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Count Tacchia is a italien film of genre Comedy directed by Sergio Corbucci with Enrico Montesano

Count Tacchia (1982)

Count Tacchia
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Length 1h58
Directed by
Genres Comedy
Rating61% 3.096983.096983.096983.096983.09698

Il conte Tacchia, internationally released as Count Tacchia, is a 1982 Italian comedy film directed by Sergio Corbucci.

The main character of the film is inspired by the real count Tacchia, Adriano Bennicelli.


In 1900 in Rome, the poor carpenter Francesco, by a twist of fate, is recognized component of a noble family in the process of decay. Francesco knows the cynical and ruthless Prince Torquato Terenzi, disappointed by life and progress, and also falls in love with the beautiful Duchess Elisa. When Prince Terenzi dies, Francesco realizes that he's not enriched for nothing with the inheritance, because the noble family is broke; so he enlistes himself for the war in Libya, but quickly returnes to Italy, disgusted by the atrocities of the fighting.


Enrico Montesano

(Francesco 'Checco' Puricelli - aka Conte Tacchia)
Vittorio Gassman

(Prince Torquato Terenzi)
Paolo Panelli

(mastro Alvaro Puricelli)
Ninetto Davoli

Zoé Chauveau

(Fernanda Toccacieli)
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The film, a comedy and crime, offers a portrait of the society of Naples 70s in the hands of the "Mafia". Especially, with Ugo Tognazzi, the director wishes to highlight how justice is powerless because of the corruption of its amministranti by the "Camorra".