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The Horseman on the Roof is a french film of genre Drama directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau released in USA on 20 september 1995 with Juliette Binoche

The Horseman on the Roof (1995)

The Horseman on the Roof
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Released in USA 20 september 1995
Length 2h15
Genres Drama,    War,    Adventure,    Historical,    Romance
Rating70% 3.545183.545183.545183.545183.54518

The Horseman on the Roof (French: Le hussard sur le toit) is a 1995 French film directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau and starring Juliette Binoche and Olivier Martinez. Based on the 1951 French novel Le hussard sur le toit by Jean Giono, the film follows the adventures of a young Italian nobleman in France raising money for the Italian revolution against Austria during a time of cholera. The Italian struggle for independence and the cholera pandemic in southern France in 1832 are historical events. The film received César Awards in 1996 for Best Cinematography and Best Sound, as well as eight César Award nominations for Best Film, Best Costume Design, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Production Design, and Most Promising Actress.


In July 1832, Italian patriots hiding out in Aix, France, are betrayed by one of their own, and Austrian agents are on their trail. One patriot, Giacomo, is dragged away and executed. His wife runs off to warn their friend, Angelo Pardi (Olivier Martinez), a young Italian nobleman in France raising money for the Italian revolution against Austria. As the agents descend on his apartmant, Angelo escapes into the countryside.


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