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Luigi Cozzi is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Editor and Second Unit Italien born on 7 september 1947 at Busto Arsizio (Italie)

Luigi Cozzi

Luigi Cozzi
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Nationality Italie
Birth 7 september 1947 (76 years) at Busto Arsizio (Italie)

Luigi Cozzi (born September 7, 1947) is an Italian movie director and screenwriter who directed mainly science fiction and horror films in the mid-1970s and throughout the 1980s. He was born in 1947 in Busto Arsizio, Italy. He sometimes lists himself in film credits by his American name Lewis Coates.


Cozzi has been interested in film making since his teen years, producing a low budget science fiction film at age 21 called The Tunnel Under the World, which brought him to the attention of Italian producer Dario Argento. Cozzi worked as an assistant director and screenwriter on a number of Argento's most famous movies, even directing a made-for-TV movie called The Neighbor for the Door into Darkness television series produced by Argento in 1973.

Cozzi's first professional film was a 1975 giallo he made called The Killer Must Kill Again after which he was hired to direct a number of bigger budget science fiction and fantasy films, such as Contamination, Starcrash, Hercules and Hercules 2. Cozzi worked with a lot of well-known genre actors such as Caroline Munro, Sybil Danning, Lou Ferrigno, Joe Spinnell, Klaus Kinski, Daria Nicolodi, Asia Argento, David Hassellhoff, George Hilton and Brett Halsey.

In 1986, he wrote and planned to direct Sinbad of the Seven Seas, but the producer replaced him at the last minute with director Enzo Castellari. Castellari changed Cozzi's script drastically and several million dollars later, wound up submitting three hours of non-releasable footage to the producer, who shelved the project. In 1989, Cozzi was hired back to come in and fix up the picture, the producer spending an additional half million dollars finishing it.

Cozzi wrote a script he called De Profundis, which was supposed to be the unauthorized finale to Dario Argento's unfinished "Three Mothers" trilogy (which he had begun in his films Suspiria and Inferno). Cozzi shot the film as "De Profundis" (which means "From the Deep") starring Caroline Munro, but the American distributors (who at that time were planning a series of Edgar Allan Poe films) changed the title of Cozzi's film to "The Black Cat" at the last minute, although the film had no connection to Poe. Their Poe film series, however, never materialized. Cozzi's retitled film received very poor (if any) distribution, and does not seem to have ever been released on video. Cozzi later discovered that Italian director Lucio Fulci had expressed an interest in directing Cozzi's screenplay, without realizing that Cozzi had already directed the film himself! (It's probably just as well, since Fulci had previously directed a film called The Black Cat back in 1981.)

Cozzi also worked on the special effects in Dario Argento's Phenomena, and was an assistant director on The Stendahl Syndrome, Two Evil Eyes and Nosferatu in Venice (a sequel to Nosferatu the Vampyre which gave him the chance to work with Klaus Kinski). When Mario Caiano (the director on Nosferatu in Venice) quit the picture unexpectedly, Kinski attempted to finish directing it himself, and the producer brought Cozzi in to help Kinski co-direct it. The film did very poorly, mainly because Kinski refused to wear the Nosferatu make-up he wore in the earlier film. Cozzi also co-wrote the screenplays for Four Flies on Grey Velvet and Lamberto Bava's Monster Shark. Some of his work was done under his Americanized stage name Lewis Coates.

Cozzi's final horror film Paganini Horror was a major disappointment to him, since he was unable to work effectively within the tiny budget he was given. Argento's wife Daria Nicolodi co-wrote the script with Cozzi and starred in it. In 1987-88, Cozzi directed 9 episodes of the Italian television series Turno Di Notte (some of which starred Asia Argento and Daria Nicolodi). He later made two documentaries on the films of Dario Argento, and for years operated and managed Dario Argento's retail movie memorabilia store in Italy.

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Violent Starr
Origin German
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Films about sexuality, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Bianca Bradey, Michael Berryman, Luigi Cozzi

Violent Starr (Bianca Bradey) est une pirate de l'espace, qui devient un héros grâce à un artefact d'un guerrier légendaire. Elle se bat contre le Godmichael (Michael Berryman), qui est une énorme tête diabolique qui flotte dans l’espace.
Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films, 1h46
Genres Documentary
Themes Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry
Actors Menahem Golan, Molly Ringwald, Yoram Globus, Dolph Lundgren, Bo Derek, Marina Sirtis
Roles Self - Filmmaker
Rating73% 3.6959053.6959053.6959053.6959053.695905
Mélangeant interviews, extraits de films et images d’archives, ce documentaire retrace l’histoire de la société de production Cannon Films, créée par Menahem Golan et Yoram Globus. Dans les années 1980, ces deux producteurs ont sans aucun doute produit les plus grands nanars du cinéma, s’emparant de force de la machine hollywoodienne, et changeant à jamais l’histoire du cinéma bis.
Four Flies on Grey Velvet, 1h44
Directed by Dario Argento
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Horror, Crime
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Michael Brandon, Mimsy Farmer, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Bud Spencer, Stefano Satta Flores, Francine Racette
Roles Masked Killer in Theater (uncredited)
Rating64% 3.2495753.2495753.2495753.2495753.249575
Roberto Tobias (Michael Brandon) plays the drums for a local rock and roll band when at various time, he sees a man in dark sunglasses wearing a suite and tie, watching him. After the session, Roberto follows the man through the dark streets to an apparently abandoned opera house where he confronts the man and asks him why he's been following him for the past several weeks. The man declines such actions and pulls a knife on Roberto when the drummer gets too close. In the struggle, the man is accidentally stabbed and he falls from the stage to the lower level. Suddenly a spotlight is turned onto Roberto and a masked person on the balcony snaps some photos of Roberto holding the bloody knife.
Tunnel Under the World, 1h10
Directed by Luigi Cozzi
Genres Science fiction
Themes Films based on science fiction novels
Actors Luigi Cozzi
Rating56% 2.828692.828692.828692.828692.82869
Un homme semble vivre les mêmes journées, à la fin desquelles il finit apparemment abattu par un étrange tireur. Un soir, notre homme trompe sa femme mais au matin rien ne lui semble pareil. Au travers de différentes rencontres, il découvrira que le monde auquel il était habitué n'est pas celui qu'il croit...


The Stendhal Syndrome, 1h54
Directed by Dario Argento, Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Horror, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Peinture, Psychologie, Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Serial killer films, Films about psychiatry
Actors Asia Argento, Thomas Kretschmann, Marco Leonardi, Luigi Diberti, Paolo Bonacelli, Franco Diogene
Rating59% 2.9948152.9948152.9948152.9948152.994815
Detective Anna Manni (Argento) travels to Florence on the trail of a serial killer Alfredo (Thomas Kretschmann). While at a museum, Anna is struck by Stendhal syndrome, which causes people to become overwhelmed by great works of art. Alfredo uses this disorder against Anna, kidnapping and raping her. She escapes and is deeply traumatized. Alfredo tracks her movements and is able to capture her again. This time, Anna manages to break free, badly wounding her captor, and knocking him into a river.
Two Evil Eyes, 2h
Directed by George A. Romero, Dario Argento, Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Slasher
Themes Films about animals, Medical-themed films, Films about cats, Serial killer films, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Disaster films
Actors Adrienne Barbeau, E. G. Marshall, Harvey Keitel, Chuck Aber, Madeleine Potter, John Amos
Rating61% 3.0501653.0501653.0501653.0501653.050165
"The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar" Jessica Valdemar, an attractive 40-year-old woman, rides in a taxi to the downtown Pittsburgh office of Steven Pike, her elderly husband’s lawyer with some paperwork for Mr. Pike approval. Pike sees that Jessica’s 65-year-old husband named Ernest Valdemar, who is dying from an unnamed terminal illness, is liquidating a number of his assets for cash and suspects Jessica of having undue influence on him. Jessica denies the allegations that she’s any negative influence over her husband, while Pike makes a phone call to the house to talk with Ernest Valdemar, who speaks over the phone in a weak but coherent voice explaining about his decision to let Jessica take control of his money and assets from his personal signature on the written documents that she has. Pike reluctantly agrees to let Jessica have access to the money, but warns her that if anything were to happen to Mr. Valdemar within the next three weeks before the transfer of his estate over to Jessica is finalized, she will be investigated by the authorities.
Paganini Horror
Directed by Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Horror, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Daria Nicolodi, Donald Pleasence
Rating43% 2.16172.16172.16172.16172.1617
Un groupe de pop composé de jeunes femmes décide de tourner un clip video dans la maison où le célèbre compositeur Paganini a vendu son âme au diable après avoir sacrifié sa fiancée. La musique achetée par le manager du groupe à un individu suspect s'avère être une création inédite du compositeur Paganini. Lors de la répétition, les sons éveillent le diable et le fantôme du compositeur.
Sinbad of the Seven Seas, 1h33
Directed by Enzo G. Castellari, Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Children's films
Actors Lou Ferrigno, John Steiner, Ennio Girolami, Alessandra Martines, Cork Hubbert, Massimo Vanni
Rating43% 2.1557252.1557252.1557252.1557252.155725
In the city of Basra, the evil vizier Jaffar has clouded the caliph's mind and imprisoned his daughter, Princess Alina in order to marry her. Jaffar has four of the town's five sacred gems sent to dangerous and evil places where they will be carefully guarded by magical forces. Sinbad and his crew arrive at the caliph's palace, only to be captured by the hypnotised soldiers. Jaffar sentences Sinbad's crew to the torture chamber while the mighty sailor is to be locked in a pit full of snakes. Sinbad gets out of the snake pit using some snakes tied together into a rope and later rescues his companions from the torture chamber. As they flee the controlled Basra, Jaffar grants power from evil forces to help him kill Sinbad, this summons an evil cloud over Sinbad's ship and the Legions of Darkness, undead warriors. Together with the help of his friends, Sinbad manages to defeat the undead and the leader. Sinbad heads to a mysterious island to seek the help of a wise Oracle, who tells them the location of the four sacred gems of Basra. Then, he sails to an island and finds the gem by himself, he destroys a towering rock monster and retrieves the gem. Jaffar is joined by another ally, Soukra, a sorceress, and they prepare Jaffar's scheming plan. The second gem is on the island of the Amazons, the Amazons hypnotise Sinbad's crew and the Queen takes Sinbad with her. The Bald Cook and Poochie the dwarf save Sinbad and retrieves the second gem, the Queen's necklace. Next, Sinbad and his team head to the Isle of the Dead, where they battle Ghost Knights who have risen from the dead to fulfill their destiny. Sinbad goes for the Ghost King while his companions battle the Knights. Jaffar casts Sinbad's ship and his crew in the middle of the sea, leaving the sailor alone on the Isle of the Dead. Jaffar gives life to the Ghost King using his evil powers, and it weakens Sinbad, but he resists and destroys the Ghost King with his own sword and takes the third sacred gem. Later, Sinbad meets Kira, and her father, Nadir the wizard, two survivors on the Isle of the Dead who came there on a flying balloon. Sinbad agrees to help them get rid of the vicious monsters of the island and is aided by Kira, they encounter a group of ghouls, Sinbad fights them but Kira is captured by them. Sinbad rescues Kira but has to face a terrible monster able to fire bolts of energy from its wrists guarding the last sacred gem of Basra, Sinbad defeats the evil creature with the gems he has and retrieves the last one and they, along with Nadir escape the island on a balloon. Sinbad meets up with his companions and they go off to face Jaffar, Sinbad's men face off the soldiers while Sinbad battles Jaffar. The wizard creates an exact Sinbad clone to battle the sailor, but he manages to defeat it. Eventually, Jaffar is captured by Sinbad and Princess Alina is rescued. Peace has been restored to the world with the sacred gems.
Nosferatu in Venice, 1h37
Directed by Klaus Kinski, Mario Caiano, Luigi Cozzi, Pasquale Squitieri, Maurizio Lucidi, Augusto Caminito
Genres Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Films about religion, Dracula films, Vampires in film
Actors Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer, Donald Pleasence, Barbara De Rossi, Yorgo Voyagis, Clara Colosimo
Rating52% 2.6151252.6151252.6151252.6151252.615125
Professor Paris Catalano goes to Venice to investigate the last known appearance of Nosferatu during the Carnival of 1786. Catalano seems to think that the vampire is searching for a means to put an end to his torment and actually be dead. He stays with a family who, legend says, has the vampire trapped in a tomb in the basement. After a séance "the vampire" appears and then it becomes a question of how do you put the evil back into the box.
The Adventures of Hercules, 1h28
Directed by Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Fantastic, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films based on mythology, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology, Dans la Grèce mythologique, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology
Actors Lou Ferrigno, Milly Carlucci, William Berger, Sonia Viviani, Claudio Cassinelli, Venantino Venantini
Rating39% 1.975621.975621.975621.975621.97562
Tout semble paisible au royaume des Dieux. Zeus, satisfait du travail effectué par son fils, coule aujourd’hui des jours heureux… Bien entendu, cela ne dure pas et quatre Divinités lui volent ses sept éclairs magiques, rompant ainsi l’équilibre de l’univers. Blessé par une telle félonie, Zeus décide d’avoir recours une nouvelle fois à Hercule pour retrouver les précieuses reliques, rétablir l’ordre et repousser le mal.
Hercules (1983)
, 1h38
Directed by Luigi Cozzi
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films based on mythology, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology
Actors Lou Ferrigno, Sybil Danning, Bradford Harris, William Berger, Mirella D'Angelo, Rossana Podestà
Rating41% 2.0630052.0630052.0630052.0630052.063005
The film is a retelling of the story of Hercules (Lou Ferrigno) battling the wizard Minos (William Berger), who uses "science" in an attempt to take over the world. Hercules must stop him and rescue his princess love in the process.
Contamination, 1h35
Directed by Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Science fiction, Adventure, Horror, Romance
Themes Space adventure films, Medical-themed films, Mars in film, Films about extraterrestrial life, Films about viral outbreaks, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Ian McCulloch, Louise Marleau, Marino Masè, Gisela Hahn, Siegfried Rauch, Carlo Monni
Rating51% 2.552732.552732.552732.552732.55273
A large ship drifts into New York Harbor, seemingly abandoned. The ship is discovered to be carrying large containers of coffee, hidden inside of which are a series of football-sized green eggs. The crew sent in to explore the ghost ship find the mutilated remains of the former crew gathered in one place, and they soon discover the reason why: when disturbed, the green eggs explode, spraying a viscous liquid over everything. The liquid is toxic to living creatures, and causes the body to immediately explode.
Starcrash (1978)
, 1h34
Directed by Luigi Cozzi
Origin Italie
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Space adventure films, Dans l'espace, Space opera
Actors Marjoe Gortner, Caroline Munro, Robert Tessier, Christopher Plummer, David Hasselhoff, Dirce Funari
Rating40% 2.00412.00412.00412.00412.0041
In a distant galaxy, a starship searches for the evil Count Zarth Arn. Closing in on a planet, the ship is attacked by a mysterious weapon (a red blobby field) which drives the crew insane. Three escape pods launch during the attack, but the ship crashes into the atmosphere of the planet and is destroyed.
The Last Concert
Directed by Luigi Cozzi
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Richard Johnson, Pamela Villoresi, Maria Antonietta Beluzzi, Francesco D'Adda, Riccardo Cucciolla
Rating63% 3.19043.19043.19043.19043.1904
L'histoire d'amour d'une jeune femme, Stella, qui se meurt d'une leucémie. À l'hôpital, un homme est pris pour un membre de la famille et est informé par un médecin du diagnostic de Stella. Stella suit joyeusement l'homme. Celui-ci est d'abord réticent, mais après quelques moments d'hésitation, ils développent une relation. Les deux tombent amoureux dans le court laps de temps qui leur reste à vivre.