2013)
, 2h2
Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, Joshua Michael Stern
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical
Themes Films about computing
Actors Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad, Ahna O'Reilly, Dermot Mulroney, Matthew Modine, J. K. Simmons
Roles Calligraphy Professor
Rating60% 3.0011153.0011153.0011153.0011153.001115
The film opens in 2001 with a middle-aged Steve Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) introducing the iPod at an Apple Town Hall meeting.
Escape from Polygamy, 1h30
Directed by Rachel Goldenberg
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Mary McCormack, Haley Lu Richardson, William Mapother, Jack Falahee, Riki Lindhome, Blake Heron
Roles Ervil
Rating62% 3.1094353.1094353.1094353.1094353.109435
Julina, 17 ans, arrive dans la petite ville de Hilcreek avec sa mère, qui va devenir la quatrième femme d'un homme proche du prophète. Elle va faire la connaissance des trois autres épouses de celui-ci, ainsi que de ses enfants, de tous âges confondus. Elle va tomber sous le charme de Ryder, le fils ainé du prophète. Tout se passe bien jusqu'au jour où le prophète décide de prendre une autre femme de la secte pour épouse, et que ce sera Julina. Elle tentera par tous les moyens d'éviter le mariage...
Underdogs (2013)
, 1h42
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors D. B. Sweeney, William Mapother, Richard Portnow, Logan Huffman, Maddie Hasson, Charlie Carver
Roles Bill Burkett
Rating58% 2.903962.903962.903962.903962.90396
Bobby Burkett (Logan Huffman) is a promising quarterback for a struggling high-school football team. Vince DeAntonio (D.B. Sweeney) is a former college football offensive coordinator, who abruptly resigned five years earlier, and has now become coach at the high school. The coach realizes the team needs more depth, and recruits several unlikely new players. Over the course of the season, Bobby falls for Renee (Maddie Hasson) a cheerleader at a rival high school, who also is the love interest of the rival school's quarterback (Charlie Carver). Bobby's father (William Mapother), is an inventor who works for the rival quarterback's father (Richard Portnow). The inventor gets sued by his employer over the intellectual property rights to a new space heater design, and must struggle to keep his invention. The employer's company is also planning to move manufacturing to Mexico, eliminating jobs in the community. The story climaxes in a charity football game between the rival teams, which serves as a rallying point for the inventor's family, the school, and the community.
Static (2012)

Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Themes Ghost films
Actors Sara Paxton, Sarah Shahi, Milo Ventimiglia, Luke Barnett, William Mapother
Roles Greg Wagner
Rating53% 2.6506452.6506452.6506452.6506452.650645
Two parents mourning the recent death of their son battle a gang of masked prowlers during a home invasion.
Another Earth, 1h32
Directed by Mike Cahill
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Romance
Themes Children's films
Actors William Mapother, Brit Marling, Kumar Pallana, Robin Lord Taylor, Ari Gold, Yuval Segal
Roles John Burroughs
Rating68% 3.448433.448433.448433.448433.44843
Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling), a brilliant 17-year-old girl who has spent her young life fascinated by astronomy, is delighted to learn that she has been accepted into MIT. In a reckless celebratory moment, she drinks with friends and drives home intoxicated. Listening to a story on the radio about a recently discovered Earth-like planet, she gazes out her car window at the stars and inadvertently hits a stopped car at an intersection, putting John Burroughs (William Mapother) in a coma and killing his wife and son. Rhoda is a minor, so her identity is not revealed to John. After serving her juvenile prison sentence, and after four years of isolation, Rhoda continues to shield herself from the world outside, becoming a janitor at a local school, wanting to work "physically," almost as a means to struggle past the potential she has squandered with the decision of a single night.
A Warrior's Heart, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Romance
Themes Sports films
Actors Kellan Lutz, Adam Beach, Ashley Greene, Gabrielle Anwar, Chord Overstreet, William Mapother
Roles Coach David Milligan
Rating52% 2.6072952.6072952.6072952.6072952.607295
Star Lacrosse player Conor Sullivan (Kellan Lutz) is not excited about moving to an unknown town and being the new kid at high school. He has a new love interest Brooklyn (Ashley Greene), but he struggles to find a meaning to his life.
A Warrior's Heart
Genres Drama, Action, Romance
Actors Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Chord Overstreet, Cary Elwes, William Mapother, Gabrielle Anwar
Roles Coach David Milligan
Rating52% 2.6072952.6072952.6072952.6072952.607295
Dans le choc et le déni de la mort de son père (ancien Marine) lors d'une bataille, la star du jeu de Lacrosse Conor Sullivan( Kellan Lutz), marginal et tête brûlée, peine à venir à bout des tendances suicidaires de sa mère, Claire. Mais, tandis qu'il s'entraîne dur dans un camp de Lacrosse sous la tutelle d'un ancien frère d'armes de son père, le Sgt. Major Duke Wayne, il va découvrir, à travers le sport, le véritable sens de la maturité et, peu à peu, devenir un homme.
Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster, 1h45
Directed by Nathan Morlando
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Action, Historical, Crime
Themes Gangster films
Actors Kevin Durand, Scott Speedman, Brian Cox, Joseph Cross, Kelly Reilly, Brendan Fletcher
Roles Detective Rhys
Rating60% 3.0470653.0470653.0470653.0470653.047065
A veteran of World War II, Edwin Boyd (Scott Speedman) is disillusioned and barely getting by as a Toronto bus driver. With his wife Doreen (Kelly Reilly), whom he met in England during the war, and two young children to support, he finds it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Adding to his dissatisfaction, Boyd has deep, unfulfilled dreams of making it as a star in Hollywood, a desire frowned upon by his retired policeman father (Brian Cox). Cox’s portrayal shows a man who disapproves of his son’s life and terrible decisions but is made more poignant by his sad attempts to maintain a father-son relationship.
Hurt (2009)

Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Actors Melora Walters, William Mapother, Jackson Rathbone, Johanna Braddy, Sofia Vassilieva, Ava Gaudet
Roles Darryl Coltrane
Rating51% 2.5532952.5532952.5532952.5532952.553295
The Coltrane family's life has been devastated by an untimely death. Widowed Helen Coltrane (Melora Walters – "Big Love"), along with her teenage son (Jackson Rathbone – "Twilight") and daughter, are given shelter by her reclusive and quirky gun-loving brother-in-law. As they grapple with the reality of their shattered, altered life and twist of fate, coincidence steps in with a seemingly lovely foster child (Sofia Vassilieva), who appears touting a story that Helen's husband had pledged to take her in. And as they do, a macabre story of deception unfolds …
The Burrowers, 1h36
Directed by J. T. Petty
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action, Horror, Historical, Western
Actors Clancy Brown, William Mapother, Laura Leighton, Sean Patrick Thomas, Robert Ri'chard, Doug Hutchison
Roles Will Parcher
Rating57% 2.8523352.8523352.8523352.8523352.852335
When a family of Dakota Territory pioneers is violently abducted and a posse is assembled to venture into the badlands and rescue them, the frightening truth they discover in the hills leads them to believe man may not be the only hunter stalking the Old West. The year is 1879, and beyond the fringes of civilization a handful of pioneers maintain settlements while exploring the unknown territories. One night, under the shimmering Western stars, a family from one of these settlements is brutally dragged into darkness by a group of unknown invaders. At first the kidnappers are thought to be hostile Native Americans, and a posse forms to bring the family back home safely. Venturing out into the unmapped territories is an Irish immigrant desperate to find his lost love, a naïve teen eager to prove his worth, a former slave seeking his fortune, and a hardened pair of battle-weary Indian fighters. But nature's wrath and the tomahawks of hostile tribes are not the only threats that this group will be forced to confront, because as the bodies begin to multiply and the truth about the abductors gradually emerges, these rescuers will find out that there are forces in this world that cannot be described in human terms—and that seem to have motivations beyond our comprehension.
Moving McAllister, 1h31
Directed by Andrew Black
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Jon Heder, Mila Kunis, Rutger Hauer, Billy Drago, Hubbel Palmer, William Mapother
Roles Bob
Rating52% 2.601532.601532.601532.601532.60153
With only four days until the bar exam, an utterly unprepared law intern, Rick Robinson (Ben Gourley), is given a rare opportunity to score points with his boss, Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer) and without thinking, commits to a favor he cannot afford. Rick soon finds himself stuck in a grueling cross country road trip driving a rundown U-Haul truck carrying all his boss's worldly possessions. To make matters worse, he is left in charge of Mr. McAllister's bratty Hollywood-bound niece Michelle (Mila Kunis) and her out-of-control pet pig.