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Royal Dano is a Actor American born on 16 november 1922 at New York City (USA)

Royal Dano

Royal Dano
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Birth name Royal Edward Dano
Nationality USA
Birth 16 november 1922 at New York City (USA)
Death 15 may 1994 (at 71 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Royal Edward Dano, Sr. (November 16, 1922 – May 15, 1994) was an American film and television character actor.


Royal Dano apparaît au cinéma entre 1950 et 1993, en particulier dans des westerns, réalisés notamment par Anthony Mann, dont Je suis un aventurier (1954). En dehors du western, un de ses rôles les mieux connus est celui d’Elijah dans Moby Dick (1956) de John Huston.

À la télévision, il participe à de nombreuses séries, ainsi qu'à des téléfilms, de 1952 à 1990, le genre du western étant bien représenté, là aussi (entre autres, avec les séries Gunsmoke, Le Virginien ou Rawhide).

Au théâtre, il joue à Broadway de 1947 à 1952, dans quatre pièces et deux comédies musicales.

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The Dark Half, 1h56
Directed by George A. Romero
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Slasher
Themes Films about writers, Serial killer films
Actors Timothy Hutton, Amy Madigan, Michael Rooker, Julie Harris, Rutanya Alda, Chelsea Field
Roles Digger Holt
Rating59% 2.99992.99992.99992.99992.9999
The author of highbrow literary novels under his own name, Thad Beaumont (Timothy Hutton) is better known for the bestselling suspense-thrillers he writes under the pen name "George Stark". Beaumont wishes to retire the Stark name and symbolically buries Stark in a mock grave.
Spaced Invaders, 1h40
Directed by Patrick Read Johnson
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Adventure, Comic science fiction
Themes Space adventure films, Mars in film, Comedy science fiction films, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Space opera, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Disaster films
Actors Ariana Richards, Douglas Barr, Royal Dano, Tony Cox, Gregg Berger, Tonya Lee Williams
Roles Wrenchmuller
Rating52% 2.6483652.6483652.6483652.6483652.648365
The space armada from Mars, known as the Imperial Atomic Space Navy (Battle Group Seven), fights an interstellar war against their long-time enemy, the Arcturans. The armada is forced into battle by Enforcer Droids, tasked to keep the Martian soldiers in line, despite objections by some that it won't work. Meanwhile, an incompetent crew of a small Martian spaceship, from the Civilian Asteroid Patrol, intercept a distress signal from the fleet, followed by a Halloween rebroadcast of Orson Welles' 1938 The War of the Worlds radio dramatization.
Once Upon a Texas Train, 2h
Directed by Burt Kennedy
Origin USA
Genres Action, Western
Actors Willie Nelson, Richard Widmark, Angie Dickinson, Chuck Connors, Ken Curtis, Royal Dano
Roles Nitro Jones
Rating57% 2.8522352.8522352.8522352.8522352.852235
Après 20 ans de prison, on ne donnerait pas cher de la vie misérable que devrait avoir l'ancien voleur John Henry Lee. Cependant, six heures après sa sortie, il a déjà pillé et fait sauter une banque et le voilà partie avec butin et bande pour réaliser leur vieux projet de cambrioler un train postal. Mais c'est sans compter avec son ancien concurrent auprès de la belle Maggie Hayes, le capitaine Owen Hayes. Celui-ci part immédiatement à la poursuite du bandit.
Killer Klowns from Outer Space, 1h22
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Circus films, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Comedy horror films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Disaster films
Actors Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson, Royal Dano, John Vernon, Christopher Titus
Roles Farmer Gene Green
Rating62% 3.1032153.1032153.1032153.1032153.103215
In the town of Crescent Cove, California, Farmer Gene Green spies an object fall to Earth. Believing it to be Halley's Comet, he goes to find it, coming across a large circus tent-like structure. He is at first amused by the sight, but he and his dog Pooh Bear are quickly captured by mysterious clown-like aliens. Meanwhile, Mike Tobacco and his girlfriend Debbie Stone also investigate. Coming across the same structure, they discover a complex interior that looks nothing like a circus tent. They discover the old man in a cotton candy-shaped cocoons and are nearly captured by the alien clowns, who coat them with a popcorn gun as they escape. A balloon-animal dog that comes to life gives chase.
Ghoulies II, 1h29
Directed by Albert Band
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Damon Martin, Royal Dano, Phil Fondacaro, Romano Puppo, Mickey Knox, Sasha Jenson
Roles Uncle Ned
Rating46% 2.30792.30792.30792.30792.3079
Les Ghoulies sont de retour. Semant la terreur dans une fête foraine, ils élisent domicile dans L'antre de Satan, une attraction qui était sur le point d'être fermée, et qui, grâce à la présence des créatures maléfiques, devient l'une des plus populaires du parc.
House II: The Second Story, 1h28
Directed by Ethan Wiley
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Horror comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Films about animals, La préhistoire, Animaux préhistoriques, Ghost films, Zombie films, Comedy horror films
Actors Arye Gross, Jonathan Stark, Royal Dano, Bill Maher, John Ratzenberger, Lar Park-Lincoln
Roles Gramps
Rating54% 2.7010552.7010552.7010552.7010552.701055
Young urban professionals Jesse (Arye Gross) and his girlfriend Kate (Lar Park Lincoln) move into an old mansion that has been in Jesse's family for generations. They are soon joined by Jesse's goofy friend Charlie (Jonathan Stark), who brought along his diva girlfriend Lana (Amy Yasbeck), in the hopes of being discovered by Kate, who works for a record company. Jesse has returned to this old family mansion after his parents were murdered when he was a baby. While going through old things in the basement, Jesse finds a picture of his great-great grandfather (and namesake) in front of a Mayan temple holding a crystal skull with jewels in the eyes. In the background is a man Jesse learns is Slim Razor, a former partner of his great-great grandfather turned bitter enemy after a disagreement over who would get to keep the skull.
Red Headed Stranger, 1h45
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Willie Nelson, Morgan Fairchild, Katharine Ross, R.G. Armstrong, Royal Dano, Mark Jenkins
Roles Larn Claver
Rating64% 3.243653.243653.243653.243653.24365
A preacher (Nelson) from the East arrives in Montana to spread the gospel. When his wife (Fairchild) takes off with another man, he straps on his pistol and seeks vengeance. Then he must find a way to redeem himself.
Cocaine Wars, 1h22
Directed by Héctor Olivera
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Spy
Themes Spy films, Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors John Schneider, Royal Dano, Federico Luppi, Kathryn Witt, Patti Davis, Rodolfo Ranni
Roles Bailey
Rating43% 2.184042.184042.184042.184042.18404
Miami DEA undercover agent Cliff Adams goes to South America to work for Gonzalo Reyes, a drug dealer who has become the biggest cocaine exporter of the region. The assignment becomes personal after the kingpin behind the drug ring murders Cliff's partner. Adams' own life is eventually jeopardized after he refuses to perform a hit for the drug lord. Cliff decides to strike back before it's too late.
Teachers (1984)
, 1h47
Directed by Arthur Hiller
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about education
Actors Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams, Ralph Macchio, Judd Hirsch, Richard Mulligan, Morgan Freeman
Roles Ditto Stiles
Rating60% 3.046953.046953.046953.046953.04695
The film opens with a typical Monday morning at John F. Kennedy High School; "typical" events including a fight between teachers, a student with a stab wound and talk of an upcoming lawsuit. We meet haggard Vice Principal Roger Rubell (Judd Hirsch) and clueless Principal Eugene Horn (William Schallert), as well as stuffy lawyer and JFK alumna Lisa Hammond (JoBeth Williams), who is in charge of taking depositions for the Calvin case, in which a recent graduate is suing the school for granting him a diploma despite his illiteracy.
The Right Stuff, 3h13
Directed by Philip Kaufman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure, Historical
Themes Space adventure films, Seafaring films, Politique, Transport films, Aviation films, Political films, Space opera, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Fred Ward, Dennis Quaid, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Sam Shepard, Barbara Hershey
Roles Minister
Rating77% 3.8975153.8975153.8975153.8975153.897515
The film begins in 1947 at Muroc Army Air Field, an arid California military base where test pilots often die flying high-speed aircraft such as the rocket-powered Bell X-1. After another pilot, Slick Goodlin, demands $150,000 to attempt to break the sound barrier, war hero Captain Chuck Yeager receives the chance to fly the X-1. While on a horseback ride with his wife Glennis, Yeager collides with a tree branch and breaks his ribs, which inhibits him from leaning over and locking the door to the X-1. Worried that his injury might become known, Yeager confides in friend and fellow pilot Jack Ridley. Ridley cuts off part of a broomstick and tells Yeager to use it as a lever to help seal the hatch to the X-1, and Yeager becomes the first man to fly at supersonic speed, defeating the "demon in the sky".
Something Wicked This Way Comes, 1h35
Directed by Jack Clayton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Circus films, Films based on science fiction novels, Children's films
Actors Jason Robards, Jonathan Pryce, Diane Ladd, Pam Grier, Ellen Geer, Richard Davalos
Roles Tom Fury
Rating66% 3.347483.347483.347483.347483.34748
In Greentown, Illinois, a small town enjoying the innocence of an upcoming autumn as the days grow shorter, two young boys—reserved Will Halloway and somewhat rebellious Jim Nightshade—leave from an after-school detention for "whispering in class" and hurry off for home. When the boys hear about a strange traveling carnival, Mr. Dark's Pandemonium Carnival, from a lightning-rod salesman, they decide to see what it is all about, but Will is fearful, as most carnivals end their tours after Labor Day. When the ominous Mr. Dark, the Illustrated Man, rides into town on a dark midnight, setting up his massive carnival in a matter of seconds, the boys are both thrilled and terrified. It seems to be just another carnival at first, but it is not long before the forces of darkness begin to manifest from the haunting melodies of the carousel—which can change your age depending on which way you ride it—and from the glaring Mirror Maze. With his collection of freaks and oddities, Dark intends to take control of the town and seize more innocent souls to damn. It will take all the wit and hope of the two boys to save their families and friends, with aid from an unlikely ally, Will's father, the town librarian, who understands more than anyone else that "something wicked this way comes.
Hammett (1982)
, 1h37
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Wim Wenders
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Biography, Crime
Themes Films about writers
Actors Frederic Forrest, Peter Boyle, Marilu Henner, Roy Kinnear, Elisha Cook, Jr., Richard Bradford
Roles Pops
Rating63% 3.1971653.1971653.1971653.1971653.197165
San Francisco-based Dashiell Hammett, trying to put his Pinkerton detective days behind him while establishing himself as a writer, finds himself drawn back into his old life one last time by the irresistible call of friendship and to honor a debt.
Take This Job and Shove It, 1h40
Directed by Gus Trikonis
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Musical films
Actors Robert Hays, Art Carney, Barbara Hershey, David Keith, Tim Thomerson, Martin Mull
Roles Beeber
Rating49% 2.462082.462082.462082.462082.46208
A corporate conglomerate called "The Ellison Group" acquired four breweries, all of them experiencing financial trouble. Enter Frank Macklin (Robert Hays), a young manager hired by Ellison to help reorganize one of the ailing breweries. The only thing, though, was that brewery was a major employer in his home town. Originally, his old friends, who were working at the brewery, gave him a cold welcome, as they thought he would be unable to revitalize the brewery. But when Frank informed them that the brewery was drowning in red ink, and that they may be losing their jobs soon, they welcomed him with open arms, and ramped up the brewery's sales and production. The brewery has improved so much, that The Ellison Group decided to sell it to a Texas oil millionaire, who doesn't know the first thing about running a brewery—or apparently—running a business.
The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang, 3h
Directed by Dan Curtis
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Western
Actors Cliff Potts, Randy Quaid, Larry Wilcox, Royal Dano, Mills Watson, Sharon Farrell
Roles Pa Dalton
Rating56% 2.804472.804472.804472.804472.80447
À la suite de l'assassinat de leur frère aîné, Frank, les Dalton commencent une nouvelle vie tout en poursuivant leur quête de fortune qui finira par le raid de la ville de Coffeyville dans le Kansas. Avec à leur poursuite le détective Will Smith.