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The Silent Mountain is a autrichien film of genre Drama directed by Ernst Gossner released in USA on 16 august 2014 with William Moseley

The Silent Mountain (2014)

The Silent Mountain
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Released in USA 16 august 2014
Length 1h34
Directed by
Genres Drama,    War,    Adventure,    Romance
Rating55% 2.757592.757592.757592.757592.75759

The Silent Mountain is a 2014 war drama written by Clemens Aufderklamm and produced and directed by Ernst Gossner set in the Dolomite Mountains 1915. The Silent Mountain is a love story set in the Dolomiti Mountains at the outbreak of WWI between Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1915.


Un jeune couple prépare son mariage à la veille de la Première guerre mondiale.


William Moseley

(Andreas Gruber)
Claudia Cardinale

(Nuria Calzolari)
Fritz Karl

(Fritz Weinberger)
Werner Daehn

(Sven Kornatz)
Corrado Invernizzi

(Nicola Quinziato)
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