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Blancanieves is a espagnol film of genre Drama directed by Pablo Berger released in USA on 11 october 2012 with Maribel Verdú

Blancanieves (2012)

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Blancanieves is a 2012 Spanish black-and-white silent fantasy drama film written and directed by Pablo Berger. Based on the fairy tale "Snow White" by the Brothers Grimm, the story is set in a romantic vision of 1920s Andalusia. Berger calls it a "love letter to European silent cinema."

Blancanieves was Spain's 85th Academy Awards official submission to Best Foreign Language category, but it did not make the shortlist. The film won the Special Jury Prize and an ex-aequo Best Actress "Silver Shell" Award for Macarena García at the 2012 San Sebastián International Film Festival. It was also nominated in every category for which it was eligible for at the 27th Goya Awards (except for Best Sound), winning ten Goya Awards, including the Best Film.


Dans les années 1920 à Séville, Antonio Villalta, un célèbre matador est grièvement blessé par un taureau lors d’un combat. Au même moment, son épouse meurt lors de l’accouchement de leur fille Carmen. Attirée par la fortune de l’homme, Encarna, l’infirmière qui s’était occupée d’Antonio Villalta, épouse ce dernier. N’ayant jamais connu sa mère et ne voyant jamais son père, la petite Carmen passe les premières années de sa vie aux côtés de sa grand-mère Doña Concha, mais celle-ci décède subitement.


Maribel Verdú

Macarena García

Ángela Molina

Daniel Giménez Cacho

(Antonio Villalta)
Macarena García

(Carmencita / Blancanieves (adulte))
Inma Cuesta

(Carmen de Triana, the mother)
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