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Alessandro Haber is a Actor Italien born on 19 january 1947 at Bologna (Italie)

Alessandro Haber

Alessandro Haber
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Nationality Italie
Birth 19 january 1947 (77 years) at Bologna (Italie)

Alessandro Haber (born January 19, 1947) is an Italian actor, film director and singer.

Haber was born in Bologna in a Jewish family of mixed ancestry (his father was Romanian and his mother Italian) and spent his childhood in Israel. His movie debut was in 1967 with La Cina è vicina by Marco Bellocchio. His first leading role was in Pupi Avati's Regalo di Natale.

Haber directed his only movie in 2003 with Scacco pazzo.

He is also a distinguished theatre actor, having performed amongst others in Orgia by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Woyzeck by Georg Büchner, L'avaro by Molière, Zio Vania by Anton Chekhov, Dialogo by Natalia Ginzburg and Arlecchino by Carlo Goldoni.

He has been touring theatres since 2006 with Tango d'amore e di coltelli, with musics by Ástor Piazzolla on a text by Jorge Luis Borges.

He has won three Nastro d'Argento, one David di Donatello, one Premio Gassman, one Premio IDI and one theatre critics' award.

As a singer, he has released three albums: Haberrante, Qualcosa da dichiarare and Il sogno di un uomo. His greatest success was the single "La valigia dell'attore", written for him by Francesco De Gregori.

In June, 2011 Haber attempted to kiss actress Lucia Lavia onstage during a rehearsal for "Othello" at the Teatro Romano di Verona. She responded by slapping him and he immediately slapped her back while accusing her of being "cold." After the intervention of both their lawyers, the theater forced Haber to leave the production and he was replaced by Franco Branciaroli.

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Filmography of Alessandro Haber (60 films)

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Il sogno del maratoneta, 3h20
Directed by Leone Pompucci
Genres Biography
Themes Sports films
Actors Luigi Lo Cascio, Laura Chiatti, Alessandro Haber, Roberto Nobile
Roles Octavio Bulgarelli
Rating61% 3.082413.082413.082413.082413.08241
The movie is about the story of the Italian athlete Dorando Pietri and restitutes the runner's fortunes and misfortunes at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London.
The Big Heart of Girls, 1h25
Directed by Pupi Avati
Origin Italie
Genres Drama
Actors Micaela Ramazzotti, Cesare Cremonini, Gianni Cavina, Isabelle Adriani, Massimo Bonetti, Sydne Rome
Roles Edo adulto
Rating61% 3.0697653.0697653.0697653.0697653.069765
Le film se situe au début des années 1930 dans un petit village dans la campagne du centre de l'Italie et narre la tentative d'une famille de riches propriétaires terriens de marier une de leurs trois filles avec le fils d'une famille de paysans.
The Cardboard Village, 1h27
Directed by Ermanno Olmi
Origin Italie
Genres Drama
Themes Films about alcoholism, Films about immigration, La précarité
Actors Michael Lonsdale, Rutger Hauer, Alessandro Haber, Omero Antonutti
Roles Il graduato
Rating63% 3.185083.185083.185083.185083.18508
Une église en ruine est désacralisée (rendue à l'usage profane) en présence d'un vieux prêtre . L'édifice est débarrassé de tout objet sacré et même le grand crucifix est emporté. À partir de ce moment, à l'intérieur démarre une nouvelle vie et l'édifice privé de tous les aspects liturgiques et institutionnels se transforme en un lieu où se concrétise la vraie foi du vieux prêtre.
The Unknown Woman, 1h58
Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Films about immigration, La précarité
Actors Ksenia Rappoport, Michele Placido, Claudia Gerini, Margherita Buy, Pierfrancesco Favino, Alessandro Haber
Roles Matteo
Rating73% 3.697173.697173.697173.697173.69717
Irena (Kseniya Rappoport), a Ukrainian prostitute on the run, is determined to find a job in an elegant apartment building in northern Italy, and starts by cleaning the stairs. She does it in order to inch her way into working for a family residing in that building. She befriends Gina (Piera Degli Esposti), the nanny of the family's child, Thea (Clara Dossena), who also lives with them in their apartment. When the nanny is crippled in a fall—tripped by Irena—but presumed to be accidental, Irena is hired to take her place. Through flashbacks, viewers learn that Irena has been physically and emotionally abused, and forced to bear nine children, all taken away at birth to be sold to adoptive families. After stabbing her pimp and leaving him for dead, she sets out to find her youngest child, whom she believes is Thea; hence the plot to work for them. Adoption documents in the apartment convince her that Thea is indeed her daughter. The mother grows suspicious of Irena and fires her, despite the loving relationship that has grown up between Irena and the child. Irena's pimp stalks her and sends out thugs to beat her up as she walks down the street. He rigs her employer's car, leading to a crash in which Thea's mother is killed. The pimp forces Irena to drive him to a location that may or may not contain the money Irena stole from him when she left him for dead. During a struggle, he falls and is killed as his head hits a rock. Thea's father moves to a new apartment and prepares a room for Irena, but as the police suspect foul play around the death of Thea's mother, Irena is taken into custody. She reveals both that the true culprit is the pimp and that she killed him. She is tried, and sent to jail. Thea stops eating until the judge allows Irena to visit her in the hospital and feed her. DNA testing reveals that Thea is not her daughter after all. After she is out of jail, she finds Thea, a young lady now waiting for her.
The Roses of the Desert, 1h42
Directed by Mario Monicelli
Origin Italie
Genres War, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Michele Placido, Alessandro Haber, Giorgio Pasotti, Moran Atias, Fulvio Falzarano, Claudio Bigagli
Roles Maggiore Strucchi
Rating64% 3.2374453.2374453.2374453.2374453.237445
In World War II a group of Italian soldiers is sent to Egypt to provide assistance to the local population. The military, however, should expect other directives from the Duce Benito Mussolini but completely lose contact with the Italy. So the members of the brigade, including some very curious and picturesque as the Captain who loves poetry to stay closer to his wife away, you ambientano with the local customs and forget their duty as soldiers. Soon, however, the war draws everyone and soldiers, along with a brother missionary-talking very loose (Michele Placido) walks through the desert with a troop of Germans. Soon they begin hostilities and the soldiers take up arms, but something has changed and they begin to think that war is a useless thing when we could live in oblivion in a land so beautiful and rich in culture. However, the Warriors do not have much time to think because their Captain, the only hold reference became mad because he discovered that his wife died recently betrayed him, he met his death by jumping stupidly against weapons of some Bedouin.
Christmas Rematch, 1h39
Directed by Pupi Avati
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Diego Abatantuono, Gianni Cavina, Alessandro Haber, Carlo Delle Piane, George Eastman, Eliana Miglio
Roles Gabriele Bagnoli
Rating67% 3.3931753.3931753.3931753.3931753.393175
In Piedmont, the old friends once: Franco, Lele, Stefano and Ugo are reviewing for the Christmas holidays. Franco, who was defeated 18 years before, is now a great industrialist and film producer, and he's going to have the rematch of the game of many years ago. Initially, during the poker game, Franco loses many euros, however after a while, he takes manages to score as many points. At the end of the game his friends're leaving defeated, and Franco realizes he's left alone because of a game, because now he has lost the esteem of his dear comrades.
Christmas Rematch
Directed by Pupi Avati
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Diego Abatantuono, Gianni Cavina, Carlo Delle Piane, George Eastman, Alessandro Haber, Eliana Miglio
Roles Gabriele Bagnoli
Rating67% 3.3931753.3931753.3931753.3931753.393175
Franco, qui a été défait au poker 18 ans plus tôt, est aujourd'hui un grand industriel et producteur de films, et il va avoir la revanche de jeu. Au début, pendant la partie de poker, Franco perd beaucoup d'euros, mais au bout d'un moment, il réussit à marquer beaucoup de points. A la fin du match, ses amis partent vaincus et Franco se rend compte qu'il est resté seul à cause d'un jeu, car il a perdu l'estime de ses camarades.
Dirty Linen, 1h50
Directed by Mario Monicelli
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about families
Actors Paolo Bonacelli, Marina Confalone, Alessandro Haber, Mariangela Melato, Ornella Muti, Michele Placido
Roles Genesio
Rating56% 2.814322.814322.814322.814322.81432
A family in Le Marche: the old father has a business of candy that provides support to the family. However, the man is about to leave the control of the company to his sons, who come with their families in the villa of him. The sons hate each other, and they fight for the possession of money, so when the old family man makes his choice, one of the guys places a bomb in the villa, making it explode.
The Last New Year's Eve
Directed by Marco Risi
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Monica Bellucci, Marco Giallini, Claudio Santamaria, Angela Finocchiaro, Iva Zanicchi, Giorgio Tirabassi
Roles Rinaldi, Esq.
Rating60% 3.045383.045383.045383.045383.04538
A quelques heures du réveillon du Nouvel An, dans la banlieue de Rome, une dizaine d'individus d'un condominium doivent faire à des événements tragi-comiques : - La fête d'une comtesse vieillissante est ruinée par l'équipe de football de la ville appartenant à son gigolo. - En s'habillant pour le dîner, la riche Guilia découvre la liaison de son mari avec sa meilleure amie et jure de se venger. - À côté, une famille prépare sa Dodge vintage pour une promenade dans les rues. - Une call-girl attache un avocat tandis que, à son insu, trois hommes attendent le bon moment pour s'introduire dans son bureau. - De l'autre côté du couloir, une femme prend des pilules dans une tentative de suicide solitaire. - Deux jeunes hommes se cachent dans une chambre pour fumer de la drogue; l'un d'eux a de la dynamite. À l'approche de minuit, chaque groupe se rapproche de la tragédie grotesque.
Tonka (1997)
, 1h53
Directed by Jean-Hugues Anglade
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Actors Jean-Hugues Anglade, Alessandro Haber, Marisa Berenson, Christian Charmetant, Philippe du Janerand, Christophe Odent
Roles Pietro Pistacio
Rating68% 3.404223.404223.404223.404223.40422
Un sprinter en proie au doute sur lui-même rencontre Tonka, une jeune femme qui n'a rien sauf la même passion que lui pour la course. Il devient son entraîneur et vit avec elle une relation amoureuse qui redonne un sens à sa vie.