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Dr. M is a Allemand film of genre Drama directed by Claude Chabrol released in USA on 24 may 1990 with Alan Bates

Dr. M (1990)

Dr. M
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Dr. M. is a 1990 film co-written and directed by Claude Chabrol. The film is a remake of 1922's Fritz Lang's Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, which was in turn based on Mabuse der Spieler by Norbert Jacques.


In the near future, a deadly epidemic is infecting people throughout West Berlin, leading to people taking their own lives to avoid catching it. All the media reports seem like unusual propaganda. No one knows what to do or how to help, except for one police officer who suspects that the suicides are really caused by a lone madman. His investigations lead him to a beautiful, enigmatic woman and the revelation of a sinister plot to manipulate the population through mass hypnosis.


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The Hatter's Ghost, 2h4
Directed by Claude Chabrol
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
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Actors Michel Serrault, Charles Aznavour, Monique Chaumette, François Cluzet, Isabelle Sadoyan, Aurore Clément
Rating71% 3.58333.58333.58333.58333.5833
Labbé, a hatter in a French provincial town, leads the life of a respectable citizen but is in fact a serial murderer. The only person to suspect this is his neighbour Kachoudas, an Armenian tailor. After the hatter kills his own wife, he then kills six of her friends to stop them visiting her and prepares to murder a seventh when the intended victim dies naturally. As a substitute, he murders the maid. At the same time, Kachoudas is dying and Labbé confesses his crime to him. Then, after getting drunk he visits his favourite prostitute Berthe and kills her too, being found there in the morning by the police.
The Champagne Murders, 1h45
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Following a car accident, Paul Wagner suffers a head injury he is struggling to recover fully and can not manage his business of trading of champagne. Christine Belling takes advantage of the situation to try to sell the company, which Paul refuses to accept. Murders are committed: it is likely that Paul is the culprit. He then approaches Christine for her support. But she uses the situation to make Paul agree to the sale. Paul is the prime suspect in the eyes of investigators (who never actually make an appearance), due to brain damage suffered in an earlier accident and assault. Jacqueline, Christine Belling's secretary, is at the heart of this case, observing everything. Jacqueline is related to Christopher, husband of Christine. The dénouement is slightly Hitchcok-like, but the film's humour is meaner, and the view of humanity it fosters is bleaker.
Betty (1992)
, 1h43
Directed by Claude Chabrol, Alain Wermus
Origin France
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Themes Films about alcoholism, Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Marie Trintignant, Stéphane Audran, Jean-François Garreaud, Christiane Minazzoli, Pierre Martot, Thomas Chabrol
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Betty (Marie Trintignant), a young alcoholic woman, is caught cold while cheating on her bourgeois husband. Wasting no time, he and his family arrange a quick divorce settlement, ousting her from home and keeping her away from the two children the couple have. One night she ends up in a restaurant called Le Trou (The Hole), where she meets Laure (Stéphane Audran), an older woman, an alcoholic herself. Laure decides to take care of Betty after hearing the heart-breaking stories of her being a victim of a rich and ruthless society. Betty receives care and friendship from Laure, who's in a relationship with Mario (Jean-Francois Garreaud), the restaurant's owner. The envy toward Laure for Mario grows each day and will drive Betty to artfully contrive the means to conquer her new friend's lover. Laure realizes she has made a mistake by trusting her new friend and things soon begin to tremble between them. Betty's true colors are now visible and she sees her life at a point of no return, as she selfishly stomped on the last chance she had been given to be a better person.
Madame Bovary, 2h23
Directed by Claude Chabrol, Alain Wermus
Origin France
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Films about suicide, Madame Bovary
Actors Isabelle Huppert, Jean-François Balmer, Christophe Malavoy, Jean Yanne, François Maistre, Lucas Belvaux
Rating65% 3.2965353.2965353.2965353.2965353.296535
1837. Au cours d’une visite chez l’un de ses patients, Charles Bovary, médecin de campagne normand, s’éprend d’Emma, fille du riche fermier Rouault. Deux mois plus tard, ce dernier, qui sait le docteur veuf et désireux de refaire sa vie, lui offre la main de la jeune femme.
The Blood of Others, 2h15
Directed by Claude Chabrol
Origin Canada
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In Nazi occupied France, Jean Blomart sits by a bed in which his lover Hélène lies dying. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn about both characters and their relationship to each other. As a young man filled with guilt about his privileged middle-class life, Jean joins the Communist Party and breaks from his family, determined to make his own way in life. After the death of a friend in a political protest, for which he feels guilty, Jean quits the Party and concentrates on trade union activities. Hélène is a young designer who works in her family's confectionary shop and is dissatisfied with her conventional romance with her fiance Paul. She contrives to meet Jean, and although he initially rejects her, they form a relationship after she has an abortion following a reckless liaison with another man. Jean tells Hélène he loves her even though he believes he does not. He proposes to her and she accepts.
Line of Demarcation, 2h
Directed by Claude Chabrol
Origin France
Genres Drama, War, Comedy-drama, Historical
Themes Political films, Histoire de France, L'Occupation allemande en France
Actors Jean Seberg, Maurice Ronet, Daniel Gélin, Stéphane Audran, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Jacques Perrin
Rating68% 3.437673.437673.437673.437673.43767
A small village in the Jura is split by the river Loue which creates the line of demarcation between Nazi occupied France and freedom. A French officer, Pierre (Ronet), is released by the Nazi soldiers to find his chateau converted into a German command centre. Whilst he is obliged to co-operate with the enemy, his wife Mary (Seberg) supports the resistance movement and is willing to risk her life for it. The Nazis step up their activity against the resistance, insisting that any who attempt to cross the line of demarcation will be shot. When his wife is arrested, Pierre decides to switch his allegiance. The movement is hindered by an informer and another man who pretends to help the resistance fighters but leads them to the Nazis and steals all their possessions.
Story of Women, 1h50
Directed by Claude Chabrol
Origin France
Genres Drama
Themes Feminist films, Pregnancy films, Politique, Films about sexuality, Political films, Histoire de France, L'Occupation allemande en France
Actors Isabelle Huppert, François Cluzet, Nils Tavernier, Marie Trintignant, Dominique Blanc, Lolita Chammah
Rating74% 3.746243.746243.746243.746243.74624
Under the German military administration in occupied France during World War II. Paul Latour is a prisoner of war in Germany and his wife Marie lives hand-to-mouth with their two children in a squalid flat. A neighbour, whose husband is also in Germany, has fallen pregnant and is trying to lose the baby. Marie helps her, successfully. Other women come to her and she starts charging.
The Flower of Evil, 1h44
Directed by Claude Chabrol
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Nathalie Baye, Benoît Magimel, Suzanne Flon, Bernard Le Coq, Mélanie Doutey, Thomas Chabrol
Rating65% 3.296953.296953.296953.296953.29695
In a grand house at Bordeaux lives Gérard, owner of a pharmaceutical business. A drinker and fornicator, he disgusts his son François, recently returned from the USA. To Gérard’s disgust, his second wife Anne is a candidate in the municipal election.
The Nada Gang, 2h9
Directed by Claude Chabrol
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Films about anarchism, Politique, Films about terrorism, Political films
Actors Fabio Testi, Mariangela Melato, Michel Duchaussoy, Lou Castel, Michel Aumont, Maurice Garrel
Rating66% 3.3442153.3442153.3442153.3442153.344215
Le groupe anarchiste « Nada » décide d'enlever l'ambassadeur des États-Unis en France. Dans l'opération, un policier est tué et le commissaire Goemond est décidé à tout mettre en œuvre pour résoudre cette affaire…
Le Beau Serge, 1h38
Directed by Claude Chabrol, Claude de Givray, Philippe de Broca
Origin France
Genres Drama
Themes Films about alcoholism, Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Jean-Claude Brialy, Gérard Blain, Bernadette Lafont, Jeanne Pérez, Philippe de Broca, Edmond Beauchamp
Rating71% 3.596523.596523.596523.596523.59652
François (Jean-Claude Brialy), a successful yet sickly young man, returns to his home town Sardent after a long absence. He finds his friend Serge (Gérard Blain) who has become a wretched alcoholic, unsatisfied with his life in the village. Serge had hoped to leave the village to study, but had to stay to marry Yvonne after she was pregnant. The death of their stillborn child did not help. (Serge has become an angry, bitter figure not unlike the roles of James Dean, refusing to face reality and adulthood.) At the time of arrival of François, Yvonne is again pregnant. François finds himself on the one hand at odd with the provincial village life and on the other hand compelled to help Serge. The fact that they are both entangled in affairs with Marie (Bernadette Lafont) makes things more complicated. At the end, the birth of Serge and Yvonne's second child seems to give a glimmer of hope.