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Count Tacchia is a italien film of genre Comedy directed by Sergio Corbucci with Enrico Montesano

Count Tacchia (1982)

Count Tacchia
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Length 1h50
Directed by ,    
Genres Comedy,    Comedy-drama
Rating63% 3.191213.191213.191213.191213.19121

Due pezzi di pane, internationally released as Happy Hobos, is a 1979 Italian comedy film directed by Sergio Citti.


En 1900 à Rome, le pauvre charpentier Francesco voit sa vie prendre un tournant inattendu lorsqu'il est reconnu comme un membre d'une noble famille en déclin. Francesco fait la connaissance du cynique et impitoyable Prince Torquato Terenzi, déçu par la vie et le progrès, et tombe également amoureux de la belle Duchesse Elisa. Lorsque le Prince Terenzi décède, Francesco se rend compte que son héritage ne l'a pas enrichi, car la famille noble est ruinée. Il décide alors de s'enrôler dans l'armée pour la guerre en Libye, mais il rentre rapidement en Italie, dégoûté par les atrocités des combats. Son rêve est de devenir chanteur, et il décide de partir pour l'Amérique avec la Duchesse Elisa.


Enrico Montesano

(Francesco 'Checco' Puricelli - aka Conte Tacchia)
Vittorio Gassman

(Prince Torquato Terenzi)
Zoé Chauveau

(Fernanda Toccacieli)
Gigi Proietti

Paolo Panelli

(mastro Alvaro Puricelli)
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In 1900 in Rome, the poor carpenter Francesco, by a twist of fate, is recognized component of a noble family in the process of decay. Francesco knows the cynical and ruthless Prince Torquato Terenzi, disappointed by life and progress, and also falls in love with the beautiful Duchess Elisa. When Prince Terenzi dies, Francesco realizes that he's not enriched for nothing with the inheritance, because the noble family is broke; so he enlistes himself for the war in Libya, but quickly returnes to Italy, disgusted by the atrocities of the fighting.
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In a cemetery in Rome, at night, the soldier Camillo arrives among the graves. The rude and crude keeper Domenico welcomes him and makes him sit in a chapel. Camillo is looking for happiness, so Domenico ushers Camillo in a coffin, and closes him inside. In a short time Camillo dies, and is found as raised in the world of the dead. In fact he is accepted by the clique of the souls of the cemetery, led by Domenico alive. So Camillo, to pass the time, recounts the adventures of her young life, when he was a soldier, returned to his country to war. In the village Camillo, despair for many years, was considered a hero, and now that he was back, the citizens of the country, for fear of having economic problems on the tourism organizations who had long served in the county to celebrate the "sanctity" of the soldier disappeared, they tried to kill in all the ways the poor Camillo.
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Don Cimbolano (Renato Pozzetto), curé de campagne, ne voit son église se remplir qu'après que la rumeur a couru qu'il aurait couché avec la femme du pasteur protestant (Cochi Ponzoni) Un représentant (Enrico Montesano) est piégé par une jeune femme noble et libertine (Dalila Di Lazzaro), en fait jouant pour une caméra cachée dirigée par Nanni Loy
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