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Andreï Kontchalovski is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Producer and Sound Russe born on 20 august 1937 at Moscow (Russie)

Andreï Kontchalovski

Andreï Kontchalovski
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Birth name Andreï Sergueievitch Mikhalkov
Nationality Russie
Birth 20 august 1937 (82 years) at Moscow (Russie)
Awards Primetime Emmy Award

Andrei Sergeyevich Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky (Russian: Андре́й Серге́евич Михалко́в-Кончало́вский; born August 20, 1937) is a Russian-American film director, film producer and screenwriter. He was a frequent collaborator of Andrei Tarkovsky earlier in his career.

He is the son of Natalia Konchalovskaya and Sergey Mikhalkov, and brother to Nikita Mikhalkov who is also a well known Russian film director.


In 1979 he was a member of the jury at the 11th Moscow International Film Festival.

Best films

The Last Station (2009)
(Executive producer)
Runaway Train (1985)
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Filmography of Andreï Kontchalovski (36 films)

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The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films, 1h26
Origin Israel
Genres Documentary
Themes Films about religion, Documentary films about business, Documentary films about the film industry, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus, Sylvester Stallone, Jon Voight, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Charles Bronson
Roles Himself
Rating65% 3.2920353.2920353.2920353.2920353.292035
In the 1980s, two Israeli cousins (Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus) had an impact on Hollywood by producing over 300 films and starting one of the most successful independent production companies, Cannon Films. Their complex and differing personalities made them successful and eventually led to their downfall.
Hitler in Hollywood, 1h27
Directed by Frédéric Sojcher
Origin Belgique
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Maria de Medeiros, Micheline Presle, Hans Meyer, Pierre Laroche, Josiane Stoléru, Tonie Marshall
Roles lui-même
Rating57% 2.8762852.8762852.8762852.8762852.876285
Maria de Medeiros réalise un documentaire hommage sur Micheline Presle. Cette dernière lui confie avoir tourné pendant la guerre un film qu'elle n'a jamais vu, parce qu'il n'est pas sorti, Je ne vous aime pas, de Luis Aramchek. Or ce film et ce réalisateur sont inconnus, et Maria de Medeiros, aidée par deux collaborateurs, se lance sur leurs traces.
I Am Twenty, 2h44
Directed by Marlen Khoutsiev
Actors Nikolaï Goubenko, Stanislav Lyubshin, Bella Akhmadoulina, Andreï Tarkovski, Olga Gobzeva, Svetlana Svetlitchnaïa
Roles Youra
Rating79% 3.988013.988013.988013.988013.98801
The film follows the recently demobilized Sergei, a young man who returns to his Moscow neighborhood after two years of military service. We see the aspirations and realities of his tightly-knit group of friends, as well as the everyday lives of other Soviet citizens.
Ivan's Childhood, 1h35
Directed by Andreï Tarkovski
Genres Drama, War
Themes Films about children, Politique, L'enfance marginalisée, Political films
Actors Nikolai Petrovich Burlyayev, Andreï Kontchalovski, Valentin Zubkov, Evgueni Jarikov, Irma Raush, Stepan Krylov
Roles Soldier (as A. Konchalovskiy)
Rating80% 4.048884.048884.048884.048884.04888
On the Eastern front during World War II, the Soviet army is fighting the invading German Wehrmacht. The film features a non-linear plot with frequent flashbacks.


Paradise (2017)

Directed by Andreï Kontchalovski
Origin Russie
Genres Drama
Actors Julia Vysotskaya, Philippe Duquesne, Viktor Sukhorukov
Rating70% 3.548923.548923.548923.548923.54892
Paradise raconte l’histoire de 3 destins croisés - Olga, aristocrate russe, Jules, fonctionnaire français et collaborateur, et Helmut, inspecteur/officier nazi - confrontés aux horreurs de la guerre et des camps de concentration nazis.
The Postman's White Nights, 1h41
Directed by Andreï Kontchalovski
Origin Russie
Genres Drama
Rating69% 3.493663.493663.493663.493663.49366
Dans un village reculé de l'Oblast d'Arkhangelsk sur le bord du Lac Kenozero, le facteur est le seul lien entre les habitants et le monde extérieur. Ce lac de Kenozero se situe dans le Parc national Kenozorski situé à 120 km à l'Est du lac Onega.
The Nutcracker in 3D, 1h50
Directed by Andreï Kontchalovski
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Action, Musical
Themes Dance films, Jeu, Films about magic and magicians, Films about music and musicians, Christmas films, Musical films, Films about toys, Children's films
Actors Elle Fanning, Charlie Rowe, John Turturro, Frances de la Tour, Nathan Lane, Daniel Peacock
Rating42% 2.1246752.1246752.1246752.1246752.124675
Mary's (Elle Fanning) seemingly dull Christmas is suddenly filled with excitement and adventure following the arrival of her Uncle Albert (Nathan Lane), who gives her a Nutcracker as a gift. Later that night, Mary dreams that the Nutcracker--called N.C. (Charlie Rowe)--comes to life and takes her on a wondrous journey. They discover that the Nazi-like Rat King (John Turturro) has usurped the Nutcracker's kingdom.
To Each His Own Cinema, 1h40
Directed by Claude Lelouch, Abbas Kiarostami, Amos Gitaï, Elia Suleiman, Nanni Moretti, Takeshi Kitano, Andreï Kontchalovski, Youssef Chahine, Roman Polanski, Wim Wenders, Chen Kaige, Raoul Ruiz, Olivier Assayas, Theo Angelopoulos, Michael Cimino, Wong Kar-wai, Manoel de Oliveira, Jane Campion, Alejandro González Iñárritu, David Lynch, Gus Van Sant, Atom Egoyan, Lars von Trier, Ken Loach, Walter Salles, David Cronenberg, Zhang Yimou, Bille August, Aki Kaurismäki, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Tsai Ming-liang, Raymond Depardon
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Isabelle Adjani, Anouk Aimée, Antoine Chappey, David Cronenberg, Yosra El Lozy, Taraneh Allidousti
Rating68% 3.4010553.4010553.4010553.4010553.401055
35 réalisateurs d'origines très variées (25 pays différents) ont tous mis en scène un court métrage de 3 minutes, sur le thème de la salle de cinéma. Le film en regroupe 33 puisque les frères Coen et les frères Dardenne travaillent ensemble. Celui de David Lynch ne faisait pas partie du film mais a été présenté en ouverture du festival.
Gloss (2007)
, 1h57
Directed by Andreï Kontchalovski
Origin Russie
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Julia Vysotskaya, Alekseï Serebryakov, Irina Rozanova, Efim Shifrin, Yuliya Snigir, Fiodor Bondartchouk
Rating55% 2.7538652.7538652.7538652.7538652.753865
Galia, jeune ouvrière dans une usine de province, rêve de devenir mannequin. Elle quitte, un beau jour, ses parents alcooliques et son petit ami fruste et violent et monte à Moscou. Elle se fait embaucher, au culot, par un grand couturier qui la prend comme petite main, puis lui fait faire des ménages chez un homme qui dirige une agence de jolies filles qu'il marie à des oligarques. Galia, qui ne pense qu'à faire carrière, avance dans ce monde du luxe et de l'argent et parviendra à ses fins.
House of Fools, 1h44
Directed by Andreï Kontchalovski
Genres Drama, War, Comedy-drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Films about psychiatry, Political films, Films set in psychiatric hospitals
Actors Julia Vysotskaya, Bryan Adams, Evgueni Mironov, Maria Politseymako
Rating71% 3.594843.594843.594843.594843.59484
En 1996, dans un hôpital psychiatrique situé en Ingouchie, près de la frontière avec la Tchétchénie, les patients se trouvent livrés à eux-mêmes lors de la première guerre. Tous les soirs, Janna et les autres malades regardent un train passer, féérique et illuminé. Cette jeune femme se rêve à bord de ce train avec le "fiancé" qu'elle s'est imaginé, le chanteur canadien Bryan Adams. Un soir, le train ne passe pas et le lendemain, c'est le chaos. Le directeur de l'hôpital a disparu. Des combattants tchétchènes débarquent, puis les Russes contre-attaquent... Dans cette folie meurtrière, Janna est la seule à apporter un peu de douceur et de joie lorsqu'elle joue de l'accordéon.
The Odyssey (TV miniseries), 2h56
Directed by Andreï Kontchalovski
Origin USA
Genres Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Seafaring films, Films based on mythology, Transport films, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology
Actors Armand Assante, Greta Scacchi, Isabella Rossellini, Vanessa Williams, Bernadette Peters, Eric Roberts
Rating69% 3.4987853.4987853.4987853.4987853.498785
Odysseus (Armand Assante), the king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Ithaca, is called to service in the Trojan War after the birth of his son Telemachus, much to the dismay of his wife Queen Penelope (Greta Scacchi). Odysseus is worried that he may not return, and tells Penelope that she should remarry by the time Telemachus is a man if he does not return. The war lasts ten years, during which Greece's best soldier, Achilles (Richard Trewett), is killed and the Greeks avenge him by using a giant horse to sneak inside and destroy the city of Troy. Laocoön (Heathcote Williams) tries to warn the Trojans of a vision of this, but is suddenly devoured by a sea monster. On the way back, Odysseus' ego gets the best of him and he tells the gods that he did it himself, which angers Poseidon (voiced by Miles Anderson) so much that he promises to make Odysseus' journey home to Penelope nearly impossible, mentioning that it was he who sent the sea monster to devour Laocoön.
The Inner Circle, 2h17
Directed by Andreï Kontchalovski
Genres Drama, War, Historical, Romance
Themes Politique, Psychologie, Political films
Actors Tom Hulce, Lolita Davidovich, Bob Hoskins, Feodor Chaliapin, Jr., Irina Kouptchenko, Mikhaïl Kononov
Rating70% 3.544633.544633.544633.544633.54463
This true story is of Ivan Sanchin, the KGB officer who was Stalin's private film projectionist from 1939 until Stalin's death. Told from Sanchin's view, the sympathetic but tragically flawed hero maintains unwavering faith in his "Master" despite the arrest of his neighbors and his involvement with their daughter, his wife's affair with the chilling State Security chief Lavrentii Beria and her tragic decline, and the deadly political machinations within the Kremlin he witnesses firsthand.