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Fear Over the City is a french film of genre Drama directed by Henri Verneuil released in USA on 21 november 1975 with Jean-Paul Belmondo

Fear Over the City (1975)

Fear Over the City
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Released in USA 21 november 1975
Length 2h
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Action,    Crime
Rating69% 3.4569253.4569253.4569253.4569253.456925

Peur sur la ville (also known as Fear Over the City and The Night Caller) is a 1975 French crime film directed by Henri Verneuil.
^ "Peur sur la Ville (Fear Over the City) (The Night Caller) (1975)". Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 2012-12-22.


Policeman Jean Letellier is under pressure because the infamous gangster Marcucci escaped him publicly. Moreover during the pursuit an innocent bystander was killed by a stray bullet. Letellier is investigated for having fired the deadly bullet.


Jean-Paul Belmondo

(Commissaire Jean Letellier)
Charles Denner

(Inspecteur Moissac)
Lea Massari

(Norah Elmer)
Adalberto Maria Merli

(Pierre Valdeck / Minos)
Giovanni Cianfriglia

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