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José Ferrer is a Actor, Director and Scriptwriter Porto ricain born on 8 january 1912 at Santurce

José Ferrer

José Ferrer
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Birth name José Vicente Ferrer de Otero y Cintrón
Nationality Porto rico
Birth 8 january 1912 at Santurce
Death 26 january 1992 (at 80 years) at Coral Gables (USA)
Awards Academy Award for Best Actor, National Medal of Arts

José Vicente Ferrer de Otero y Cintrón (January 8, 1912 – January 26, 1992), best known as José Ferrer, was a Puerto Rican actor, theater, and film director. He was the first Puerto Rican actor, as well as the first Hispanic actor, to win an Academy Award (in 1950, for Cyrano de Bergerac).

To honor his roots, he donated his Oscar award to the University of Puerto Rico. The prolific and distinguished thespian also won several Tony Awards. In 1947, he won the Tony Award for his theatrical performance of Cyrano de Bergerac, and then in 1952, he won the Distinguished Dramatic Actor Award for The Shrike, and also the Outstanding Director Award for directing all three of The Shrike, The Fourposter, and Stalag 17.

Ferrer's contributions to American theater were recognized in 1981, when he was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame. In 1985 he received the National Medal of Arts from Ronald Reagan, becoming the first actor to receive that honor. On April 26, 2012, the United States Postal Service issued a stamp in Ferrer's honor in its Distinguished Americans series.


Ferrer was married five times:

Uta Hagen (1938–1948): Ferrer and Hagen had one child, their daughter Leticia (born October 15, 1940). They divorced in 1948, partly due to Hagen's long-concealed affair with Paul Robeson, with whom Hagen and Ferrer had co-starred in the Broadway production of Othello.
Phyllis Hill (1948–1953): Ferrer and Hill wed on May 27, 1948, and they moved to Burlington, Vermont in 1950, where they subsequently found it difficult to keep their marriage together. Ferrer returned to Puerto Rico because his mother died. They divorced on January 12, 1953.
Rosemary Clooney (1953–1961): Ferrer first married Clooney on June 1, 1953 in Durant, Oklahoma. They moved to Santa Monica, California, in 1954, and then to Los Angeles in 1958. Ferrer and Clooney had five children: Miguel (born February 7, 1955), Maria (born August 9, 1956), Gabriel (born August 1, 1957), Monsita (born October 13, 1958) and Rafael (born March 23, 1960). They divorced for the first time in 1961.
Rosemary Clooney (1964–1967): Ferrer and Clooney remarried on November 22, 1964 in Los Angeles; however, the marriage again crumbled while Ferrer was carrying on an affair with the woman who would become his last wife, Stella Magee. Clooney found out about the affair, and she and Ferrer divorced again in 1967.
Stella Magee (1977–1992): Ferrer married Magee in 1977, and they remained so until his death.
He is a cousin of professional tennis player Gigi Fernández.

His marriage(s) to Rosemary Clooney made him uncle, and their five children first cousins, to actor George Clooney.

Ferrer was fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Italian.

Following a brief battle with colon cancer, Ferrer died in Coral Gables, Florida in 1992, and was interred in Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery in Old San Juan in his native Puerto Rico.

Best films

Dune (1984)
A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982)
The Big Brawl (1980)
Joan of Arc (1948)
Moulin Rouge (1952)
Ship of Fools (1965)

Usually with

Terry Jones
Terry Jones
(4 films)
Jules Bass
Jules Bass
(4 films)
Edward Platt
Edward Platt
(4 films)
Jim Backus
Jim Backus
(4 films)
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The Wind in the Willows, 1h39
Directed by Terry Jones, Arthur Rankin Jr., Jules Bass, Rachel Talalay
Genres Drama
Themes Children's films
Actors Matt Lucas, Mark Gatiss, Lee Ingleby, Bob Hoskins, Michael Murphy, Imelda Staunton
Rating63% 3.1971953.1971953.1971953.1971953.197195
Matt Lucas comme un crapaud merveilleux, Mark Gatiss comme un rat hérissés, Lee Ingleby comme une taupe nerveux, et Bob Hoskins comme un vieux grincheux Badger faire un casting de classe à l'intérieur une autre version du livre classique de Kenneth Grahame.
The Wind in the Willows, 1h27
Directed by Terry Jones, Arthur Rankin Jr., Jules Bass, Rachel Talalay
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Themes Films about animals, Children's films
Actors Steve Coogan, Bob Hoskins, Eric Idle, Mark Gatiss, Terry Jones, Matt Lucas
Rating62% 3.144873.144873.144873.144873.14487
Mole's (Steve Coogan) underground home is knocked in when the field above it is bulldozed by the Weasels; the field was owned by Mr. Toad (Terry Jones), who has sold it to finance his latest fad: caravanning. Mole flees to the river and meets the Water Rat (Eric Idle), who is preparing to embark on a picnic. Seeing Mole's distress, Rat decides to take Mole to see Toad. Toad encourages them to travel with him on the open road, in his newly bought canary-coloured cart. Disaster strikes when a pair of joyriders in a motor car knock over the cart. Rat calms Toad's horse instead of Mole. Toad, however, instantly discards the cart and becomes obsessed with motoring. He is a reckless driver, however, and ends up needing more money from the Weasels. Their volatile Chief (Antony Sher) tries to persuade him to sell Toad Hall.
The Wind in the Willows, 1h13
Directed by Terry Jones, Arthur Rankin Jr., Jules Bass, Rachel Talalay
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Children's films
Actors Alan Bennett, Bob Hoskins, Michael Gambon, Mark Gatiss, Rik Mayall, Matt Lucas
Rating73% 3.687553.687553.687553.687553.68755
Tired from spring cleaning, Mole ventures out of his hole for the first time and stumbles across a river and a new-found friend Ratty. The two friends enjoy themselves then call on Mr. Toad, who takes them for a trip on the open road by gypsy caravan until a passing motor car causes the caravan to crash and Toad to develop a mania for driving motor cars. Back at the riverbank Ratty gets a temporary phase of a desire to emigrate but Mole snaps him out of it.
The Wind in the Willows, 1h36
Directed by Terry Jones, Arthur Rankin Jr., Jules Bass, Rachel Talalay
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Animation
Themes Musical films, Children's films
Actors Charles Nelson Reilly, Bob Hoskins, Roddy McDowall, Mark Gatiss, José Ferrer, Matt Lucas
Roles Badger (voice)
Rating71% 3.5809053.5809053.5809053.5809053.580905
The "well-known and popular" Mr. Toad of Toad Hall (voice of Charles Nelson Reilly), a conceited and impulsive animal, embarks on a madcap river voyage in a paddleboat, nearly shipwrecking his friend Ratty (voice of Roddy McDowall) who is out for a leisurely row. At the same time, Toad whelms the entrance to the subterranean home of Moley (voice of Eddie Bracken). So disturbed, Moley comes above ground for the first time in his life, and is positively amazed by the surface world. At once he meets Ratty, who invites him to come along on his river cruise ("Wind in the Willows"). All too soon, Toad returns and recklessly overturns Ratty's boat, nearly drowning Moley, but Ratty saves him and pushes him along to shore.
Blood & Orchids, 4h
Directed by Jerry Thorpe
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Kris Kristofferson, Jane Alexander, Madeleine Stowe, José Ferrer, Sean Young, Susan Blakely
Roles Walter Bergman
Rating64% 3.2411753.2411753.2411753.2411753.241175
In 1937 Hawaii, four native Hawaiian men find a white woman, beaten nearly to death, and take her to a hospital—only to be charged later with her rape and assault. During their trial, the woman's husband, a lieutenant in the US Navy, fatally shoots one of them and later stands trial himself. The trial brings into stark relief the racial tensions that tear at the social fabric of Territorial Hawaii in the years prior to World War II.
Hitler's SS : Portrait In Evil, 2h15
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Actors Carroll Baker, Paul Brooke, Warren Clarke, Michael Elphick, José Ferrer, Lucy Gutteridge
Roles Prof. Ludwig Rosenberg
Rating64% 3.2414653.2414653.2414653.2414653.241465
Helmut and Karl Hoffman are two brothers who grow up in the Great Depression of the Weimar Republic, witness the coming to power of the NSDAP (Nazi Party) and the establishment of the Third Reich. Karl, an unemployed mechanic, is enthusiastic about the Nazis and joins the Sturmabteilung (SA-"Storm Battalion"), the Nazi Party militia, after hearing its commander Ernst Röhm speak at a Nazi Party rally. Helmut is reluctant and thinks the Nazis are simply another political party.
Dune (1984)
, 2h17
Directed by David Lynch
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action, Adventure
Themes Space adventure films, Monde imaginaire, Sur une planète fictive, Films based on science fiction novels, Films set in the future, Dystopian films, Space opera, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, Everett McGill, Sting, Max von Sydow, José Ferrer
Roles Padisha Emperor Shaddam IV
Rating62% 3.1490753.1490753.1490753.1490753.149075
Ten thousand years in the futurethe known universe is ruled by Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. The most important substance in the empire is the drug known as melange or "the spice". It has many special properties, such as extending life and expanding consciousness. The most profitable and important of its properties is its ability to assist the Spacing Guild with folding space, which allows safe, instantaneous interstellar travel.
The Evil That Men Do, 1h27
Directed by J. Lee Thompson
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Political films, Films about Latin American military dictatorships
Actors Charles Bronson, Theresa Saldana, Joseph Maher, José Ferrer, René Enríquez, John Glover
Roles Dr. Hector Lomelin
Rating58% 2.949872.949872.949872.949872.94987
Holland is a former CIA assassin who lives quietly and peacefully on a West Indies island. He is persuaded out of retirement by the death of Jorge Hidalgo, a friend and dissident journalist. Hidalgo was murdered by Clement Molloch, a Welsh doctor who lives in Guatemala. Molloch has made a science of the practice of torture and sells his knowledge and skills to any government that can pay his price.
George Washington (miniseries), 8h
Directed by Buzz Kulik
Origin USA
Genres Biography, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Barry Bostwick, Patty Duke, David Dukes, Jaclyn Smith, Lloyd Bridges, José Ferrer
Roles Governor Dinwiddie
Rating78% 3.932573.932573.932573.932573.93257
This miniseries covers the life of George Washington, from the time he is a young man, through his experiences in the French and Indian War and his rise to lead the Continental Army during the American Revolution. It concludes shortly after the end of the war, with Washington's return to his home in Mount Vernon.
Samson and Delilah, 1h35
Directed by Lee Philips
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about religion, Films based on the Bible, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Max von Sydow, Belinda Bauer, Antony Hamilton, Daniel Stern, Angélica Aragón, Victor Mature
Roles The High Priest
Rating56% 2.8093652.8093652.8093652.8093652.809365
Mostly the same as the original biblical story, but with notable differences such as, once again, the expanded role of Delilah (Bauer), the introduction of the garrison commander (Stern) who is friends with Samson (Hamilton), more focus upon Samson's relationship with his first wife, a different handling of the 30 garments bet, and, perhaps the most crucial alteration is to the climax. In the original story, maintained in the 1949 film and the 1996 TV remake, is that Samson only regains his strength after his hair has grown long again, thus allowing him to tear down the Philistine temple. Here, however, Samson is taken to the Philistine temple just after his hair has been cut short, and he prays to God to restore his immense strength despite his short hair, and God complies, allowing Samson enough strength to tear down the stone pillars, thus destroying the temple.
To Be or Not to Be, 1h43
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about television, Théâtre, Political films, Children's films
Actors Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Ronny Graham, Tim Matheson, Estelle Reiner
Roles Prof. Siletski
Rating67% 3.3993.3993.3993.3993.399
Frederick et Anna Bronski dirigent un petit théâtre de quartier à Varsovie. Lui est « mondialement connu en Pologne » et elle profite des scènes de monologue de son mari pour s'ébattre dans sa loge avec un jeune aviateur. Tout est bouleversé lorsque la troupe est engagée dans l'armée pour repousser les envahisseurs nazis et sauver la résistance polonaise...
Blood Feud
Blood Feud (1983)
, 3h30
Directed by Mike Newell
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films about families
Actors Robert Blake, Cotter Smith, Forrest Tucker, Ernest Borgnine, Danny Aiello, Brian Dennehy
Roles Edward Bennett Williams (Hoffa's attorney)
Rating67% 3.3827753.3827753.3827753.3827753.382775
It is the mid-1950s. Wealthy young Robert F. Kennedy is beginning to make a name for himself in Washington, D.C., as is older brother John F. Kennedy, a United States senator from Massachusetts.
The Being
The Being (1983)
, 1h22
Directed by Jackie Kong
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Actors Martin Landau, José Ferrer, Dorothy Malone, Ruth Buzzi, Kinky Friedman, Richard Marcus
Roles Mayor Gordon Lane
Rating44% 2.211552.211552.211552.211552.21155
People have been disappearing in the town of Pottsville, Idaho. Detective Mortimer Lutz (Bill Osco) thinks it is connected to the toxic dump site near the town, but is impeded in his investigation by the Mayor (Jose Ferrer), who is concerned about the economic impact on the town's potato industry should it turn out to be true. In reality, the toxic waste has turned a young child into a cannibalistic mutant monster, devouring anyone who comes across him. When the existence of the mutant is discovered, Lutz begins a run against time to stop it before it consumes the town's entire population.
A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, 1h25
Directed by Woody Allen
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, José Ferrer, Julie Hagerty, Tony Roberts, Mary Steenburgen
Roles Leopold
Rating65% 3.2985853.2985853.2985853.2985853.298585
It is the early 1900s. Distinguished philosopher Leopold (Ferrer) and his much younger fiancée, Ariel (Farrow), are going to spend a weekend in the country with Leopold's cousin Adrian (Steenburgen) and her crackpot inventor husband Andrew (Allen). Also on the guest list is womanizing doctor Maxwell (Roberts) and his latest girlfriend, free-thinking nurse, Dulcy (Hagerty). Over the course of the weekend, old romances reignite, new romances develop, and everyone ends up sneaking off behind everyone else's backs.
Blood Tide
Blood Tide (1982)
, 1h20
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Action, Adventure, Horror
Actors James Earl Jones, José Ferrer, Lila Kedrova, Mary Louise Weller, Martin Kove, Lydia Cornell
Roles Nereus
Rating43% 2.1595152.1595152.1595152.1595152.159515
A treasure hunter accidentally frees a monster, forcing local villagers to revisit the sacrifice of virgins.