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Paolo Bonacelli is a Actor Italien born on 28 february 1939 at Rome (Italie)

Paolo Bonacelli

Paolo Bonacelli
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Nationality Italie
Birth 28 february 1939 (85 years) at Rome (Italie)

Paolo Bonacelli (born February 28, 1939) is an Italian actor.

He is best known for his performance as The Duke de Blangis in Pasolini's famous Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975). He can also be seen in Midnight Express (1978) as the despised prison trustee Rifki and Caligula (1979), in which he plays the role of Cassius Chaerea.

He also co-starred with Roberto Benigni in the films Johnny Stecchino and Night on Earth, both from 1991.


Paolo Bonacelli est surtout connu pour sa prestation dans le film de Pasolini Salò ou les 120 jours de Sodome (1975). Il a aussi joué dans Midnight Express (1978), Caligula (1979), Le Guignolo (1980) et The American (2010).

Best films

The American (2010)
Midnight Express (1978)
Le Guignolo (1980)
Illustrious Corpses (1976)

Usually with

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Filmography of Paolo Bonacelli (57 films)

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Magical Nights, 2h5
Directed by Paolo Virzì
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Giancarlo Giannini, Ornella Muti, Giulio Berruti, Paolo Bonacelli, Jalil Lespert, Paolo Sassanelli
Roles Ennio 'The Great'
Rating60% 3.049783.049783.049783.049783.04978
Rome. Au cours de l'été, précisément le 3 juillet au cours de la Coupe du monde de football de 1990, lors de la demi-finale entre l'Italie et l'Argentine, un producteur de films bien connu est retrouvé mort dans les eaux du Tibre. Les principaux suspects du meurtre sont trois jeunes scénaristes en herbe, finalistes du prix Solinas . Au cours de la nuit dans la caserne, est retracé leur itinéraire trépidant, sentimental et ironique dans la splendeur et la misère de la période glorieuse du cinéma italien désormais à son crépuscule.
The Ploy
The Ploy (2016)
, 1h53
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Thriller, Historical
Actors Massimo Ranieri, Libero De Rienzo, Milena Vukotic, François-Xavier Demaison, Roberto Citran, Paolo Bonacelli
Roles Vascovo
Rating62% 3.131313.131313.131313.131313.13131
Rome, été 1975. Pier Paolo Pasolini, poète et réalisateur à succès, travaille à la production du film Salò ou les 120 Journées de Sodome et, entre-temps, écrit ce qui sera son dernier roman, Pétroloe, dans lequel il parle de l'économie italienne. Depuis quelque temps, cependant, Pasolini est engagé dans une relation homosexuelle avec Giuseppe Pelosi, un jeune criminel romain. Un soir, les amis de Pelosi volent le négatif du film Salò et demandent au poète une très grosse somme d'argent pour le lui rendre. C'était un piège et dans la nuit du 1er au 2 novembre 1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini est sauvagement assassiné.
The American, 1h45
Directed by Anton Corbijn
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors George Clooney, Violante Placido, Thekla Reuten, Paolo Bonacelli, Björn Granath, Thekla Reuten
Roles Father Benedetto
Rating62% 3.14753.14753.14753.14753.1475
Jack (George Clooney), a gunsmith and contract killer, and his lover, Ingrid (Irina Björklund), are relaxing in Sweden. Jack becomes alarmed by a trail of footprints in the snow and pulls Ingrid towards shelter. Sniper gunshots ring out. Ingrid sees Jack pull a gun from his pocket and shoot the approaching sniper. Knowing his identity is in jeopardy, and with little hesitation, Jack shoots and kills Ingrid. He flees to Rome and contacts his handler Pavel (Johan Leysen), who insists that Jack cannot stay in Rome. Pavel sends him to Castelvecchio (a small town in the mountains of Abruzzo). Jack becomes nervous, and, disposing of the cell phone Pavel gave him, goes to nearby Castel del Monte, Abruzzo, instead.
Mission: Impossible III, 2h5
Directed by J. J. Abrams
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Adventure, Spy
Themes Spy films
Actors Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ving Rhames, Billy Crudup, Michelle Monaghan, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Roles Monsignore
Rating68% 3.4483353.4483353.4483353.4483353.448335
Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has retired from field work for the IMF and instead trains new recruits while settling down with his fiancée, Julia Meade (Michelle Monaghan), a nurse who is unaware of Ethan's true job. Ethan is approached by fellow IMF agent John Musgrave (Billy Crudup) about a mission to rescue one of Ethan's protégés, Lindsey Farris (Keri Russell), who was captured while investigating arms dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Musgrave has already prepared a team for Ethan: Declan Gormley (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), Zhen Lei (Maggie Q), and his old partner Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames).
Scarlet Diva, 1h31
Directed by Asia Argento
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Asia Argento, Selen, Francesca D'Aloja, Daria Nicolodi, Leo Gullotta, Paolo Bonacelli
Roles Swiss Journalist
Rating50% 2.5026852.5026852.5026852.5026852.502685
Scarlet Diva is a semi-autobiographical film about the Italian actress and director Asia Argento's life as an actress. A self-destructive streak in Anna Batista (Argento) pulls her into drugs, sex and other excesses. To combat this descent, she attempts to fulfill her creative side by becoming a film director. Batista's attempts to realize her talent is thwarted however by her desires and the uncaring responses of those around her. As part of her plans to become a director and bring her story to the screen, Batista travels to Los Angeles but only meets a shady film producer (Joe Coleman). She falls in love with an uncaring Australian rock and roll star (Jean Shepard), then finds out she is pregnant by him. But her life is still in disarray as she uses drugs to help her feel better. Released in January 2000, Scarlet Diva was shot entirely on digital video, making it among the earliest feature films to be created with this technology.
Dirty Linen, 1h50
Directed by Mario Monicelli
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about families
Actors Paolo Bonacelli, Marina Confalone, Alessandro Haber, Mariangela Melato, Ornella Muti, Michele Placido
Roles Amedeo
Rating56% 2.814322.814322.814322.814322.81432
A family in Le Marche: the old father has a business of candy that provides support to the family. However, the man is about to leave the control of the company to his sons, who come with their families in the villa of him. The sons hate each other, and they fight for the possession of money, so when the old family man makes his choice, one of the guys places a bomb in the villa, making it explode.
The Stendhal Syndrome, 1h54
Directed by Dario Argento, Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Horror, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Peinture, Psychologie, Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Serial killer films, Films about psychiatry
Actors Asia Argento, Thomas Kretschmann, Marco Leonardi, Luigi Diberti, Paolo Bonacelli, Franco Diogene
Roles Dr. Cavanna
Rating59% 2.9948152.9948152.9948152.9948152.994815
Detective Anna Manni (Argento) travels to Florence on the trail of a serial killer Alfredo (Thomas Kretschmann). While at a museum, Anna is struck by Stendhal syndrome, which causes people to become overwhelmed by great works of art. Alfredo uses this disorder against Anna, kidnapping and raping her. She escapes and is deeply traumatized. Alfredo tracks her movements and is able to capture her again. This time, Anna manages to break free, badly wounding her captor, and knocking him into a river.
Christmas Vacation '95, 1h35
Directed by Neri Parenti
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi, Luke Perry, Paolo Bonacelli, Cristiana Capotondi, Howard Ross
Roles Paolo "Paolone"
Rating47% 2.3548852.3548852.3548852.3548852.354885
In the north of Italy in the town of Busto Arsizio, the clumsy and foolish Lorenzo leaves with his daughter Marta for the Christmas holiday for the city of Aspen, in Colorado. In Rome, the vulgar and womanizer Remo Proietti decides to recover unnecessarily loving relationship with his young wife Kelly, and so the two depart for America, while Remo's friends bettors and gamblers alike depart for America, but for Las Vegas. The story of Remo and Lorenzo starts just as Marta, in full adolescent phase, meets the famous Luke Perry and falls in love. In Aspen, Remo also discovers that his old friend Paolone, bettor and also usurer, is spending her Christmas holidays. When Remo loses a game of cards with him, threatening him Paolone legally, Remo is forced to sign a contract stating that his rival will have a sexual relationship with his wife. But Remo turns out that Kelly has a twin sister, valley of a club in the red light: Michelle.
The Teddy Bear, 1h24
Directed by Jacques Deray
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Romance
Actors Alain Delon, Laure Killing, Alexandra Winisky, Madeleine Robinson, Martine Brochard, Francesca Dellera
Roles Novacek
Rating52% 2.6129052.6129052.6129052.6129052.612905
Le professeur Jean Rivière reçoit des appels téléphoniques qui l'accusent de meurtre. Un ours en peluche lui arrive par courrier.
Abraham (1993)
, 2h55
Directed by Joseph Sargent
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Historical
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about religion, Films based on the Bible, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Richard Harris, Barbara Hershey, Vittorio Gassman, Maximilian Schell, Gottfried John, Kevin McNally
Roles Melchisedek
Rating72% 3.6067453.6067453.6067453.6067453.606745
Abram lives in Harran, a rich city. His wife Sarah (Barbara Hershey) is childless, and their only heir is Eliezer of Damascus. One day he hears the voice of God, who says that he must leave Haran and travel to an unknown land. God promises to make a great nation from him and renames him Abraham. The pattern for the plot is the Genesis chapters 11-25.
Directed by Clive Donner
Genres Drama, Adventure
Themes Histoire de France
Actors Christian Brendel, Anny Duperey, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Paolo Bonacelli, Xavier Deluc, Pierre Cosso
Roles Vitale
Rating67% 3.3840753.3840753.3840753.3840753.384075
La vie et les batailles de Charlemagne, de son avènement au trône des Francs à son couronnement comme empereur d’Occident.
Ciao, Professore!, 1h35
Directed by Lina Wertmüller
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about education
Actors Paolo Villaggio, Paolo Bonacelli, Isa Danieli
Roles Ludovico Mazzullo
Rating69% 3.464853.464853.464853.464853.46485
Marco Tullio Sperelli is a professor of Italian language for children from the region of Liguria in northern Italy. Due to a failure of the Ministry of Education, he is transferred not to another northern town, but instead a similar-sounding town near Naples, in southern Italy. There he finds a school where the students, teachers and parents deal with the poverty of the south in a resigned and practical manner that he feels are unworthy of the morality, ethics and education children should learn. (For example, most of the children avoid school because they must work for a living to help support their families).