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John O'Hurley is a Actor American born on 9 october 1954 at Kittery (USA)

John O'Hurley

John O'Hurley
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Birth name John Gerald O'Hurley
Nationality USA
Birth 9 october 1954 (69 years) at Kittery (USA)

John George O'Hurley (born October 9, 1954) is an American actor, voice actor, author and television personality. He is known for the role of J. Peterman on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld and was host of the game show Family Feud from 2006 to 2010.


O'Hurley is a self-taught pianist and classically trained vocalist. O'Hurley has been composing since his teen years. In 2004 he released a two-album project entitled "Peace of Our Minds" a compilation of his original piano compositions in tandem with cellist Marston Smith. The piece "For Lisa" was written for John's wife especially for their wedding day in 2004. He was featured on the March/April 2009 cover of Making Music Magazine.

He was married to Eva LaRue from 1992 to 1994. Since August 14, 2004 he has been married to Lisa Mesloh. She had their son in December 2006.

In May 2011, O'Hurley received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

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A Remarkable Life
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Bisexuality-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Chris Bruno, Daphne Zuniga, Helen Slater, Marie Avgeropoulos, Mark Margolis, Dylan Bruno
Roles Father David
Rating47% 2.3778652.3778652.3778652.3778652.377865
La virilité de Lenny est remise en question, lorsque sa femme Tracy le quitte pour une femme médecin nommée Iris.
The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age SmackDown!, 50minutes
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Sports films, Children's films
Actors Jeff Bergman, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tress MacNeille, Grey DeLisle, John O'Hurley, John Cena
Roles Mr. Slate (voice)
Rating55% 2.7976152.7976152.7976152.7976152.797615
When Fred Flintstone loses his family's vacation money, he comes up with a plan to get it back. He convinces friend Barney Rubble to become a professional wrestler, wrestling the likes of John Cenastone (John Cena), Rey Mysteriopal (Rey Mysterio), and The Undertaker, among others. Fred then becomes the booker of his own wrestling promotion to earn the money back. Numerous other WWE wrestlers and personalities (including owner/chairman/CEO Vince McMahon) also provide their voices for characters in the movie.
Christian Mingle, 1h43
Directed by Corbin Bernsen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Wood, Stephen Tobolowsky, David Keith, Morgan Fairchild, John O'Hurley
Roles Donny De Bona
Rating42% 2.1281552.1281552.1281552.1281552.128155
Busy ad executive Gwyneth Hayden (Lacey Chabert) has been unsuccessful in love. Seeing that a friend has become engaged leaving her as the last single woman in her group, and after seeing an advert for the dating website christian mingle, she signs up. She confesses to her co-worker Pam (Saidah Arrika Ekulona) that she hasn't been to church in years despite having been brought up a Christian, and before going on a date with Paul (Jonathan Patrick Moore) she buys The Bible for Dummies and Christianity for Dummies.
Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright, 1h15
Directed by Victor Cook
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about dogs, Comedy horror films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Isabella Acres, Troy Baker, Eric Bauza, Jeff Bennett, Wayne Brady, Mindy Cohn
Roles The Great Pauldini (voice)
Rating71% 3.5734453.5734453.5734453.5734453.573445
The Mystery Inc. crew head to Chicago for a talent show, called Talent Star, hosted by Brick Pimiento, where songwriting duo Fred and Daphne are finalists with some high hopes. Upon arrival, they learn that the opera house which the show will be held in is being terrorized by a Phantom, who is intensely lauding one of the finalists to win, Christine, a spoiled girl whose noisy parents are no more polite than her. Fred and Daphne also befriend one of the finalists, Emma Gale, a violinist. Not to be left out, Scooby and Shaggy decide to show Pimiento a juggling act, which they are betting will take the contest by storm. However, after Pimiento states his belief that ‘juggling stinks,' throughout the film, the two continually approach Pimiento and show him numerous terrible impromptu acts.
Beethoven's Christmas Adventure, 1h26
Directed by John Putch
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Christmas films, Santa Claus in film
Actors Curtis Armstrong, Munro Chambers, Robert Picardo, Kyle Massey, John O'Hurley, Kim Rhodes
Roles Mr. Rexford
Rating45% 2.2872752.2872752.2872752.2872752.287275
Cette année, le Père Noël décide qu'Henry ne travaillera pas dans l'atelier de jouets, mais en tant qu'elfe d'étable. Déçu de ne pas pouvoir aider les autres elfes à fabriquer les jouets, il décide d'en bricoler un lui-même. Malheureusement pour lui, ce jouet devient vite incontrôlable et il s'envole avec les rennes du Père Noël. Ensuite, le sac contenant les jouets tombe du traîneau et Henry saute afin de les rattraper, mais il atterrit dans un arbre. Il va notamment faire appel à Beethoven pour l'aider à retrouver les jouets afin que les enfants ne voient pas leur fête gâchée.
High School, 1h39
Directed by John Stalberg, Jr.
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, Matt Bush, Adhir Kalyan, Sean Marquette, Colin Hanks
Roles Drug PSA (voice)
Rating57% 2.8503552.8503552.8503552.8503552.850355
High school valedictorian-to-be Henry Burke (Matt Bush) takes his first hit of pot with his ex-best friend Travis (Sean Marquette), only to learn that, due to a spelling bee champion's recent use of marijuana, their high school is conducting a drug test where anyone caught under the influence of anything will be expelled. Travis knows of a psychotic drug dealer, known as Psycho Ed (Adrien Brody), who carries an exclusive kind of pot called "kief", and the two boys steal the stash and intend on getting the whole school high, to invalidate the drug test and save Henry's future. But Psycho Ed is right on their trail and so is Dr. Gordon, the school dean.
An American Carol, 1h23
Directed by David Zucker
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Christmas films, Politique, Time travel films, Ghost films, Political films
Actors Kevin P. Farley, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, Robert Davi, Dennis Hopper, Leslie Nielsen
Roles Silvano
Rating40% 2.0030152.0030152.0030152.0030152.003015
Left-wing activist and filmmaker Michael Malone (Kevin Farley), a parody of Michael Moore, campaigns to end the celebration of the Fourth of July holiday. Malone holds pronounced anti-American views and truculently argues that America's past and present are both offensive, and therefore should not be celebrated.
Buying the Cow, 1h28
Directed by Walt Becker
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Jerry O'Connell, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Alyssa Milano, Bill Bellamy, Ryan Reynolds, Annabeth Gish
Roles Tim 'Timbo' Chadway
Rating57% 2.8964652.8964652.8964652.8964652.896465
Although he has had a relationship with her for five years now, David is too afraid to commit to his girlfriend Sarah, who is pressuring him into proposing to her. While she goes away to New York for work for two months, David's friends persuade him to experience the wild dating scene one more time. Meanwhile, Mike realises he is gay and comes out of the closet.
Tarzan & Jane, 1h10
Directed by Victor Cook
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about animals, Films about children, Le thème de l'enfant sauvage, Films about apes, L'enfance marginalisée, Musical films, Tarzan films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Michael T. Weiss, Olivia D'Abo, Jeff Bennett, Jim Cummings, Grey DeLisle, John O'Hurley
Roles Neils (voice)
Rating53% 2.6825252.6825252.6825252.6825252.682525
The film makes use of a frame tale to present three self-contained "episodes" via flashback. Jane and Tarzan's first wedding anniversary has arrived, and Jane is trying to find a suitable present for her husband, with the help of the elephant Tantor, and the gorilla Terk.
Teddy Bears' Picnic, 1h20
Directed by Harry Shearer
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors John Michael Higgins, Ming-Na Wen, Henry Gibson, Peter Marshall, David Rasche, Brenda Strong
Roles Earle Hansen
Rating39% 1.975211.975211.975211.975211.97521
Teddy Bears' Picnic covers an annual encampment of prominent male leaders at the Zambezi Glen, a thinly-veiled reference to the Bohemian Grove.
Firetrap (2001)
, 1h37
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Dean Cain, Richard Tyson, Mel Harris, Vanessa Angel, Jim Storm, Dale Godboldo
Roles Richard Mecks
Rating51% 2.5581052.5581052.5581052.5581052.558105
Sortant de prison, Max Hopper, as du cambriolage, vole un objet dans une société de haute-technologie. Puis, avec son coéquipier Vincent, il réussit à échapper à la police, au terme d'une course-poursuite. Reconnaissant dans ce cambriolage la signature d'un virtuose, le FBI décide de mettre Max sous surveillance. Or celui-ci se voit proposer un nouveau gros contrat et n'a que trois jours pour le préparer. Dans la soirée, Max va surprendre sa femme, Beth, et lui propose de repartir à zéro avec leur fille Rebecca. Mais échaudée par son absence durant trois ans, elle refuse même son aide financière. Le lendemain, Max dépose une voiture flambant neuve devant chez elle.
Race to Space, 1h44
Directed by Sean McNamara
Genres Drama
Themes L'adolescence, Films about education, Films about children, Comedy science fiction films, L'enfance marginalisée, Children's films, Films about school violence
Actors James Woods, Annabeth Gish, Alex D. Linz, Wesley Mann, William Atherton, Mark Moses
Roles Officer Barnel
Rating54% 2.7097252.7097252.7097252.7097252.709725
The film takes place during the 1960s space race between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Love Stinks, 1h34
Directed by Jeff Franklin
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors French Stewart, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Bill Bellamy, Tyra Banks, Steve Hytner, Jason Bateman
Roles Walter Drooz
Rating57% 2.853172.853172.853172.853172.85317
Seth (Stewart), a sitcom writer-producer, meets Chelsea (Wilson), an interior decorator, at his best friend's (Bellamy) wedding. He's immediately sexually attracted to her while she's instantly attracted to his single-ness. They both ditch their wedding dates and start their own date that same night.
Tempting Fate
Directed by Peter Werner
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction
Actors Tate Donovan, Abraham Benrubi, Matt Craven, Philip Baker Hall, Philip Casnoff, Ming-Na Wen
Roles Stewart
Rating58% 2.9068052.9068052.9068052.9068052.906805
A Los Angeles scientist discovers a parallel Earth where everything is peaceful, there's no crime and Elvis Presley is still alive.
Murder Live!, 1h30
Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Marg Helgenberger, David Morse, Peter Horton, Lauren Tom, Teri Garr, Eloy Casados
Roles Hal Damon
Rating62% 3.1449753.1449753.1449753.1449753.144975
A vengeful father takes talk show host Pia Postman, host of The Pia Postman Show on WYBS, and her audience hostage on live TV, when his daughter commits suicide after being humiliated on the show.