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Au Revoir les Enfants is a french film of genre Drama directed by Louis Malle released in USA on 12 february 1988 with Raphaël Fejtö

Au Revoir les Enfants (1987)

Au Revoir les Enfants
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Au revoir les enfants ([o ʁə.vwaʁ le zɑ̃.fɑ̃], meaning "Goodbye, Children") is an autobiographical 1987 film written, produced and directed by Louis Malle. The screenplay was published by Gallimard in the same year. The film won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.


During the winter of 1943-44, Julien Quentin, a student at a Carmelite boarding school in occupied France, is returning to school from vacation. He acts tough to the students at the school, but he is actually a pampered mother's boy who still wets his bed. Saddened to be returning to the tedium of boarding school, Julien's classes seem uneventful until Père Jean, the headmaster, introduces three new pupils. One of them, Jean Bonnet, is the same age as Julien. Like the other students, Julien at first despises Bonnet, a socially awkward boy with a talent for arithmetic and playing the piano.


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