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Laura Cayouette is a Actor American born on 11 july 1964 at Laurel (USA)

Laura Cayouette

Laura Cayouette
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Nationality USA
Birth 11 july 1964 (59 years) at Laurel (USA)

Laura Cayouette (born July 11, 1964) is an American actress, writer, producer, and director.


Cayouette was born in Laurel, Prince George's County, Maryland. Laura graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a BA in English. She worked at Universal City Walk Hollywood cinemas in the 1990s before becoming an actress. She has appeared in commercials for American Airlines, J. C. Penney, T.J. Maxx and Entenmann's cookies. 2015 co-starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin and Joely Richardson in the Horror drama film Maggie.

On May 24, 2014, she married Andy Gallagher in the heart of her favorite city, New Orleans, under the arch at Armstrong Park.

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The Domestics, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Post-apocalyptic films
Actors Kate Bosworth, Tyler Hoechlin, Sonoya Mizuno, Lance Reddick, David Dastmalchian, Jeff Chase
Roles Connie
Rating57% 2.8582452.8582452.8582452.8582452.858245
Le gouvernement américain a déclenché une série d'attaques chimiques mortelles sur son propre peuple. Le monde est ravagé tandis que les morts se comptent par millions. Dans une Amérique plongée dans un chaos permanent, les survivants sont désormais divisés en deux clans : les « domestiques », des gens immunisés refusant de céder à la violence, et les sauvages, des gangs ou pillards hostiles qui font la loi en traquant leurs ennemis pacifistes. Un jeune couple de « domestiques », Mark et Nina, tentent de rallier la maison de leurs parents à Milwaukee, une ville jugée plus sûre. Mais leur route s'avère vite dangereuse et longue. En chemin, alors qu'ils sont traqués par les bandes de hors-la-loi assoiffées de sang, ils nouent des alliances avec d'autres groupes, seul moyen de survivre sans perdre son âme.
Cold Moon
Cold Moon (2016)

Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Crime
Actors Christopher Lloyd, Frank Whaley, Josh Stewart, Tommy Wiseau, Robbie Kay, Rachele Brooke Smith
Roles Ginny Darrish
Rating46% 2.3091852.3091852.3091852.3091852.309185
Dans la petite ville de Babylone, en Floride, Margaret Larkin (Sara Kathryn Bellamy), âgée de quatorze ans, disparaît, est retrouvée assassinée dans la rivière, attachée à son propre vélo. La ville est traumatisée par la présence d'un tueur inconnu parmi eux et le tueur lui-même, Nathan Redfield (Josh Stewart), fils d'un éminent banquier de la ville, profite de l'occasion pour mettre son crime sur le compte du directeur du lycée, Walter Perry (Marcus Lyle Brown). Nathan est littéralement hanté par le fantôme de sa victime et ceux d'autres morts dans la rivière, tandis que son père sadique James (Christopher Lloyd) utilise à la fois la culpabilité de son fils et son instabilité mentale croissante pour contrôler tous les mouvements de Nathan avec le but ultime de conduire son fils à tuer à nouveau.
Summertime (2016)

Directed by Gabriele Muccino
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Matilda Lutz, Taylor Frey, Laura Cayouette, Jessica Rothe, Scott Bakula
Roles Paul's Mom
Rating62% 3.106233.106233.106233.106233.10623
Marco est un adolescent italien dont la vie ressemble à celles des autres adolescents de son âge : il passe son temps avec ses amis à discuter des filles et à consommer de la drogue. Parmi ses amis, un certain Vulcano qui rêve d'être volcanologue et de partir vivre aux États-Unis. Il ne semble pourtant pas à l'aise dans son groupe d'amis et s'interroge sur la futilité de ces discussions. Marco passe finalement son baccalauréat et s'interroge sur son avenir et les études qu'il souhaite suivre. La présentation du personnage de Marco est alors brutalement interrompue par un accident de scooter qui le blesse et l'empêche de quitter Rome pendant les vacances d'été. Marco reçoit finalement un chèque de 3 000 € de l'assurance en réparation de son accident de scooter. Il téléphone à son ami Vulcano, alors installé à Palo Alto aux États-Unis, qui lui propose de venir visiter les États-Unis et lui indique qu'il pourrait être hébergé gratuitement chez deux de ses amis qui habitent à San Francisco.
Dark Places, 1h53
Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, Gillian Flynn
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Crime
Actors Chloë Grace Moretz, Nicholas Hoult, Charlize Theron, Christina Hendricks, Andrea Roth, Tye Sheridan
Roles Krissi Cates' Mother
Rating61% 3.096243.096243.096243.096243.09624
Set in a farming town in Kansas, Dark Places follows Libby Day (Charlize Theron), the only surviving witness of a horrific massacre that took the lives of her mother and sisters. Believing the slaughter to be the work of a Satanic cult, Libby testifies in court against her own brother. Almost thirty years after the murder, she remains haunted by the gruesome violence of her past when she meets a group of amateur investigators who call themselves "The Kill Club." Looking to satisfy their morbid curiosity, the group begins its own inquiry about the case, believing that Libby's brother is innocent. To help them, Libby must unearth painful memories of the event and learn that her past may not be what it seems.
Maggie (2015)
, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Horror, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Themes La fin du monde, Medical-themed films, Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Catastrophe épidémiologique, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson, Laura Cayouette, John Evermore, Jodie Moore
Roles Linda
Rating55% 2.7969452.7969452.7969452.7969452.796945
In the present-day American Midwest, society struggles to function in the aftermath of a zombie pandemic barely under control. Maggie Vogel (Abigail Breslin) calls her father from a broken city under curfew; her voicemail urges that he not seek her and that she loves him. Her arm was bitten. Knowing she has only weeks before the "necroambulist virus" turns her cannibalistic, she left home to protect her family. Maggie's father Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has searched two weeks, despite her warning. Finding her in a hospital for the infected, he brings Maggie home to care for her until she must eventually be quarantined. During their return, a zombie attacks Wade at an abandoned gasoline station and he breaks its neck.
The Loft
The Loft (2014)
, 1h48
Directed by Erik Van Looy
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, LGBT-related films, Erotic thriller films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Karl Urban, Rachael Taylor, Wentworth Miller, James Marsden, Eric Stonestreet, Isabel Lucas
Roles Mrs. Kotkin
Rating63% 3.15123.15123.15123.15123.1512
Five married men share ownership of an upmarket loft, which they use to discreetly meet their respective mistresses. When the body of a murdered woman is found in that loft, the men begin to suspect each other of having committed the gruesome crime, as they are the only ones with keys to the premises. Through flashbacks, which are intertwined with scenes from the present, the story is unraveled.
American Heist, 1h34
Directed by Sarik Andreasyan
Origin Canada
Genres Action, Romance
Themes Prison films, Heist films, Gangster films, Escroquerie
Actors Hayden Christensen, Jordana Brewster, Adrien Brody, Laura Cayouette, Tory Kittles, Luis Da Silva
Roles Loan Officer
Rating49% 2.4987952.4987952.4987952.4987952.498795
James (Hayden Christensen), a man with nothing to lose, owed his life to his older brother Frankie (Adrien Brody) after taking the rap for a crime they did together. While Frankie served time, James worked to turn his life around, He manages to get a job and begins courting with his girlfriend Emily (Jordana Brewster). Now, Frankie is released and back on the streets with no money and no place to go, all that's left is for him and James to commit a heist unlike any other.
Left Behind, 1h50
Directed by Vic Armstrong
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Action
Themes La fin du monde, Films about religion, Transport films, Aviation films, Films set in the future, Political films, Dans un avion, Dystopian films, Disaster films, American disaster films, Films about aviation accidents or incidents
Actors Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, Nicky Whelan, Lea Thompson, Cassi Thomson, Jordin Sparks
Rating31% 1.5663051.5663051.5663051.5663051.566305
University of Central Arkansas student Chloe Steele has flown in from college to surprise her father, pilot Rayford Steele, for his birthday party. Her mother Irene Steele quickly calls to inform her, however, that her father cannot make it. While at the airport waiting for him, Chloe meets up with investigative reporter Cameron "Buck" Williams.
Now You See Me, 1h55
Directed by Louis Leterrier
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Crime
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Heist films, Gangster films, Escroquerie
Actors Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Mélanie Laurent, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco
Roles Hypnotized Woman
Rating72% 3.6014853.6014853.6014853.6014853.601485
Four gifted street magicians—J. Daniel "Danny" Atlas, Merritt McKinney, Henley Reeves, and Jack Wilder—are brought together by an unknown benefactor and, one year later, are performing in Las Vegas as "The Four Horsemen," sponsored by insurance magnate Arthur Tressler. For the finale of their first show, they declare they will rob a bank, and invite audience member Étienne Forcier, an account holder at the Crédit Républicain de Paris, to do it. Forcier is apparently teleported to his bank in France, where he activates an air duct that vacuums up the money and showers it onto the Las Vegas crowd. Upon the discovery that the money really is missing from the bank vault, FBI agent Dylan Rhodes is called to investigate the theft and is partnered with Interpol agent Alma Dray. They arrest the Horsemen, but are forced to release them due to lack of evidence.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 1h45
Directed by Timour Bekmambetov
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Vampires in film, Political films, White House in fiction
Actors Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rufus Sewell, Marton Csokas
Roles Vadoma Maid
Rating58% 2.9482752.9482752.9482752.9482752.948275
In 1818, Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) lives in Indiana with his parents, Nancy (Robin McLeavy) and Thomas (Joseph Mawle), who works at a plantation owned by Jack Barts (Marton Csokas). There, Lincoln intervenes when he sees his friend, a young African American boy, William Johnson (Anthony Mackie) being beaten by a slaver. Because of his son's actions, Thomas is fired. That night, Lincoln sees Barts break into his house and attack his mother. Nancy falls ill the following day, and dies shortly afterwards. Thomas tells Lincoln that Barts poisoned her, but asks that he promise not try to avenge her death.
Django Unchained, 2h45
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Western, Spaghetti Western
Themes Films about slavery, Films about racism
Actors Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, Walton Goggins
Roles Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly
Rating81% 4.09774.09774.09774.09774.0977
In Texas 1858, the Speck brothers, Ace and Dicky, drive black slaves on foot. Among the shackled slaves is Django, sold off and separated from his wife, Broomhilda von Shaft. The Speck brothers are stopped by Dr. King Schultz, a German ex-dentist and bounty hunter from Düsseldorf, Prussia. Schultz asks to buy one of the slaves; when he questions Django about his knowledge of the Brittle brothers, for whom Schultz is carrying a warrant, Ace becomes irritated and aims his shotgun at Schultz. Schultz quickly kills Ace and leaves Dicky at the mercy of the newly freed slaves, who shoot Dicky in the head.
Green Lantern, 1h54
Directed by Martin Campbell
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about extraterrestrial life, Superhero films, Super-héros inspiré de comics, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Reynolds, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Temuera Morrison, Angela Bassett
Roles Party Guest #1
Rating54% 2.7465652.7465652.7465652.7465652.746565
Billions of years ago, beings called the Guardians of the Universe used the green essence of willpower to create an intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps. They divided the universe into 3600 sectors, with one Green Lantern per sector. One such Green Lantern, Abin Sur of Sector 2814, defeated the malevolent being Parallax and imprisoned him in the Lost Sector on the desolate planet Ryut. In the present day, Parallax escapes from his prison after becoming strengthened by an encounter with crash survivors on the planet, feeding off of their fear to gain strength before pursuing and nearly killing Abin Sur, who escapes and crash-lands on Earth where he commands his ring to find a worthy successor.
Brawler (2011)
, 1h18
Directed by Chris Sivertson
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Bryan Batt, Pell James, Michael Bowen, Laura Cayouette, Lance E. Nichols
Rating39% 1.9877651.9877651.9877651.9877651.987765
In New Orleans, the Fontaine family name echoes the streets within both the traditional boxing community and the illegal underground fight world. Charlie Fontaine's unflinching loyalty turns out to be both his greatest strength and his Achilles heel, while Bobby Fontaine's ambitions and shenanigans, driven by a dangerous amount of ego, turn destructive. Charlie suffers a permanent injury when called to battle to defend his little brother. While Charlie is forced to hang up his gloves, Bobby's guilt drags him to new lows. When Bobby finds himself drawn to Charlie's wife, an all-out war of brother vs brother ensues.
Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown, 1h43
Directed by Michael Jai White
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Martial arts, Action, Adventure, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Boxing films, Combat libre
Actors Evan Peters, Dean Geyer, Alex Meraz, Michael Jai White, Jillian Murray, Laura Cayouette
Roles Vale
Rating57% 2.861172.861172.861172.861172.86117
After losing a fight, boxer Zack Gomes (Alex Meraz) is informed by a doctor that he has sustained a partially detached retina, and he may risk permanent blindness should he receive another hit to the head. On his way out of the hospital, he overhears the receptionist talking about MMA while viewing the website for an upcoming underground event known as "The Beatdown". Talented MMA fighter Tim Newhouse (Todd Duffee) struggles to help his family when they are in debt following the death of his father. Former high school wrestler Mike Stokes (Dean Geyer) is the new kid in college and deals with issues involving his father leaving his mother for a man. Comic book store clerk Justin Epstein (Scottie Epstein) is walking home when he is run down and stabbed by bullies. However, he is saved by Tim and his martial arts master Case Walker (Michael Jai White), who are training in a vacant lot.
Hell Ride
Hell Ride (2010)
, 1h24
Directed by Larry Bishop
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Themes Transport films, Motocyclette, Road movies
Actors Michael Madsen, Larry Bishop, David Carradine, Dennis Hopper, Eric Balfour, Vinnie Jones
Roles Dani
Rating50% 2.501972.501972.501972.501972.50197
Biker Pistolero (Larry Bishop) is the leader, or "Prez," of the Victors, a Southern California motorcycle gang. He has two faithful lieutenants, The Gent (Michael Madsen) and Comanche (Eric Balfour).