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The Cars That Ate Paris is a Australien film of genre Science fiction directed by Peter Weir released in USA on 1 june 1976 with John Meillon

The Cars That Ate Paris (1974)

The Cars That Ate Paris
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Released in USA 1 june 1976
Length 1h31
Directed by
Genres Science fiction,    Thriller,    Fantastic,    Comedy,    Comedy-drama,    Horror comedy,    Action,    Horror
Rating56% 2.8006252.8006252.8006252.8006252.800625

The Cars That Ate Paris is a 1974 Australian horror comedy film, produced by twin brothers Hal and Jim McElroy and directed by Peter Weir, it was his first feature film, and was also based on an original story he had written. Shot mostly in the rural town of Sofala, New South Wales, the film is set in the fictional town of Paris in which most of the inhabitants appear to be directly, or indirectly, involved in profiting from the results of car accidents.


The film begins with an urban couple driving through the countryside in what looks like a cinema advertisement. The scene comes to a halt with a fatal accident. The rural Australian town of Paris arranges fatal accidents to visitors driving through. Townspeople collect items from the luggage of the deceased passengers whilst survivors are taken to the local hospital where they are given lobotomies with power tools and kept as "veggies" for medical experiments by the earnest town surgeon. The young men of the town salvage and modify the wrecked vehicles into a variety of strange-looking cars designed for destruction.


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