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Hugo Speer is a Actor and Director British born on 17 march 1969 at Harrogate (United-kingdom)

Hugo Speer

Hugo Speer
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 17 march 1969 (51 years) at Harrogate (United-kingdom)

Hugo Speer (born 17 March 1969) is an English actor.

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Filmography of Hugo Speer (12 films)

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Nymphomaniac - Part 1
Directed by Lars von Trier
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Erotic
Themes Les fantasmes, Pregnancy films, Films about immigration, Medical-themed films, Films about religion, Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Bisexuality-related films, Erotic films, BDSM in films, LGBT-related films, Films about pedophilia, Films about prostitution, Films about psychiatry, LGBT-related films, Films about virginity, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Stacy Martin, Christian Slater
Roles Mr. H
Rating68% 3.449923.449923.449923.449923.44992
On a snowy evening, the middle-aged bachelor Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) finds the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) beaten up and lying in the alleyway behind his apartment. He takes her back to his home and, over tea, listens intently as Joe recounts the eventful story of her libidinous life. Seligman, a highly-educated but cloistered man, connects and analyzes Joe's stories with what he has read about.
Nymphomaniac - Volume 2
Directed by Lars von Trier
Genres Drama
Actors Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård, Uma Thurman, Nicolas Bro, Connie Nielsen
Rating67% 3.3510953.3510953.3510953.3510953.351095
Deuxième volet de la folle et poétique histoire du parcours d'une femme, de sa naissance jusqu'à lâge de 50 ans, racontée par le personnage principal, Joe, qui s'est auto-diagnostiquée nymphomane.
Late Bloomers, 1h35
Directed by Julie Gavras
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors William Hurt, Isabella Rossellini, Doreen Mantle, Kate Ashfield, Aidan McArdle, Arta Dobroshi
Roles Peter
Rating57% 2.852632.852632.852632.852632.85263
A couple, Adam (Hurt) and Mary (Rossellini), are both heading into their sixties, but react to this differently. A retired teacher, Mary begins to make adjustments to their home to make it more practical for their age. Adam is defensive to any changes and fiercely defends his progression as an architect. They live in London, next door to Mary's mother, Nora who raised her daughter in Italy. Mary worries about an incident of memory loss and her doctor prescribes her to keep active. Adam, insulted by an offer to design a retirement home, instead turns his attention to the proposal of a young associate, Maya (Dobroshi) to participate in a competition to design a new museum. Adam becomes nocturnal, working on the project over-night with young associates. Mary becomes used to an increasingly empty home, but attracts an admirer at the gym.
Carmen's Kiss, 1h30
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Romance
Actors Hugo Speer, Bruce Payne, Martin Kove, Jason Croot
Roles Joe
Rating39% 1.9912951.9912951.9912951.9912951.991295
The film is the tragic story of Joe (Hugo Speer), a Police Sergeant in London who falls for Carmen (Vivienne Harvey), a feisty gypsy girl, who is the victim of an Eastern European gang of sex traffickers. Joe rescues her from her horrific entrapment but unfortunately loses his job in the process.
Fanny Hill
Fanny Hill (2007)
, 1h46
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Erotic thriller films
Actors Rebecca Night, Alison Steadman, Hugo Speer, Samantha Bond, Carli Norris, Emma Stansfield
Roles Mr. H
Rating64% 3.246143.246143.246143.246143.24614
Dans l'Angleterre du XVIII siècle, Fanny Hill, une jeune femme orpheline originaire du Lancashire, accepte la proposition de son amie Esther Davies de la rejoindre à Londres. Celle-ci travaille dans la maison close de madame Brown, qui engage aussitôt Fanny. Lors de sa première nuit à Londres, la jeune femme, qui pense avoir été embauchée en tant que servante, en apprend un peu plus sur ce qu'on attend d'elle. Phoebe, qui partage sa chambre, lui révèle la nature exacte de leurs activités. Le lendemain, Fanny est confrontée à son premier client, monsieur Crofts...
The Interpreter, 2h
Directed by Sydney Pollack
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Films set in Africa, Monde imaginaire, Politique, Political films, Films about language and translation
Actors Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, Jesper Christensen, Yvan Attal, Earl Cameron
Roles Simon Broome
Rating63% 3.199533.199533.199533.199533.19953
Silvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) is an interpreter working at the United Nations in New York City. She was raised in the Republic of Matobo, a fictional African country, but has dual citizenship. The U.N. is considering indicting Edmond Zuwanie (Earl Cameron), Matobo's president, to stand trial in the International Criminal Court. Initially a liberator, over the past 20 years he has become as corrupt and tyrannical as the government he overthrew, and is now responsible for ethnic cleansing and other atrocities within Matobo. Zuwanie is soon to visit the U.N. and put forward his own case to the General Assembly, in an attempt to avoid the indictment.
Boudica (2003)
, 1h38
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Biography, Action, Historical
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about families, Films about sexuality, Political films
Actors Alex Kingston, Steven Waddington, Emily Blunt, Leanne Rowe, Hugo Speer, Gary Lewis
Roles Dervalloc
Rating52% 2.60582.60582.60582.60582.6058
Boudica, the Warrior Queen on Britain, leads her tribe into rebellion against the Roman Empire and the mad Emperor of Rome Nero.
Deathwatch (2002)
, 1h34
Directed by M. J. Bassett
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, War, Thriller, Fantastic, Horror, Historical
Themes Ghost films, Political films
Actors Jamie Bell, Laurence Fox, Kris Marshall, Rúaidhrí Conroy, Andy Serkis, Hugo Speer
Roles Sgt. David Tate
Rating59% 2.999292.999292.999292.999292.99929
During the prologue, a squad of British soldiers is seen assaulting a German trench at night. Sergeant David Tate (Hugo Speer) is caught in the barbed wire and calls out to Private Charlie Shakespeare (Jamie Bell), a 16-year-old member of the squad, to rescue him from the entanglement. Shakespeare, however, has completely broken down from fear due to the chaos around him, and runs off into the fighting, only to be seemingly buried by shellfire moments later.
Barnie's Minor Annoyances, 1h20
Directed by Bruno Chiche
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Transport films, Bisexuality-related films, Rail transport films, LGBT-related film, Film se déroulant dans un train
Actors Fabrice Luchini, Nathalie Baye, Marie Gillain, Hugo Speer, Serge Hazanavicius, Mélanie Bernier
Roles Mark
Rating57% 2.8998052.8998052.8998052.8998052.899805
Barnie aime sa femme, sa maîtresse et son amant. Il travaille à Londres, mais habite en France. Le jour de son anniversaire, il reçoit trois cadeaux identiques, chacun venant respectivement de ses trois amours : trois week-end en amoureux à Venise en Orient-Express, le 1er mai. Pour préserver son mariage, il renvoie les deux billets à ses amoureux clandestins. Cependant, Barnie se trompe en les postant. Ainsi, Mark reçoit l'enveloppe destinée à Margot, et vice-versa. Les deux amants, mécontents se rendent au bureau de Barnie et font connaissance. Ensemble, ils décident de rendre une petite visite à Barnie, en France, où ils rencontrent… sa femme !
The Full Monty, 1h31
Directed by Peter Cattaneo
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about alcoholism, Films about sexuality, La précarité, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Striptease
Actors Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, William Snape, Steve Huison, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Barber
Roles Guy
Rating71% 3.5988753.5988753.5988753.5988753.598875
The once-successful steel mills of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, have shut down and most of the employees have been laid off. Former steel workers Gary "Gaz" Schofield and Dave Horsefall have resorted to stealing scrap metal from the abandoned mills to sell. Gaz is facing trouble from his former wife, Mandy and her boyfriend Barry over child support payments that he's failed to make since losing his job. Gaz's son, Nathan, loves his father but wishes they could do more "normal stuff" in their time together.
Bhaji on the Beach, 1h41
Directed by Gurinder Chadha
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Kim Vithana, Jimmi Harkishin, Akbar Kurtha, Shaheen Khan, Zohra Sehgal, Rudolph Walker
Roles Andy
Rating62% 3.143643.143643.143643.143643.14364
A community group of British women (mostly Punjabis of various faiths) of all generations from Great Britain, take a group day out to the Blackpool Illuminations. The tensions of the generation gap torn between tradition and modernism as well as the personal upsets and issues of the women and girls come to boiling point as they spend the day out.


Mam (2010)
, 15minutes
Directed by Hugo Speer
Origin United-kingdom
Actors Josie Lawrence, Paul Barber, Ronan Carter
Rating71% 3.5635353.5635353.5635353.5635353.563535
When Mam won’t get out of bed, 12-year-old Danny must fend for his brothers and sisters - whilst trying to protect a secret that threatens to break up the family forever.