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Ray Patterson is a Director, Scriptwriter and Animation American born on 23 november 1911 at Hollywood (USA)

Ray Patterson

Ray Patterson
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Nationality USA
Birth 23 november 1911 at Hollywood (USA)
Death 30 december 2001 (at 90 years) at Encino, Los Angeles (USA)

Raymond "Ray" Patterson (November 23, 1911 – December 30, 2001) was an American animator, producer, and director. Patterson was born in Hollywood, California, and was the brother of animator Don Patterson.

Best films

Here Are the Smurfs (1984)

Usually with

William Hanna
William Hanna
(87 films)
Joseph Barbera
Joseph Barbera
(85 films)
Kenneth Muse
Kenneth Muse
(69 films)
Scott Bradley
Scott Bradley
(67 films)
Fred Quimby
Fred Quimby
(65 films)
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The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones
Directed by Ray Patterson, Don Lusk
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Animation
Themes Time travel films, Comedy science fiction films, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Don Messick, Henry Corden, Hamilton Camp, George O'Hanlon
Rating65% 3.251473.251473.251473.251473.25147
In the future, while Elroy is busy working on a time machine, George Jetson comes to Mr. Spacely's office for a serious discussion. Spacely's rival, Cogswell, has been stealing Spacely's business ideas, putting their jobs in jeopardy. Spacely orders George to go spy on Cogswell where George finds out that Cogswell's robot computer, S.A.R.A., has been seducing the Spacely robot computer, R.U.D.I., into leaking Mr. Spacely's secrets. George tries to report to Spacely, but R.U.D.I. sabotages his efforts.
Scooby-Doo! and the Reluctant Werewolf, 1h20
Directed by Ray Patterson
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about computing, Films about magic and magicians, Sports films, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Films based on science fiction novels, Auto racing films, Films about dogs, Wolves in film, Dracula films, Frankenstein films, Werewolves in film, Vampires in film, Road movies, Comedy horror films, Cyberpunk films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Don Messick, Casey Kasem, Hamilton Camp, Jim Cummings, Ed Gilbert, Joan Gerber
Rating67% 3.3649953.3649953.3649953.3649953.364995
Every year, all of the classic Hollywood monsters (consisting of Frankenstein's monster, his wife Repulsa, a Mummy, the Witch Sisters, Bone Jangles the Skeleton, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Snyde, Swamp Thing, and Dragonfly) gather at Count Dracula's castle in Transylvania for the "Monster Road Rally", an ultimate road race similar to Wacky Races, awarding the winner with the "Monster of the Year" award as well as many other prizes only monsters would enjoy (and one prize — a trip to Hawaii — that none of the monsters want). This year, however, Dracula receives a postcard from the Wolfman stating that he has retired to Florida and will not be participating.
The Good, the Bad and Huckleberry Hound, 1h33
Directed by Ray Patterson, Charles August Nichols
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, Western
Themes Children's films
Actors Daws Butler, Frank Welker, Charles Adler, Michael Bell, Pat Buttram, Pat Fraley
Rating66% 3.336463.336463.336463.336463.33646
The year is 1849. Huckleberry Hound rides west on his "faithful horsie" in hopes of starting a country farm; his journey takes him to the small town of Two-Bit, California, where the Dalton Gang are terrorizing the townsfolk. As Huck enters town, the Daltons race past him taking his possessions. Entering the local saloon, Huck tries to buy a drink with a large gold nugget; seeing this, the Daltons coerce Huck into playing poker, with the stakes being Huck's gold in return for his stolen possessions. Huck accuses them of cheating, so they challenge him to a fight in a boxing ring, which Huck (surprisingly) wins.
Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears
Directed by Ray Patterson, Don Lusk
Genres Animation
Themes Children's films
Actors Daws Butler, Don Messick, Julie Bennett, Susan Blu, Peter Cullen, Townsend Coleman
Rating60% 3.0408453.0408453.0408453.0408453.040845
Yogi and Boo-Boo go on an out-of-this-world voyage. When they're kidnapped by spacemen (who pronounce the names of their captives as "Yoggi" and "Boo-oob"), they're also turned into clones and invade Jellystone Park.
Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats, 1h32
Directed by Ray Patterson, Charles August Nichols
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Musical, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about cats, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Arnold Stang, Avery Schreiber, Marvin Kaplan, Kenneth Mars, John Stephenson, Richard Erdman
Rating61% 3.0525753.0525753.0525753.0525753.052575
The movie opens on what appears to be another average day in Hoagie's Alley (which, for the purposes of this story, has apparently been relocated closer to Beverly Hills) for Top Cat and his gang, who are today posing as Boy Scouts, out doing good deeds in the hopes of getting rewards. During the course of this, Benny the Ball saves the life of a bag lady. Unbeknownst to Benny, it is revealed afterwards that she is actually a rich woman named Gertrude Vandergelt, who plans to leave her fortune to her missing niece, Amy. Meanwhile, Officer Dibble arrives to put an end to T.C.'s shenanigans after an unsuccessful attempt by Brain to wash his police car's windshield. Just when Dibble is about to arrest the gang, though, he gets a call saying that his application for retirement has been approved, so he can now retire from the police force, and thus he drops the charges against T.C. and the gang.
Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, 1h30
Directed by Ray Patterson, Charles August Nichols
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about computing, Films about magic and magicians, Films based on science fiction novels, Films about dogs, Wolves in film, Dracula films, Frankenstein films, Films about dragons, Ghost films, Werewolves in film, Witches in film, Vampires in film, Comedy horror films, Cyberpunk films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Remy Auberjonois, Jeff Cohen, Casey Kasem, Don Messick, Susan Blu, Hamilton Camp
Rating68% 3.411813.411813.411813.411813.41181
Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and Scrappy-Doo are on their way to a Miss Grimwood's Finishing School for Girls, where they have been hired as gym teachers. Once there, however, they find that it is actually a school for girl ghouls. The pupils include Sibella, the daughter of Count Dracula; Elsa Frankenteen, the daughter of Frankenstein's monster, Winnie, the daughter of The Wolfman; Phantasma (usually called Phanty for short), the daughter of a phantom, possibly The Phantom of the Opera; and Tanis, the daughter of The Mummy - all parodies/tributes to the Universal Monsters of the 1930s-40s. Other residents of the school are a floating white hand; an octopus, who is the school's butler; Legs, a spider that helps with the upcoming volleyball match; Miss Grimwood, the headmistress; and her pet dragon Matches (who dislikes Scooby at first, but later becomes friends, and has a strong friendship with Scrappy). Shaggy and Scooby want no part of this at first, but eventually they agree to stay as teachers.
Ultraman: The Adventure Begins, 1h20
Directed by Ray Patterson
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action, Adventure, Animation
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Superhero films, Children's films
Actors Michael Lembeck, Chad Everett, Shinji Ogawa, Tōru Furuya, Adrienne Barbeau, Hiromi Tsuru
Rating70% 3.53873.53873.53873.53873.5387
A stunt pilot trio called the "Flying Angels" (Scott Masterson, Chuck Gavin, and Beth O'Brien), are caught in a bizarre flash of light and crash, only to emerge unharmed. They are later informed by an agent of an interstellar peace-keeping agency (whose secret identity is the groundskeeper at a Pebble Beach golf course) that they have become the host bodies of warriors from the planet Altara in M78 to capture escaped monsters from the planet Sorkin who have arrived on Earth. They become the Ultra Force, headquartered within Mount Rushmore, and are assisted by a trio of robots, (the pint-sized Andy, the strong Samson, and the twitchy Ulysses). Although equipped with futuristic fighter crafts, inevitably one or more of the team is required to transform into an Ultraman, a gigantic red and silver superhuman being, to battle the monsters. After destroying the most powerful Sorkin monster, the constantly growing King Maira, the Ultra Force remains together to combat further threats to planet Earth.
Yogi's Great Escape
Directed by Ray Patterson
Genres Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about children, Children's films
Actors Daws Butler, Don Messick, Susan Blu, Hamilton Camp, Dustin Diamond, Pat Fraley
Rating63% 3.194143.194143.194143.194143.19414
One spring, Yogi and Boo Boo awake from hibernation to discover three orphaned bear cubs left at the front door of their cave. Despite their initial reservations, Yogi and Boo Boo take the bear cubs into their home and take care of them.
Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose, 1h36
Directed by Joseph Barbera, Ray Patterson, Arthur "Art" Davis
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Adventure, Animation
Themes Transport films, Aviation films, Children's films
Actors Daws Butler, Don Messick, Frank Welker, Paul Winchell, Dave Coulier, Greg Burson
Rating65% 3.288513.288513.288513.288513.28851
Yogi leads his friends on a tour of the "Spruce Goose", the world famous flying boat, built by billionaire Howard Hughes. While touring, they were accidentally locked inside the plane. To make matters more worse, the dome where the plane was located closed up for the night. As the gang tried to get out, Augie Doggie tripped over and opened a door. Now the gang walked down a corridor and soon they came to the cockpit. While looking for a button or switch to open a door, Yogi pushed a button which magically activated the plane. Soon the gang exited the dome in the plane. In an attempt to avoid a bridge, Yogi pulls back the wheel, causing the Spruce Goose to lift off. A segment then occurs where the Spruce Goose is in outer space, and the gang begins seeing images of each other drawn in the stars. Later we saw two aliens Merkin and Firkin trying to invade earth by posing as "Earth people", but they were scared away from California by the Spruce Goose.
Scooby-Doo! Meets the Boo Brothers, 1h33
Directed by Ray Patterson
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about dogs, Ghost films, Comedy horror films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Casey Kasem, Don Messick, Sorrell Booke, Rob Paulsen, Ronnie Schell, Jerry Houser
Rating69% 3.459053.459053.459053.459053.45905
Shaggy discovers that his uncle Col. Beauregard has died and left him his country estate, which is on a plantation and is apparently frequented by ghosts. Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy head for the estate in order to claim Shaggy's inheritance. However, on their arrival they are pursued by a headless horseman and by the alleged ghost of the Colonel who taunts them telling to leave or else.
GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords, 1h11
Directed by Ray Patterson, Don Lusk, Alan Zaslove, Don Lusk
Origin USA
Genres Animation
Themes Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Space opera, Children's films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Robot films, Disaster films
Actors Margot Kidder, Telly Savalas, Roddy McDowall, Michael Nouri, Bernard Erhard, Frank Welker
Rating54% 2.7092052.7092052.7092052.7092052.709205
The Guardian Gobots are continuing their work on rebuilding their home planet of Gobotron when a mysterious ship crashes on the planet. Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter investigate, and find it to be occupied by a pair of transforming rocks - Solitaire and her valet Nugget. They have come seeking the Guardians' help to save their planet from the evil Rock Lord Magmar, who is killing the other Rock Lords in order to take their power sceptres. He places these in a machine designed to channel all their power into his own sceptre. The Guardians agree to help, but the conversation is spied upon by the Renegade Fitor. Gobotron is soon attacked by the Renegade fleet, and Cy-Kill and a team of Renegades capture Solitaire, Small Foot, Nick and A.J. With Nugget as their guide, Leader-1, Turbo and Matt set off on a rescue mission. Back on Quartex, the only obstacle facing Magmar is Boulder's group of Rock Lords, who set off to draw Magmar into battle.
Le bébé schtroumpf, 1h27
Directed by Joseph Barbera, Ray Patterson, William Hanna, Gerard Baldwin
Origin Belgique
Genres Animation
Rating66% 3.338423.338423.338423.338423.33842
Une nuit où la lune était bleue, dans le pays des schtroumpfs, une cigogne a déposé devant la porte d'une maison un étrange petit panier contenant un bébé schtroumpf.
Lucky Luke: Daltons on the Loose, 1h21
Directed by Joseph Barbera, René Goscinny, Ray Patterson, William Hanna, Henri Gruel, Morris
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Animation, Western
Themes Films about animals, Prison films, Films about cats, Films about dogs, Lucky Luke, Évasion, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Daniel Ceccaldi, Jacques Balutin, Pierre Trabaud, Roger Carel, Jacques Thébault, Jacques Deschamps
Rating61% 3.092923.092923.092923.092923.09292
Les Dalton s'évadent de leur prison. Lucky Luke suit leur piste jusqu'au Canada et les capture mais ils s'évadent de nouveau et trouvent refuge chez leur mère, Ma Dalton.
Yogi's First Christmas
Directed by Hawley Pratt, Ray Patterson
Genres Comedy, Animation
Themes Christmas films, Children's films
Actors Daws Butler, Don Messick, John Stephenson, Janet Waldo, Marilyn Schreffler, Hal Smith
Rating70% 3.538633.538633.538633.538633.53863
Yogi and his little pal, Boo Boo, are usually hibernating during the Christmas season, but this year they are awakened when Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy come to Jellystone Lodge for the holiday. They are joined by Ranger Smith, hotel manager Mr. Dingwell, Otto the chef, and lodge owner Sophie Throckmorton and her spoiled brat of a nephew, Snively. The gang is obsessed with keeping Mrs. Throckmorton happy to keep her from closing down the lodge, which has become unpopular due to activity caused by Herman the Hermit, a grumpy Christmas-hating hermit who just wants to be left alone.